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Keep the Wallet cards with you at all times, use them each day and watch how your life will transform! If you are ready for a proven, step-by-step process to learn the secrets to getting a body that you love every inch of, this is for you!
Multiple studies have shown that while some diets can be effective short term, they are statistically more likely to add weight later -- rebound pounds!
You are about to join thousands of women who have discovered how to safely release weight and avoid triggering your brain’s natural response to dieting - which is to increase the hormones that cause you to feel hungry and even cause your metabolism to slow down. When you learn these proven methods of how to let go of stress and emotional overload, and learn how to love every inch of your body - the weight just melts away. This is NOT some new miracle diet, pill, or super food that can magically and instantly take inches off your waistline.
Imagine: instead of looking at another stretch of putting yourself through diet torture, you joined us in throwing out your scale! Wouldn’t it be great to have a clear and concise plan backed up by daily email check-ins and a supportive community that has your back and who helps you stick with it?
I want to share with you the very same techniques that I have used to personally go from a size 20 to a size 8 --- and I have maintained my weight for over 2 years - all without counting a single calorie. My program centers around my exclusive IN-Vizion® Process which teaches you effective techniques to let go of the weight of the world -- and by doing so -- you naturally, safely release excess physical weight. You will feel amazing; you will love your body, and I know you won't regret giving it a try. What all these people have in common is that they need a process that gets them to a solution quickly.
You are ready to release emotional weight and stress in order to release its physical manifestation in your body. The only caveat is, that anyone living outside of the US will have to pay the difference in shipping, or opt for digital content. Watch the video to learn why this is a radically different approach to weight loss and why we are so confident this program will work wonders for your mind, your spirit and of course your body too. A simple way to look at that would be that if you were mad at someone and were yelling at them, you’d be deeply emotionally connected to your feelings—overwhelmed with the emotions. The In-Vizion® Process, although not a mirror exercise, has the immediate impact of diffusing you from an emotional overwhelm and puts you back in control by creating something called spatial distance. There will be a list of 5 questions to think about, ponder, and journal about if you wish, to help you explore your relationship with food and weight issues and the effect they have and will have on your life past, present, and future. Colette will discuss and do a meditative exercise that leads you through the process of how to “Get On Your Bird” to find perspective, present moment awareness and relief.
Objective: In this lesson, you will learn how to recognize two sources of drama - external and internal - and take steps to reduce this energetic noise from your life.
As a highly sensitive and empathic people, you can easily get overwhelmed by the energies and emotional states of the people around you. Objective: The Chatterbox is the continuous dialogue in your head that we will now harness for the power of good, by replacing the internal critical voice with self-nurturing, supportive thoughts. The Chatterbox process will help you find a different perspective of the thoughts in your mind, and it will give you relief by helping you gain some distance from this constant dialogue. We will then learn how to retrain this voice, filling it with loving and supportive thoughts. By tipping the scales (pun intended!), engaging in more self-acceptance and self-love than in self-bullying, you will create a new state of being that tells your body to release extra weight and find its own natural balance.
Objective: In Lesson 4, you will anchor your understanding of how perspective runs the show. Anytime you feel frustrated, irritated, angry, overwhelmed, stressed, taken advantage of, anxious, underappreciated, or generally upset about something, you’ve simply lost the awareness that you have a choice. The solution is simple - change your perspective - but don't minimize what an incredible quantum leap in awareness this is!! Pause a moment and breathe in this knowing: a seed has been planted and you are already forever changed.

