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I was pleasantly surprised to see a familiar face on the Dalhart volleyball bench Tuesday when the Lady Wolves were playing at Bushland. I knew the young assistant coach as Katie Rickwartz last year, when she was busy being an all-American setter for the West Texas A&M volleyball team that ended 2009 as the national runners-up. I wasn't expecting to see her there because on Dalhart's roster, her name in the assistant coaches' category is Katie Young.
Volleyball is a fast paced game that is played in different formats, all of which are ever increasingly growing in popularity. Nearly 300 surfers tackled big, bumpy wind swells and inside sandbars that set up slab-like sections on the reforms during the Dive N’ Surf South Bay Boardriders contest at 45th Street in Manhattan Beach.
Redondo Union girls volleyball coach Tommy Chaffins has run a successful program with very little scrutiny by giving parents of each players specific duties while making the best use of statistics – both in games and practices.
During the last two years, at least 16 coaches in various sports at both Mira Costa and Redondo Union High Schools either walked away or were fired from their jobs. School districts are dealing with tight budgets and parents are required to spend more to enable their kids to participate in athletic programs.
The administrator said that coaches are at-will employees and therefore can be released at anytime and must earn the position. Longtime Redondo Union head football coach Gene Simon suddenly resigned in December 2011 after leading the Sea Hawks for 16 years. The latest resignation occurred at Mira Costa when golf coaches Bob Timberlake and Bill Fauver stepped down after 22 years in which they built one of the top golf programs in the South Bay. Mira Costa earned a share of the Bay League championship in the spring and was the only area team to reach the CIF Southern Section team finals. Timberlake said his decision to resign was based on lack of support from the school administration and the Manhattan Beach Unified School District. Athletic teams at Mira Costa are now required to raise money to support their respective programs which fund coach’s stipends, uniforms, transportation, etc. Taking into consideration the many hours a high school coach spends with his or her respective sport, the stipend paid is equal to minimum wage at best. One of Timberlake’s complaints was that he did not have a free period to prepare for his team’s practice. Boys lacrosse coach Chris Jewett was fired in February because of a conflict of interest between his club team and the Mira Costa program. In January, 2011, boys basketball coach Henry Myer stepped down after coaching 20 years at Mira Costa, the final seven as head coach. Mike Neily was let go as Mira Costa’s baseball coach in 2009 after leading the Mustangs to a 20-win season with only 12 losses. According to some involved with the Mira Costa baseball program, one of the reasons was to bring in Cassidy Olson, a Mira Costa history teacher who had served as an assistant coach under Neily before taking the head coaching position at Redondo Union High School. Mira Costa’s Jon Reichardt is deeply involved with the school’s aquatic program, coaching both the boys and girls water polo team.
According to sources, a number of football coaches in the Southern California area refused the head coaching position at Redondo after interviews with administrators. Maier retired from his teaching position at Redondo Union High School at the end of the school year. California law states that schools cannot require a student to pay for athletics, field trips, text books, etc. One of the biggest changes facing high school coaches is the increased involvement of parents.
Ciasulli said he doesn’t disagree with the Manhattan Beach Unified School District’s decision to drop athletic funding.
In 2010, Timberlake was forced to deal with a revolt of parents and, in a well-publicized situation regarding the Mira Costa baseball team, Olson was suspended this spring after a group of parents filed grievances accusing him of physical and verbal abuse, even though Athletic Director Don Morrow and Assistant Principal Ian Drummond concluded in their investigation that the allegations were unwarranted. In 2011, some parents also scrutinized Olson for his handling of a drug-related issue that resulted in the suspension of several players for the last five games of the regular season. After serving a suspension, Mira Costa head baseball coach Cassidy Olson led the Mustangs to the program’s first appearance in a CIF championship game since 1982. Longtime Redondo Union coach and athletic director Les Congelliere said many changes have occurred during his 40-year career. Former Redondo Baseball Booster Club President Michael Baer has witnessed many changes since his playing days at South Torrance High School and Harbor College.

