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Surprisingly, after comfortably riding our way over the 85k distance, stopping when we felt like it and having the odd conversation with people along the way, we still earned a respectable place in the finishers. But what really struck me was that the focus on the physical effort and competition side of things was almost secondary to the mental satisfaction of the whole weekend. Whilst the effect of the (relatively small) amount of training we did for the race no doubt had a positive effect on cardiovascular fitness, the biggest buzz came from the mental and emotional benefits of the weekend. R elationships were strengthened with the people we went away with, the people we met up with and of course, the people we competed with.
Just another example of how physical and mental wellbeing can be and should be completely inseparable. For my final comment for 2014 I feel compelled to revisit the concept of pleasure versus purpose orientations that Chris Skellett so cleverly defines. It really struck me then asked myself whether it was wrong to have to always balance out the two drives and realised that for me personally, the answer was probably yes, and that if I had a tendency to lean towards one more than the other, it would be towards purpose. I believe that moving to our new home has given me the gift of more opportunities to experience pleasure in terms of connection with nature, beautiful places to sit, and a relaxing environment and my aim will be to take full advantage of this privilege in coming months. In my own life, and in my coaching, I am a proponent of the importance of mindfulness of emotions in cultivating overall wellness. I came across a useful blog- cleverly entitled “The Quantified Soul” and after reading a breakdown of the pros and cons of each app, I decided to download one to try it out myself! The technology can only be as mindful as its user of course; it can also be easy to tune it out altogether, or to give a one-word answer without truly being present. Today we celebrate World Mental Health Day, bringing greater public awareness to mental health education, awareness and advocacy. The positive psychology movement with Dr Martin Seligman at its helm is all about answering that very question.
Relationships – the most important factor in good mental health is having supportive, positive relationships in our lives.
Achievement – everyone gets pleasure and satisfaction from occasionally achieving something. If a client of ours managed to regain physical health, or achieve great fitness, although this would be a sign of progress, we would not feel that our real work was over if that person was dissatisfied with their life. The models for leadership have undergone major re-modeling to take into account the business world of today. The importance of emotional intelligence in both coaching and in leadership were emphasized by Daniel Goleman (until now a name that I was familiar with from literature on EQ and whose ground-breaking ideas have long been respected by anyone working with people in coaching and counselling). The need for, and growing body of, research in health and wellness coaching is central to its growth yet the outcome measures of reduced morbidity will come after a long process of measuring things like confidence level, new behaviours, attainment of individual goals and life satisfaction. Attending this conference also concreted my belief and understanding of  why the area of wellness coaching is suddenly getting greater attention from the corporate world.
We speak a lot about the future opportunity that Wellness Coaching has to offer Australians. The very strong message that came across was that a change in public health would come by taking a united approach.

Far from downplaying the need for evidenced based research and the need for continued growth in this area, the focus was on not so much fixing illness, but perhaps preventing it.
Now our training is accredited with ESSA, we will be seeing more AEPs (Accredited Exercise Physiologists). If we could empower our clients to take responsibility for change by working with them as coaches, instead of doling out advice, we would truly help them.
When considering your overall life, do you tend to value the drive to achieve or the experience of pleasure? We are often obliged to make decisions based on this balance between pleasure and achievement and we will find that we have a preferred style. Various stages of our life may steer us more towards one of the quadrants listed above more than the other. Read About My WorkshopsBridal Bonding Boot Camp is a service that provides the time for you to get back to you. Learn How Sessions WorkWhen it comes to working with clients there are different methods to approach each individual session. Learn More About MeI am more than a life coach, chaplain, poet, dancer, mother, sister, friend, worker etc. We also provide a free service that allows you to get wellness quotes from up to 30 different wellness companies by completing one brief request form. I went along entered into one of the two cycling events, feeling a little concerned about whether I was really up for it! Once again, this idea of physical wellbeing and mental wellbeing merged together in my mind.
I often encourage my clients to practice awareness of their emotional states by checking in various times throughout the day to what they are feeling. Now to be honest, I have mixed feelings about the idea that one can create a state of mindfulness and wellness through responding to a prompt on one’s phone (or computer). We know that we have to eat correctly, exercise regularly, keep stress to manageable levels, get sufficient good quality sleep and hydrate. So we cross from physical to mental to emotional all the time which often makes reflection on the new definition that Seligman has developed for Well being, or shall we say optional "flourishing". I would like to respectfully propose that this acronym be extended to PERMAP with the P representing the physical dimension.
The four keystones of sense making, visioning relating and inventing, as presented by  Dr. The clients that had the most parallel response to their coach, in physiological response, reported feelings of greater rapport. In September, I was given the opportunity of speaking at the Australian Integrative Medicine (AIM) Conference last Saturday and it was an opportunity to take a close look at how tangible this opportunity really is. Rather than working in silos we could (and should) work as a team to help people in a variety of ways– whether it was to manage pain, to end their lives with dignity, to stay well or simply to enjoy what they had. I look forward to working with this group of people and to helping them help others make positive changes in their lifestyle by using a collaborative, coaching approach.

In comparison to a lot of the other produce, they are still economical and they go in a citrus salad or vegetable salad. Here you’ll find more than 15,000 free health and wellness related resources of all types including handouts, posters, presentations, wellness newsletters, guides, tool kits and more. Focusing on covering the distance produced plenty of flow – the sense of absorption and absence of thought. I woke to my new home and reveled in the amount of positive emotions I was experiencing in its comfort, location, outlook, size etc.
However, for someone who is genuinely wanting to begin the process of practicing mindfulness, and finds difficulty getting into the habit of awareness, it could be a useful tool.
BBBC wants to support you with specific tools, techniques and exercises that will guide you through this process. The sense of satisfaction at having completed the distance, but more than that, having met my goal of having fun and not feeling wrecked at the end, were all immensely satisfying. Now perhaps I am a bit slow on the technology front- but I had no idea how MANY apps already exist for mood & habit tracking.
Each one, he says, can be increased and improved on; each one is measurable and all can be taught.
But the ones who embrace the coaching model have without exception a degree of emotional intelligence.
This is your opportunity to explore, create, grow, define, clarify and change the situations in your life that led you to make the decision to work with me. I had forgotten how joining in a community event like this creates such a strong sense of camaraderie and a statement about how physical fitness is such a wonderful thing to have.
Of course it’s never that simple because knowing what we have to do, is not the same as actually doing it. It is more about the need to focus on improving our health (and fitness) to be the best it can be under our given circumstances so that our energy is optimised. This would be more representative of what Wellness Coaches set out to support their clients in attaining. Testing myself to the small degree I did reminded me of the satisfaction that comes from having something to strive for.
And at the same time, knowing the five constituents that Seligman has proposed are equally as important. In the last two years I had to put down my 14-year-old beagle Lucy and Tuesday my 16-year-old cat Thomas, who within a matter of two days diminished into a cat I didn’t know.… See more ›BEAUTY IN GRIEF… When your family pet dies  WE ARE FAMILY In the last two years I had to put down my 14-year-old beagle Lucy and Tuesday my 16-year-old cat Thomas, who within a matter of two days diminished into a cat I didn’t know. His kidneys… See more ›I am human and my ego is happy!To boast, brag, show off, gloat and blow my own horn is the opposite of humility. You will have a dress, have shoes… See more ›The Glass Is…The Glass is not Half Full or Half Empty, it is Just Too Big We all know the expression the glass is either half full or half empty.

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