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The award-winning director of The White Eagle Folk Dance Academy, Richard Schmidt continues his life-long passion of Polish Folklore through his daily work with hundreds of youth in both Toronto and Montreal, as well as his appearances as guest instructor at Folk Camps across the continent.
The beautiful hand-made costumes of Poland and other cultures add to the magic of the performance. Instead, when using an attack at any distance, the small darkish orbs come from the monster to the Dark Knight. Since some long combos from bosses knock you back to prevent additional hits a high rank resistance will make you take all hits if you dont dodge. Instead, when using an attack at any distance, the small whitish orbs come from the Paladin to the monster. Since some long combos from bosses knock you back to prevent additional hits a high rank resistance will make you take all hits if you dont dodge.
With thousands of costume pieces and even more thousands of dollars of investment, the Academy is proud of the beauty of their wardrobe that dazzle audiences worldwide. Many articles are written and published on a continual basis to keep our members, donors, supporters and fans alike abreast of any news that may be happening with the Academy. Myself loving difficulty and skillful game play I was very enticed with Lynn's style of gaming and quickly picked up on all her strengths by about level 40. Lynn herself is very easy to play, but mastering her to full potential is extremely hard and for any newcomer it's brutal.

So say your smash hits for 2000 and you do an enhanced smash you've suddenly increased the damage by 600.
Now if you didn't do the enhanced smash same drill, and still crits, the damage is MUCH less, going down to a 3100. Also Little Rat if you slash an incoming attack with it you'll be granted a Wind Step Buff.
If you land the Stabbing part of the Killer Dart you'll gain the "other" Furious Tiger Buff. Then when you land a secondary smash after any of the second, third or fourth tier smash it'll mark the enemy with Swift Assassin marks + 2 more marks if you have Zhen Furious Tiger. DO NOT Confuse this as Little Rat, they are completely 2 different things in terms of discussion. Why you want that is because at Rank C you'll be able to do the Enhanced smashes as shown above and start practicing early. You can only stack 10 marks on a target after that further smashes that land marks will be wasted if you don't detonate these.
So the input would be (R--->LLRR) to pull off a quick Flying Guillotine, same amount of damage, just a lot faster. However your SP will start draining at an alarming rate of 20sp or less if you level up Jade Fox, if you take a hit while this is active you lose a good chunk of SP.

The total SP usage per swing is 100 for the initial and 50 each for the 2 successive strikes, totalling 200 sp. Using Flying Snow will deplete the ENTIRE bar of SP while Jade Fox is active, the more SP you blow with Flying Snow the more damage it will do, but I never do this. During the Keaghan part at the end I mistakenly used Flying Snow and it only hit about 6k * 3, so 18k damage but the one I did on Ikrium with a full string combo totaled 71000+ damage.
I also use it when Jade Fox isn't active as well, it hits pretty damn hard and it's not slow like Lann's Moonsplitter with Twin Spears. You'll generally want to slip this in somewhere in between a boss attack, this skill CAN BE INTERRUPTED when Jade Fox isn't on, but I've noticed my DPS or overall damage during raids is comparable to highend people with much higher atk power than me simply because I spam this every time it's on cooldown.
Lynn gets knocked down a lot if you take hits and doesn't have ANY super armor attacks like some other characters do, so you'll be on the floor a lot unless this is upped to help you get up quickly or even prevent you from being knocked down. Useful for when you can't close the distance to perform Five Finger Death with a boss that moves around a lot.

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