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We've created two free ebooks bursting with leadership tips and insights from some of the greatest leaders of all time. In the new film Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln poses this poignant question one evening to two young men employed in the Telegraph office. But he was up against stiff adversaries.  Years of tradition prevented the south from relinquishing its chokehold of slavery. To answer Lincoln, no.  No, we do not choose to be born, but we certainly have plenty of choices which await us as we journey through life. Pondering Lincoln’s question sparked an interesting inquiry for me.  How much of life is what happens to us?  Furthermore, what aspects of life correlate with our choices?  Are we responsible for the things that occur to us? Do we feel that life does us more than we do life?  How many of us travel through life checking tasks off a never-ending list?  Our schedules do not spin out of control all of a sudden.  The pace increases slowly, like filling up an ocean with tablespoons.
Essentially, we must strive amid our daily lives to the ultimate goals we seek; that is what we were born to do. We do not choose to be born, but we can certainly choose how to live our lives. Make it a daily goal to improve the inequities around us, to lead, to serve, to be humble, to have the courage to make a difference. This entry was posted in From the Chair, Position Statement, Social Policy Framework on October 22, 2013 by admin.
The calm giant, who towered over his friends and opponents in stature, was uncharacteristically anxious as his political career and the future of slavery depended upon a precarious possibility of peace. The House of Representatives was sharply divided on the issue of granting African Americans a voice in Congress. Lincoln was known as a great storyteller, spinning yarns and eliciting laughter in the most dire of circumstances.  Some mistook his humor for indifference, but Lincoln simply wished to lift the dark cloud from an ominous situation.

Lewis once wrote that we often say our tasks prevent us from living our lives, but these tasks are our lives. Kinsey also served as the president of the Adventist Media Center, whose ministries currently include the Voice of Prophecy.Kinsey states,Although I don’t know all of the details behind the decision, I believe the Executive Committee wished to take the ministry in a different direction from where I was headed. Lewis knew this truth well.  He balanced a heavy student load at Oxford, sponsored the Socractic Club, responded to each letter he received, helped Mrs. Exhausted yet optimistic, he juggled the frustrations of veteran politicians and a maze of diplomacy with the omnipresent dangers of domestic war. He could not rest until every man, regardless of color, was guaranteed the same rights under the Constitution.
Are we truly living life or are we carried on the silent gears of our requirements?  Our daily lives move us ever forward. In response, Johnson stated twice that “Employment matters dealing with people who are employed at the Adventist Media Center in Simi Valley, Calif. Personally, Lincoln still mourned the loss of his own son from illness, and struggled with a wife whose grief nearly overshadowed reality. Despite the wave of controversy, Lincoln persisted and utilized every avenue he had to persuade politicians to amend the Constitution to include voting rights for those considered slaves. Each spring eventually fades into winter, which melts into another spring.  Life moves so quickly. What a tangle of circumstances was this! It was enough to bring the statuesque politician to his knees. We stare in the mirror at a slightly older visage.  We see the evidence of laughter near our eyes and…is that a silver hair I see?!

Kibble, according to the 2012 Adventist Online Yearbook.Many of Kinsey’s scheduled speaking events have been cancelled. Along with presenters such as Dwight Nelson and Jose Rojas, Kinsey was scheduled to speak for the “Reach Alaska” project in June. He is no longer planning to speak, according to the “Reach Alaska” project.Kinsey was also scheduled to speak at La Sierra University’s Homecoming weekend, April 20-22, but called to say that he declined to speak.
Alumna Connie Vandeman Jeffery, ’78, associate manager for the Adventist Media Center and announcer for Voice of Prophecy’s broadcasts, will speak instead, according to the La Sierra University Alumni Relations office.The change in the Voice of Prophecy’s leadership was not the only change to come from the Adventist Media Center’s Board meeting (April 2-5). The Adventist Media Center also “voted to give permission to each media ministry to present a business and transition plan to the North American Division administration,” according to an article posted on the North American Division website. A future Adventist Media Center board meeting will consider the proposals, according to an Adventist News Network press release.The North American Division’s media ministries currently include Breath of Life, Faith for Today, It Is Written, La Voz de la Esperanza, and the Voice of Prophecy. Most recently, the Adventist Media Center’s Board voted to separate LifeTalk Radio from the Media Center. This statement followed a meeting of North American church leaders to discuss media ministries, according to the Adventist News Network press release.While at the Voice of Prophecy, Kinsey worked with Elizabeth Talbot and Connie Vandeman Jeffery to produce daily and weekend broadcasts.

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