Objective: Thoughts are the cornerstone of creation; by harnessing the power of an intentionally chosen, Love-based perspective, we direct our thoughts and make magic - Hot Mamma Magic that melts away pounds!
It’s your inner world that determines how you deal with your outer world and is what will impact whether you’ll carry extra weight, or not. In this lesson, you will practice by-passing your old thought patterns and learn how to create new ones.
Your true self is that of well-being in all ways, connected in a harmonious way to all things.
You’ll have learned all the tools you need to free your Hot Mamma You… No tricks, no hidden formulas… just practical methods to claim this new state of being. Practice Getting On Your Bird; you know now that perspective changes everything, including your body. LIVE COACH CALLS ONCE A WEEKEach week, Colette's Master Certified Coaches go over each lesson and field a live Q&A session via our web and phone system. AWESOME SUPPORT COMMUNITY24-7 interactive support community in a very private and restricted Facebook group.
This sounds like it could be recycled information that I could find online for free… Is there anything new in this course? The first video contains a powerful visualization exercise that you can begin to use in less than one hour.
30 Day No Questions Asked GuaranteeWe have all made enough regretful decisions in life and so we promise that your deciding to try this course will not be one of them!
Your body is perfect, it is responding to the the feelings and unconscious inputs it receives-- you have the power to change those inputs.
This screensaver contains 60 fine art quality nature photos, each printed with a positive affirmation for prosperity. CHANGING your inner talk with the right Affirmation or Command, will change your life and your figure. I know first hand how frustrating it can be to have something work for a week - you feel great until the rebound pounds come back on! Imagine if you spent the next 6 weeks learning specific, guided practices that make it simple and easy to finally let go of the stress and deflect the emotional triggers that are preventing you from having the body that you love. I’ve grown my practice and retained my coaching clients for years because of the IN-Vizion® Process. After you complete the payment, you will get access to the members-only area with all of the training videos, audio downloads, home plays, daily affirmations and bonuses. Each lesson is filled with a video, HomePlay worksheets, processes, transcripts, daily affirmations, daily check-ins for inspiration, a points system that rewards you when you meet certain goals and a specially created Connect With Class section that allows your creativity to shine through. Each week, you are given something new, fun and interesting to remove the barriers that are holding you back from feeling, being and showing up in the world the way you want to. We make sure that you’re able to learn, grow, and achieve results by giving you various learning methods.
We’ve created a unique buddy system so you can practice the HomePlay exercises with each other, help one another, and connect. As you continue to experience the benefits of this course in your life, the lessons will take on new and deeper meanings when you revisit them in the months and years to come. If you held up a mirror in front of you and blocked your view so all you could see was yourself yelling, you would automatically disconnect from the emotion by the mere act of observing and you would get an entirely different perspective.
Lesson, a technique derived from Colette’s IN-Vizion® Process that helps you get calm and detached from your overwhelm, stress, and problems of the moment by rising above them and seeing them from a new distant perspective as smaller, allowing you to return to a neutral state of present moment awareness. Bruce Lipton about how stress and the release of our body’s own stress hormone, called cortisol, can keep us trapped in a constant hyper-vigilant physical state that is a deterrent to weight loss. This may not new information to you, we know, but the question is: how do you deal with it? Your mind chatter will begin to send a new message, one that lets you know that all is well!
Take charge of HOW you look at things, and you will become the sole director of your emotional experience and physical well being - the CHOICE is always yours!

You’ve given away your power and made an unconscious declaration: "That circumstance or person over there has the power to determine how I feel." But does it, or do they? Mind chatter is just invisible jibber-jabber that no one else can see, so what’s the big deal?
You’ve turned the corner and are ready to claim your new state of being, one that reflects your truest self, inside and out!
You’ll replaced the old, out-dated story that was telling your body that it wasn’t safe with one that says it IS safe. We’ve addressed how empathy can lead to enmeshment and have taught you how to find relief and create clear boundaries… Now it’s time to reconnect!
No one can see you except for Colette, the coaches and other WRE Lite members, and that kind of support in itself is priceless. What makes this course a one-of-a-kind experience is IN-Vizion®, a process that is unique to the InvisionLab.
How much time you choose to put in is up to you -- remember you have lifetime access to the course so you can always come back to a lesson later on if you have a busy week. Give it a try for 30 days and if are not happy just send an email and 100% of the course fee will be refunded back to you with no questions asked.
It destroys resentment so we can free ourselves up for new emotions and new focus to give energy too).
You will receive a free 30 minute audio file called Blissful Chants immediately for download.
DIY: Make Really Cute Couple Photos My March 2016 Goals Update Helen and Lara's Art Creations of March 2016! We have videos and also give you all the materials as mp3 files so you can download and play them on any device that plays audio, such as your smart phone.
As you go through the program, you collect points; and as you hit certain markers, we will send you gifts! By taking charge of your emotional experience, you literally take charge of your body's physical expression of health. It’s a very big deal, as a matter of fact, because your thoughts create an environment that either contributes to your stress or to your well-being. Now you will grow this message into one that let’s YOU know you are cherished and loved, too. Based on the work of well-known master Carl Jung, it is your shortcut to learning in weeks what took years and thousands of hours of working with clients to create. Last January, I stumbled upon the power affirmations; affirmations are positive statements you say out loud and try (and eventually come) to believe in. Complete with over 200 powerful affirmations about Health, Abundance, Love, Romance, Weight Loss, Self Esteem, Peace and Harmony, Joy and Happiness.
So if you’re on the go, you can play and listen to everything that happens in the course at your convenience.
And vice versa, if you were being yelled at and we held up a mirror to show how you were reacting, we could also disconnect you from the emotional overwhelm you’re feeling. This is necessary, and extremely useful when the voice is neutral or supportive; HOWEVER, it is very damaging, when full of criticism.
What you think determines how you feel, and how you feel determines your body’s expression of physical health, including whether or not it carries extra pounds.
I laughed the first time I Tony Robbins do them, but then I tried them for myself, and immediately I felt better in myself, I began smiling.
All exercises, specially created IN-Vizion® processes, and weekly coach calls are available to you as recordings. So I established trust in the process, even though I didn’t know what was going to happen.

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