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I was given a free one-month subscription to try the new Simple Start plan and write about my experience. Weight Watchers offered me an opportunity to try their new Simple Start program and write about my experience. First and easily my favorite part of the app is a reminder of your goal every time you open it up. Something that I had been doing prior to trying Weight Watchers Simple Start is counting calories. I've just completed my first week of Weight Watchers Simple Start and I would be lying to you if I said I had a perfect first week.
Since I was already being mindful of what I was eating I realized that a lot of the meals I was eating prior would fit under the Simple Start meal requirements. Overall, the biggest difference I feel is I actually feel full and satisfied after every meal.
TLDR: Weight Watchers Simple Start is a great app because it makes managing your diet and planning your meals simple and its right there with you everywhere you go. Melissa Wright, a health & fitness coach, would love to help make a turnaround in your life.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License. ABOUT THIS BOOK: Sarah, The Duchess of York, spokesperson for Weight Watchers, reveals the intimate details of her own struggle with weight loss, noting the pressure of living in the English media's spotlight. She's established herself as a hardworking single mother who is successfully conquering her weight issues.
The book begins with "My Truths," the five rules The Duchess learned on her own weight-loss journey. Throughout the book, The Duchess offers her own advice on everything from smart eating ("I pack a lunch pail to take with me when I'm running from meeting to meeting") to exercising to learning from your past mistakes ("I'm trying to learn something new every day"). Your life just got exponentially better and more stylish now you've signed up for our newsletter.

At the time I am writing this post I am one week in and am happy to say that my experience has been positive.
Zaden is coming up on his first birthday and I was having mixed feelings about my postpartum body.
Photo junkie, crafty, oudoorsy chick with a flair for graphic design and digital marketing. Motivated by her own success, she shares nutrition and exercise knowledge that has helped her achieve and maintain her ideal body weight. Now Sarah, The Duchess of York shares her personal secrets and tips for her healthful new lifestyle and tells every woman how she, too, can be a winner in the battle of the bulge. She talks about some of the highs--and lows--she has experienced since becoming Weight Watchers spokesperson, how she sticks to an eating and exercise plan when she's always on the go, and the challenges of losing pounds while the world is watching.
And last, but certainly not least, DIETING WITH THE DUCHESS includes 75 delicious recipes (1*2*3 SuccessA® Weight Loss Plan POINTSA®values included). I also agree to receive periodic emails with offers and promotional marketing messages from Life & Style.
I wrote a couple pages detailing my opinion and experience and had my husband take a look at it for a proof read.
I secretly loved all of my stretch marks because they showed my pride in my ability to create a nice home for Zaden before his birth. If I have a craving and do some searching and come across something I like and BAM, a picture of what it looks like is right there with it. Don't get me wrong, counting calories and paying attention to food labels is a great way to see how nutritious the food you are eating is.
The remainder of the week I have tried my hardest to follow the program and it has been so easy. There is also a little suggestion area on each recipe that details items you can use if you don't have everything it calls for. The Duchess encourages women to dismiss their negative body attitudes and to develop exercise habits that they can commit to for life.

DIETING WITH THE DUCHESS blends the sound weight-loss guidance of the trusted authority in weight loss, Weight Watchers, with the real-life, real-woman-wisdom of The Duchess of York.
Zaden and I would head down to the supermarket and buy vegetables, meats, spices and everything else.
However, Simple Start even allows  indulgence items and you can "spend" your 7 PlusPoints on them however you choose.
Included are the Duchess's favorite high-nutrition, low-calorie recipes--flavorful meals that weight-conscious people can permanently incorporate into their diets. I specifically remember telling myself that it's because I'm breastfeeding and that's why I'm always so hungry and heavier than usual. I usually use my indulgence item on cheese (1 oz = 3 PlusPoints) or chocolate (1 oz = 4 PlusPoints). I did so good on my Whole 30 but as soon as it was over (on Valentine's day) I've gone downhill!
I had my ups and downs with going to the gym and eating what I thought was a nutritious diet but never succeeded in changing my actual lifestyle. I couldn't find any other meals that sounded appealing to everyone, were healthy, didn't take too long to make, and were within my skill limit.
Simple Plan allows me to use "Power Foods" in order to create a custom a meal for what I need. I love knowing that if I'm craving something not so healthy I can use some of my PlusPoints towards that item without feeling guilty. Plan and organize your meals and then form a grocery list so you don’t have to make a second trip to the grocery store and so you can avoid food being wasted.
It's too bad to hear that it went downhill right after Valentines day but just start back up on trying to live an 85% healthy food 15% cravings and cheats.

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