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The Twelve Universal Laws of Success, Second Edition, Expanded by Herbert Harris A well organized treatment of the basic principles of personal success. There is nothing secretive about the universal laws of attraction and every one of us is using the law of attraction day in and day out. You are always in a process of creating.And now you know that what you create is your choice. I have put together a flowchart which will guide you through the goal setting steps that are covered in various pages of this site.To obtain this free flowchart click here. Now you understand the universal laws of attraction!The next segment on deliberate attraction will teach you how to state each of your goals from the outcome. The broad spectrum of self-help approaches are organized into twelve universal laws that are each based on biblical principles.

Thought creates reality when you understand and use cosmic laws of attraction or the secret law of attraction.
You choose what you think about, you choose what you believe and you choose how you feel.Think, believe and feel positively and your body releases life affirming chemistry. There is nothing mysterious about them contrary to how some individuals have portrayed them.So let us demystify these three cosmic laws. When you approach someone with anger, their response will be angry.When you fail to be greeted at your check out counter at the supermarket, you immediately react by labelling the person rude. You have the right to live your life as you have chosen to, so do others have the right to live their lives as they have chosen.Just like the universe, our body is composed of very different cells.
But if you were to smile and greet the checkout clerk, you would more than likely get a greeting and a smile back and the whole interaction would be more pleasant.It is all about vibes and electro-magnetic wave energies that you are emitting to the other person via this field that links us all.

You understand this from my section on how the mind works which you have just completed.You do not attract into your life what you want. You are what you choose to believe, feel and think about.Those are the frequencies that you are releasing into the universe.

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