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God is saying to us that He put the treasure of dreams, hopes, vision, and a potential for success in each one of us. The God-given treasure inside of you is not just hopes, dreams, and potentials, but it is also, if not more important, God’s image. Not only did God design us beforehand to be His masterpiece, but He also laid out a pathway that we should walk in. We get to put our lives together His way so that we can become the people He created us to be. One thing we must be careful of is evaluating our worth by the packaging or the circumstances surrounding our lives. Man often looks on the outward appearance of things and sees the crumpled paper bag of discouraging circumstances and past failures.
You cannot go around the process or take shortcuts along the pathway of your treasure hunt for God’s image of success in you.
Terez: Sheena Repath is working on a dream, a really big dream, and she’s passionate about it. Sheena: When I was a little girl I was very creative, always thinking of new ideas and things I could create. Sheena: With 10 years experience in designing, producing and selling products in the fashion industry, it was easy for me to see an idea for a new product and know exactly what steps needed to be taken to bring it to life and to market successfully. Terez: Let me ask you this: What is the most important tip you can give to business owners getting started? The other great tip that someone shared with me is to be OK with not knowing exactly what the road looks like ahead!
On the days where it feels like too much, reach out and ask someone for their advice, and you will find there are many entrepreneurs with the same issues, and we can all help each other.
Sheena: The best business decision I’ve made is to continue to be true to my passion for helping others. It is God’s image in us that ensures the success He intends for us as we do His will.

God has placed in you that treasure in earthen vessels, and He has a purpose for your life. But the Bible says God looks upon the inner reality and is able to see the diamond in the paper bag, just as He sees the treasure in your earthen vessel.
Throughout school, I always tried to follow my creative instincts while my parents encouraged me to follow the academic route. Knowing this wasn’t for me, I figured it would be easier to convince them differently once I was there.
Many people have ideas that they don’t do anything with because they are not sure how or where to get started. With this experience, we created the IDEA PROCESS to clearly outline the critical steps involved to successfully develop an idea. Don’t think because you’re an entrepreneur that you have to do everything yourself and you’re not alone on this journey. Believe in yourself and your business and be flexible enough to try new things and experiment with you business. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the trivial, many things that need to be done and caught up in the day-to-day work, when it feels like too much take a step back and remember how you got to where you are today. Also, make a list of all your accomplishments, a large list pinned on the wall where you can see it every day. Also being myself in business, not worrying about how my competition are doing things differently. If people around you are negative and trying to discourage you, surround yourself with other like-minded people and start sharing your ideas.
Regardless of the surroundings, circumstances, or packaging of your life at this moment, the treasure is still inside of you! We can walk into the fullness of His light so that we can see the pathway to the treasure we are hunting for and so we can assemble our lives according to the image and design intended. You must go through each step of the process to bring to pass the invisible image designed on your soul by Jesus.

Today, she is going to share how her business got started and give we other business owners the motivation to be successful.
In my final year of high school, when the time came to decide on the direction for the rest of my life, I chose fashion design. Ten years and several jobs later, I felt like I had hit a wall, was feeling unfulfilled with my job and no idea where to go from here. Several people had approached me with ideas for new products, and they wanted to know if their idea was possible and if I could help them make a sample (since I had a strong understanding of design, pattern making and sewing from school).
Since you previously were involved in the fashion industry, how did that experience carry over into Ideal Samples? When you ask for help, you allow yourself and your business to grow with confidence and certainty. Building your business your way, builds strength and integrity, something you can stand behind and be proud to put your name on. Join networking and entrepreneurial groups; they will support you on your journey and will be a safe place for you to try new aspects of your business for honest advice. She and her team of experts have worked on hundreds of ideas and products for leading brands, like Indian Motorcycle, American Brands, Asics, MainStreet, The Answer, V and Kids Clothes That Fit. Are we going to add to the wealth in the cemetery by not using the God-given treasure in us?
I turned to a mentor for advice and with one suggestion to focus on a different area of the business, I was on a new path and excited about it. With no clear idea where this would take me, I completed three years of college and decided I didn’t want to be a designer or a sewing machine operator. Not until I mentioned this to my father did we realize, hey there is a business opportunity here.

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