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CarloCrocco was really desperate , but Hublot watches but it can drive a few years joined this elite watchmaking brands listed in . Mid-1990s, the height of the rubber much attention tabulation various well-known brands , from its design which has been adopted in a large number of evident . Followed by a variety of models of Hublot Big Bang also appeared in succession, bringing the structure is more sophisticated watch : tourbillon, Big Date windows, power reserve indicator and two seconds after the needle .

Create such a unique strap and cited the outstanding characteristics of natural rubber research needs three years time , once the rubber in contact with the skin is just like renewable same.
Further confirmation of the available options, and more to create the appearance of a Hublot watch . Through continuing to explore the concept of rare fusion of materials, combined with the new alloy was dripping try to play .

As a brand , the rubber is not a popular phenomenon but it is far from the perfect incarnation of the original development of philosophy , lifestyle and brand image .

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