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Often times in the past, I often thought it was God versus science but what does that mean?
If science is about trying to discover and understand God’s creation, can we really discover and understand it in the right sense if we take God out of the picture? Like today, we visited CERN (European Organization for Particle Physics) and it blew my mind to see the amazing technology people designed. ContactLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. In parts one and two I’ve introduced you to Innate Intelligence (your internal physician) and talked about the problem – that too few folks recognize and trust their innate potential for health. The reason I spent two posts talking about understanding and trusting the innate ability to self-heal and self-regulate is that health starts between the ears. I really like describing exercise as a ‘nutrient.’ Sometimes I think we get tricked into thinking movement is for folks who want to look a certain way or hit a certain number on a scale. Have a system of coping and relaxing – We really need to plan stress relief into our routine, just like planning a workout.
Rise with an attitude of gratitude – Part of creating systems includes positivity rituals.
Reduce environmental toxic load – We think of stress as primarily mental, however reducing our exposure to environmental toxins will also add to total body stress relief. Mark Sisson’s, The Primal Blueprint and The Primal Connection do a really good job of explaining the importance of connecting us to our environment.

It implies ‘God against his creation’ because science is all about trying to understand God’s creation. God’s knowledge is infinite but we are finite people so why do we think we can understand his works by our little reason alone? I kept thinking ‘how did they think about these and how were they built?” True, I didn’t understand most of the scientific terms but I got the idea of what the centre is all about and what kept ringing in my head is how great man’s mind is. But when we try to take him out of the picture, we end up in hopelessness and we degrade ourselves. I’ll give you some practical steps, that if implemented can go a long way toward unlocking the physician within. I can never help anyone who a) doesn’t want help, or b) has a belief system rooted in sickness & symptoms. While health is undoubtedly a holistic endeavor, starting with balanced neural input and output is central to optimal function and thus, optimal health. The reality is that we ALL need to move, and move in a manner physiologically congruent with health. Plenty has been said about the negative ramifications of unmitigated stress on our health and I won’t rehash the stats here. Heavy metals, industrial chemicals and toxins can be in everything from plastics, carpet, and paint to water and air. God gave us humans the ability to reason and try to figure things out though we don’t always use it like we should.

We don’t even understand ourselves because he’s given us such great minds, how do we think we can fully understand creation if he doesn’t give us the insights we need? Therefore, one of the best things anyone can do to make sure they have the best environment for health is to have their nervous system checked for functional deficit.
I think there are a few simple strategies that we can incorporate into daily life to give ourselves a fighting chance. Many of the chemicals we’re exposed to are neurotoxins, which directly effect the function of our bodies. It’s almost impossible to live in a completely pure environment these days, but being mindful of using natural cleaning and personal hygiene products is a good place to start.
There’s something inherently healthy about a walk in the woods or lying in the grass stargazing. If God’s word says we were made in his image and likeness, why should I believe something else?

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