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If you want to learn more about the global Shirlaws Group, click here for their website or click here to view our Business Journey video. Clear about the sizable financial outcomes that will sustainably support their future lifestyle.
Wherever you are in the world, I can connect you with the business coaching teams that achieve exactly that.
I personally work with a small number of clients each year, primarily in Australia and the UK.
If you are not yet ready to meet with me, you may want to develop our relationship by subscribing to my emails or attending one of my events. The Agenda for this meeting is broadly to understand your business, your dreams, and your challenges.
At the end of this meeting, you want to know whether you trust me and my recommendations for next steps. We start with a brief Fact Find, of your current systems, structure, resources and product offering. Approximately 2 weeks later we would run a half day Strategy Session with you and your key stakeholders.

This is an intense coaching session,  with the outcome being the basis of a cohesive strategy for your future. At every stage, we will provide you with supporting documentation, diagrams, and language to assist. At the conclusion of your Business Review, you will have a fuller understanding of your business today and a narrow focus of the 2 or 3 strategic priorities you can best focus on.
These connections come from having worked with businesses in Europe, Asia, North America and Asia, and via the personal relationships I have through the Shirlaws Group with coaches currently working in more than 40 countries. I refer a larger number to other coaches and advisors where I believe they will add more value. Since you may not have worked with a business coach before, it is also designed to give you an experience and answer any questions you may have. I want to understand you and your business well enough to know if you meet my client criteria, or if indeed there are more suitable coaches or advisors among the Shirlaws Group or my external network better placed to help you. If you would like to speak with our other clients, where they have agreed to discuss their process engaging with Shirlaws, I would be delighted to provide their details. It’s important with any business coach or consultant that you are always clear on the process you are working through.

These opportunities are then converted into documented Strategy, via projects which transfer expertise and outline the path to sustainable Implementation and full value. When was the last time you had your business confidentially reviewed by an objective, expert advisor?
We want to ensure we are working with the correct facts, and consider all the possibilities without making any assumptions about your business. 90% of my clients at this stage request our guidance designing that strategy through project coaching. And from there, let’s personalise our process to deliver you an ongoing return on investment that exceeds 500%.

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