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With the proven success of the My Book from WD, it was only a matter of time before they would take the next step and add network functionality, effectively taking the My Book into the NAS world. Today we have the 1TB My Book Live from Western Digital, a single drive NAS of sorts, but not in the traditional sense. Normally NAS appliances are a bit confusing to set up with all the advanced RAID features and software add-ons. Western Digital chose to simplify things taking their My Book chassis, throwing in a Gigabit powered Ethernet port and developing their own backup software called WD "SmartWare".
Essentially this backup solution pulls all the traditional confusing clutter out of a NAS, making it simple and straight forward to use, even for the novice. The My Book live is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Mac OS X.
Being a NAS device, an Ethernet connection is required.  The My Book Live was delivered in a blue box with clouds in the background, depicting its "cloud" capabilities. You will find a photo of the My Book to the right, with its features listed across the bottom.  Removing the box contents we found WD included a CAT5e Ethernet cable and power adapter with the My Book.

We also found the software package on disc.  The My Book Live shares it basic design with the rest of the series, taking the shape of a book.
On the front you will find a blue LED for indicating drive activity.  The back of the Live houses the single Gbit LAN port and power port. As you can see, the software will take the pain out of mapping a network drive and even gives you a desktop shortcut to the device.  After successfully setting up our drive, WD offers several ways to get you started with the backup procedure. Time Machine is of course the best way to go about your Mac OS X backup, while WD SmartWare is a great choice for Windows users. While some may find these ports useful, the more advanced users will see them as too slow for everyday use.
This is where the My Book Live fits in, between the full on NAS and USB storage built into your router. Where the My Book Live excels is in the user-friendly setup and use.

Digging through the interface for the first time was rather simple, and I found everything to be laid out and within reach. The features including the built-in Twonky Media Server and integrated backup solutions were easily manipulated and up and running in no time. So, what then do we have here? Simply put, Western Digital has bridged the gap for novice users to have a full on cloud built backup solution, without the need for mucking about in NAS appliances.
Comparably a single bay NAS will cost around $250 and then you are still looking for a drive to put in it.

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