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Sandy Sardella White's curiosity about other people led her to pursue a career in journalism, where she carved out a niche as a freelance writer specializing in health and wellness.
Writing about prevention and self-help techniques made White more aware of how she could improve her own diet and exercise habits. Taking stock of her career, White diagnosed in herself a need to help others more directly. Before hanging up her virtual shingle, White enrolled in a year-long training program offered by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
But conveniently for White, who lives outside Boston with her husband and three daughters, the program is a virtual one. Having completed the requirements and trained with a mentor from the program, White is now certified as a holistic health coach. To build her client base, White is learning how to market her services in the real world and online. For anyone interested in her services, White offers a free consultation and evaluation, after which a client can choose to enroll in a six-month program. Prior to starting her new career, White had to maintain a certain level of objectivity as a reporter.
One client, whose goal was to lose weight, initially seemed skeptical about her plan, but has become a believer after starting to feel the difference. However, White still must try to overcome the skeptics at home -- her 17-, 15- and 10-year-old daughters -- so, to keep the peace, she will buy the occasional loaf of white bread.
The Wellness Coaching role was developed as a workforce innovation to help support people with mental and substance use disorders with risk factors and medical conditions that impact their recovery.

The wellness coaching training curriculum was developed through a collaboration between staff at Collaborative Support Programs of New Jersey and faculty in Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Counseling Professions, Rutgers-SHRP.
A wellness coach applies principles and processes of health promotion and coaching to the goal of lifestyle improvement for higher levels of wellness. Wellness coaching emphasizes collaboration; the coach helps to guide the person toward successful and long lasting behavioral change.
Help the person to find his or her own solutions for the health problem(s) and concerns that they may face. Help find the motivation they need to complete the plan in order to achieve their wellness goals.
Use a variety of methods, tailored to the individual, to move through the process of setting and reaching health and wellness related goals.
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In this workshop, we’ll explore the Mental, Relational and Money Leaks which keep you feeling blocked, and may cause disruption in with significant others. White contributed regularly to The Boston Herald and Harvard Medical School's Special Health Reports, and co-authored "The Children's Hospital Guide to Your Child's Health" and other books. She decided to build on her background in writing and research to become a health and wellness coach. Using an iPad provided by the school, she took classes covering dietary theories, practical lifestyle management tools and coaching techniques.

She is teaching a series of seminars on healthy eating and related topics at her local YMCA and Whole Foods Market. However, the idea behind her coaching is not to compel someone to follow a certain routine, but to empower them to find the right approach. Already a healthy cook, she pretty much has stopped buying processed foods, and refocused her family's diet around leafy greens and whole grains.
In this context, a coach is a person who supports peers in achieving their goals with encouragement and questions. Rock, Ark., this month A— will total 34, each one staffed by two full- time wellness coaches.
She also has created her own website and Facebook page, and has written blog posts for Mind Body Green and other sites.
The Millions Hearts Initiative: Why psychosocial nurses should care, Journal of Psychosocial Nursing, 10-11. Her efforts have yielded local clients, as well as ones as far away as Canada and Maryland.

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