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Christina immediately gave me tools that helped me learn, allowed me to see things differently and move through some stuck areas. She helped me build courage to say no to things I had been afraid to and yes to some new things that would help me be a better version of myself. My husband Darren says working with her has made a positive difference in our home life by helping me to establish clear priorities and develop a better balance.
As I have grown, I am now modeling much of what Christina has taught me with my daughters as well, which is awesome. Last night, after riding up a mountain, I spent an evening that I will remember with warmth for many years to come.
As we ate dinner at an outdoor café at the piazza, town centre suddenly came to life.
The general opinion is that travelling to multiple places is all about whizzing around at high speed, packing and unpacking and seeing a little of a lot while planning for the next stage of the journey. Perhaps because I have been reading and writing a lot about mindfulness and its benefits, perhaps because I am getting older and my experience of life is changing, but on this trip to Europe I am constantly being reminded of how the opposite effect is more the reality. How the trees and vegetation smell different from those in Australia – how nice they smell! So here I am on my first few days in France, trying to access 9 years of school and Uni French with a brain that is taking a while to warm up those particular neural pathways and help our group of four smoothly negotiate all the daily transactions that keep us alive (eating) and having fun (as tourists). The reality is, that a person’s attitude that is expressed in the face or by body language is the biggest indicator of how well the verbal interchange will go.
So good language skills are a wonderful thing to have, but our attitude, our intention and our ability to use our facial expressions and body language are indeed the things that really matter when we connect with people! The Wellness Coaching Australia office has been buzzing for the last week after receiving the exciting news that our Managing Director, Fiona Cosgrove, has been named as a finalist in the 2014 Telstra Business Women's Awards, a national awards program recognising inspirational women in business. Since founding Wellness Coaching Australia in 2006, Fiona has been at the forefront of this unique and exciting field that we work in; setting the pace for Wellness Coach training standards in Australia. For many of you who have attended our training workshops, and had the pleasure in meeting and being trained by Fiona, we invite you to submit a message of support and congratulations to Fiona, where these special messages will be displayed on screen when Fiona collects her award at the end of this month. From all of us at Wellness Coaching Australia, we would like to thank you for choosing us as your Wellness Coach training partner. Just for a change, we are inviting you to be a participant in a current study one of our Level 3 graduates is conducting for her Post-Graduate research through the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).
This is your opportunity to contribute to an area of study that you, as a coach, can benefit from. I’m an Australian postgraduate student at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and I am conducting research into psychological factors that may help or hinder weight loss behaviour change. Participation is easy – just follow this link to complete a 15-20 minute anonymous online questionnaire.
Alternatively, you can request a participation invitation be sent to you via email or sms that you can easily forward on to your clients.

Many thanks for your consideration of this request, as the more people who complete the questionnaire, the greater the potential impact of the study.
Please note that this study has been approved by the QUT Human Research Ethics Committee (approval number 1400000410). Which brings me to the interesting area of what is right and what is wrong and how do we make that decision. We know that under very different circumstances, lying, stealing or even killing have a justifiable reason. As Coaches we set out to accept our client’s values for what they are without ever putting our own into the session. I’ve also learnt that when I experience good feelings I can make them last longer by sharing them. I have recently been writing a lot on the topic of stress for our new coach training module on Stress Management.
The stress response causes increased heart rate, breathing and constricted blood vessels – for those people who felt it was harmful.
The more we reach out and connect with others, the more oxytocin we produce and  the more we will act with compassion and seek out others. And with this comes plenty of opportunity to observe what makes communication work well, or not! If I am to rely on my language in Italy, all I will achieve is a few extra kilos and perhaps part-time work as a midwife. This accolade recognises Fiona for her amazing achievements to date in our industry, where she continues to elevate awareness of the importance of our practice to key decision makers in the Australian health and fitness industry. It is thanks to your support that special achievements like this are received and help to put our profession on the map!
So if you answer YES, to either of the below questions, then jump online and complete this simple 15-20 minute anonymous questionnaire and be part of a study that we can all actively benefit from. I am looking for adults who are overweight at the moment to participate, regardless of whether they have been trying to lose weight or not.
I have poured through textbooks and articles for more information to present that will help us really understand what stress is all about, what causes it, where it comes from and how we react to it – and the damage it can do! Stress was closely related to higher death rate – BUT ONLY if the people believed that stress was harmful to their health!
For those people who saw it as a positive challenge, the blood vessels were not constricted.
This hormone leads us to seek out others, to connect with those we love and to support other people who may need our support. At a recent workshop the question came up again and it gave me cause to think, read (and chat) further about the concept.

This occurred in the little town of Albarabella in the South of Italy where I have been riding for the last week. I am also looking for adults who have successfully lost weight in the past two years to participate. The reason I have been re-reading this particular book is that I seem to have come across many situations recently that involve moral dilemmas. That way they don’t get disappointed and manage to exist in a more stable mood perhaps? If I recount that to other people, the feeling of amusement and love, keep on being reproduced! We could constantly be at the beck and call of everyone through technology that never sleeps.
If anyone has been to this particular town, they will remember the first sight of the white “trullis”, white conical homes with pointed roofs that give the impression that you have stepped into either a Disney land set or perhaps a scene from Lord of the Rings! I have been on the outside of these and drawn into thinking about how both sides of the situation have a strong argument for being morally right, depending on whose eyes you are looking.
Firstly, how often do we experience positive feelings over any time period, and how high is our life satisfaction (more of a global measure) at a certain point.
Others amongst us would like to cultivate positive feelings and, with a sense of optimism, look forward to pleasant events ahead.
But we do have choices and if we understand what makes us, as individiuals, feel like we’re experiencing a good life, then we can choose accordingly. And if we are to live in a world that accepts an individual’s freedom to choose, we must step back and allow them room to do this.
These two factors are obviously interlinked as lots of happy feelings through the course of the day may lead to a feeling of contentment when we look back on that time period. I have also learnt that I can structure my day so that I end up feeling more satisfied with the overall experience. I’ve come to recognise that this is usually to do with what I choose to do with the day and how much I set myself as tasks to complete. The final section incorporated a play with full stage set and the small crowd watched, thoroughly enjoying what must have been a comedy as they all laughed regularly.

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