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Yes your right, I?m a german girl , and a Tv channel send it since 4 weeks, on wendsday they show the 5th episode of vampire will go on till the 21 th episode, but tell me what was the last episode on tv in amerika ? They arnt showing vampires diaries untill 25 march because of the vancouver winter olympics so it’s on a break. Yeah you are right Jamie it really sucks that episode 15 of vampire diaries will are in 5 weeks i mean at march 25th 2010 i mean they had made an holiday break for 2 months and i understand that too because christmas and family and so on but now it really really really sucks to see that it will make an 5 weeks break again i mean smallville and supernatural and other shows make that not but why vampire diaries do that i just cant understand that i mean it really makes me crazy too wait espiacally for this sexy episode between stephen and elena and damon i think he will be in the episode there too so i hope after this break it will be have not another breaks !!! I dont want to wait untill march 25th that is to freakin long i am an impaitent person I dont do waiting I need to see Paul Wesley again he is so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

If your comment contains spoilers from the book please add the text *SPOILERS* at the beginning of your comment before pressing submit. I think so anyway, cus the last chapter was about the tomb and stuff, in the last episode they opened the tomb and found out that Catherine wasn’t in there and why, so I think they have to start a new chapter now, one centered one sometrhing else.
I meen sweden are at the 5th episode right now wich just keeps reminding me of TVD wich make me even more insane when they’re not showing any new ones yet but what am i to do?

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