These accolades can prove detrimental to the player – and a high school program – in a few short seasons, particularly in the sports of baseball and volleyball. In some cases, after a player enjoys success at lower level such as club volleyball or baseball including Little League, parents have difficulty understanding why their “All Stars” have not been moved up to the varsity level or have seen diminished playing time. Despite building the Redondo Union girls basketball program into a perennial power, head coach Marcelo Enriquez has dealt with his share of scrutiny. Earning a starting position at the high school level is an entirely different ballgame where there are four years of players to compete against. Redondo girls volleyball coach Tommy Chaffins has turned the Sea Hawk program into one of the most successful in Southern California. As a high-performing student-athlete throughout his own high school and college years, Malone says he appreciates the benefits of extracurricular programs.
In his book, Malone reviews how the imbalance favoring athletic pursuits can damage student-athletes and the family unit.
With the growth of club and travel ball teams, high school athletes are now able to focus on a particular sport for the entire year. During that time, the Spoilers catered to players who wanted to refine their skills for college or international competition.
Gary Smith, a math teacher at Mira Costa who just completed his 20th year as the Mustang’s soccer coach, said the biggest change he has seen in high school athletics over the last 10 years is the increase in club teams, although it has had limited affect on him and his program. Mira Costa tennis coach Joe Ciasulli is concerned about the future of high school athletics. Smith feels that athletes who don’t play high school athletics miss out on a valuable experience. Ciasulli said he has had to change his approach to the season as many of his top players compete in United States Tennis Association (USTA) tournament. Long gone are the days where coaches would discipline unruly boys with the swat of a paddle made in woodshop.
Near the end of his tenure as head football coach at Redondo, Simon said the form of discipline he was limited to was the amount of playing time an athlete was given.
Smith said he has used a no-nonsense way of handling disciplinary problems during his two decades with the Mira Costa boys soccer program. Statistics play a major role in the world of sports and Chaffins uses them to diffuse any possibility of dissension or disciplinary problems on his volleyball court. Maier said there are many factors when it comes to the practice of discipline among the coaching ranks. In Olson’s case this season, he retained his job but had his duties limited for the first half of the Mira Costa baseball season after a review of the program was conducted following numerous allegations from parents that included bullying, physical endangerment, verbal, mental and emotional abuse. In a letter sent to parents in December, Mira Costa Principal Ben Dale stated: “We have concluded our review of the baseball program and wanted to inform you that Coach Olson’s coaching activities will be restricted for the first half of the upcoming baseball season.
Mira Costa Athletic Director Don Morrow and Vice Principal Ian Drummond conducted 69 player interviews and wrote a report of their findings.
Parents, and their student-athlete children, have found a different approach to dealing with lack of playing time or controversy with a coach – the transfer. A prime example was in the Mira Costa baseball program when two starters forewent their senior years as Mustangs this spring, leaving longtime teammates for other high schools.
Thom Simmons, the Director of Communications for the CIF Southern Section, has noticed the change in amount of student-athletes who transfer. Redondo’s football team saw two of its promising quarterbacks transfer to what they felt were greener pastures during the last decade.
Portis developed into a highly-touted dual-threat quarterback out of high school, but could not remain satisfied with his surroundings.
Along with new head coach Reggie Morris Jr., Redondo’s boys’ basketball team benefitted from three transfers who helped the team win the 108-year old school its first state championship in the sport. Congelliere has witnessed many changes in high school athletics since he began his career at Redondo Union in the fall of 1970. Along with his duties as head football and wrestling coach, Congelliere started the Academy of Health and Fitness at Redondo Union and, in 1993, founded the South Bay Surf League along with Mira Costa coach Elroy Lainge.
Congelliere said that, although he earned his Masters in sports management, he received his real education in athletic during his career on the field and not in class.
There are many details to consider and because all of the pieces come together like a puzzle, if you’re missing one or more pieces, the end result is never quite what it could have been.

That's because Katie married Dalhart assistant football coach Josh Young, the son of Dalhart head football coach and athletic director Stephen Young. Longevity and success were of no significance as coaches left or were forced from their positions.
Due to budget cuts, Don Braunecker was released after building the girls squad into a Bay League contender and appearances in the CIF and State championship games.
He recorded over 300 wins and had led his teams to the CIF playoffs in 16 of his 18 years as a head coach at the high school level. When Parras Middle School physical education teacher Bradey Thurman threatened a lawsuit over the hiring of Olson – Thurman was an existing employee at RBUSD and thus had greater standing in its hiring policies – the Redondo Beach Unified School District opted to let Olson go. In December 2011, head football coach Gene Simon suddenly resigned after a 16-year career as the football program’s head coach. Matt Ballard became the Sea Hawks new head coach after leaving the position at his Northern California alma mater in Half Moon Bay.
Boys basketball coach Tom Maier said he received no warning of the firing and throughout the season no meeting with the coach and parents was arranged by the administration. It has to be voluntary and coaches can’t ask which players have not raised money for the program.
With school districts financially strapped, parents (and their acquaintances, often attorneys) realize that the threat of a lawsuit holds leverage.
His son, Andrew, has followed in his dad’s footsteps and is a member of Harbor College’s baseball team after playing for the Sea Hawks. It is, after all, in the best financial interest of a personal coach or trainer to tell a player’s parent how good he or she is – even if the assessment is exaggerated. In many instances, a player becomes known as a “late bloomer” as the athlete has matured both physically and mentally during his or her early teen years, surpassing those who showed more talent and promise in earlier years. Chaffins has avoided parental conflict during his coaching career at Redondo which has included coaching the boys team from 1995-2007 and the girls team from 2001-present.
Club teams now focus on preparing athletes for high school and providing exposure for players seeking college scholarships.
In reality, the woodshop class is gone too – along with home economics and driver’s training – from a high school student’s curriculum. From now through March 24, Coach Olson will coach during sixth period only but will not be present at scrimmages, games, tournaments or any other team activities that take place outside of the regular school day.
Both players were named to the All-CIF Division 3 team after enjoying successful seasons for their respective schools. He attended the University of Florida for one season then transferred to the University of Maryland before transferring to Division 2 California University of Pennsylvania in 2009. She enters her senior year at Stanford after winning the NCAA singles title in 2012-13 and the singles and doubles championship in 2011-12.
A three-year varsity athlete in football, wrestling, and baseball at Morningside High School, Congelliere earned a football scholarship to Long Beach State, where he played three seasons.
There are projects in developing countries and communities that bring the game to those who might not have had the chance to play much organised sport in general, let alone volleyball.
Shortly thereafter, replacement Trenton Jackson reversed his decision to come to Mira Costa.
According to our South Bay contracts, [South Bay United Teachers union] teachers have a right to know specific details about complaints made about them including the identity of those who make complaints against them. After his mother disagreed with Simon over playing time, Portis transferred to Long Beach Poly and then again to Taft High School in Woodland Hills. Join a gap year coaching scheme to teach volleyball skills and techniques along with wider general community messages of fair play and team work. Miranda Biteler stepped in, but in May decided to return to college to get a graduate degree in physical therapy after leading the Mustangs to a share of the Bay League title.

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