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Practitioners are often trained ministers, rabbis, priests, and other individuals with a strong commitment to their faith. Scanterbury began his theological education at Nyack College, in New York, where he completed a Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Ministry. Scanterbury joined CTCA in Philadelphia in 2007, and became Director of Pastoral Care there in 2014, after four years as Supervisor of Pastoral Care. Scanterbury received the Sacred Heart Award from the Central Pennsylvania Coalition United to Fight Cancer. Scanterbury enjoys local theater, spending time with his family, reading, hiking and being with nature. Cancer Treatment Centers of America no asume ninguna responsabilidad de como este material es usado. This profession combines traditional religious training and world views with behavioral health training and principals. He then completed his Master of Divinity, focused on Urban Mission, at Westminster Theological Seminary in Glenside, Pennsylvania. He provides guidance and direction for the pastoral team as well as spiritual support for patients, caregivers and clinicians. He is a Certified Master Chaplain through the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security and is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. Cancer Treatment Centers of America assumes no responsibility for how this material is used.
He has been interviewed on radio, television and in print about spiritual support as part of cancer care. Tambien note que aunque Cancer Treatment Centers of America, frecuentemente pone al dia los contenidos de esta pagina de la red (web-site), la informacion medica suele cambiar rapida y frecuentemente.
Pastoral counselors work in a variety of settings including churches, mental health counseling centers, substance abuse treatment centers, hospitals, shelters, and private practice. Scanterbury led worship, prayer and sacraments, and provided support for the congregation as a whole. Materials copyrighted by Rising Tide and licensed to Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Inc. Also note that while Cancer Treatment Centers of America frequently updates its contents, medical information changes rapidly. Pastoral counselors work with diverse populations in a broad range of settings while consistently considering and holding a commitment to the clients spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Depending on graduate coursework and state licensure requirements Pastoral counselors may have the option of pursuing licensure. Scanterbury has completed self-initiated courses in management and workplace innovation at CTCA. Permission to reprint or electronically reproduce any document contained in this Web site in part or in its entirety for any other reason is expressly prohibited, unless prior written consent is obtained from Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Inc. However, many pastoral counselors are not required to be licensed to work in certain settings such as congregations and choose instead to obtain recognition from professional organizations.

For more information see the following article: What Level of Education Does a Pastoral Counselor Need?This list was created by looking at regionally accredited schools that offer graduate degrees in the pastoral counseling field. When looking at the schools that met our initial criteria (118 schools) the tuition ranged from $4,590 – $40,200. Our list covers the 25 most affordable of these schools ranging in cost from $4,590 – $10,674.
We encourage you to examine the richness and variety of the many excellent offerings represented here throughout the list. This program integrates a theological perspective with the behavioral sciences in the context of church based counseling. Graduates will be prepared to work in a wide range of religious settings across all faiths. This program is for pastoral care professionals and other healthcare providers wanting to gain clinical expertise in the spiritual care of patients and families.
The Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling provides students a strong foundation in biblical counseling principles and skills. Graduates can work as non-professional counselors or if desired work towards professional licensure after completing further licensure requirements. The Master of Divinity in Pastoral Counseling provides an overview of the integration of psychology and theology while preparing students for the practical application of counseling. The Master of Arts in Religion in Pastoral Counseling, online program, provides skills for Godly advisement.
These degree components help students integrate biblical study, theology, faith and spirituality in theological work. Graduates are committed to serving their churches and communities while bringing spiritual expertise to their chosen profession.
This degree is for those interested in serving as pastors and with the expertise and training of family counselors.
The Master of Science in Human Services Counseling (Non-Clinical) degree provides counseling skills to individuals and ministry professional seeking advanced training for work in agencies, institutions and church related settings.
This degree has three fields of study to choose from Clinical Counseling, Marriage and Family, or School Counseling.
Additionally six areas of emphasis are available to specialize in including Counseling in a Faith Environment. A unique feature of this program is that during the clinical experiences, students who commit to working with children, adolescents and transitional age-youth are eligible for a $10,000 stipend. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. The Master of Divinity offers several areas of specialization including Pastoral Care and Counseling. This program instils the knowledge of the Word of God with skills to communicate the Gospel effectively. This degree supports students in assessing the emotional and spiritual needs of clients using biblical resources and counseling skills.
Graduates of the program are prepared to become pastoral counselors with the option of applying for state licensure. This degree will prepare graduates for professional, vocational ministry in church and parachurch settings with professions ranging from pastoral counseling to youth ministry. The Counseling and Family concentration prepares students to counsel couples and families according to biblical principles.

Students interested in pursuing state licensure should pursue the Master of Arts in Counseling at Phoenix Seminary.
An emphasis is placed on developing research-based skills and counseling theories and in supporting students in developing their Christian faith.
Graduates are prepared to work in numerous settings from Christian counseling ministries to mental health organizations.
This program supports students in exploring a counseling ministry to individuals, couples, and families. In approaching challenges students learn to use counseling skills while taking into consideration the context of the individuals life including the role of culture and developmental stage. A focus is placed on learning a theological basis for pastoral care and the counseling process. All graduates of this program will have a firm understanding of the Bible, theology, and the church. The School of Divinity offers the Master of Divinity, as a basic professional degree, with six areas of concentration including Pastoral Care and Counseling.
The Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology supports students in integrating psychology with a biblical perspective for counseling purposes in order to support individuals meet life challenges. Master of Divinity educates students in a biblical understanding with the ability to articulate traditional evangelical beliefs.
The Biblical Counseling Program at Calvary builds a Christian counseling model by looking at human growth and development through biblical principles. Ashland Theological Seminary offers several degrees but three are highlighted here that support graduates in pursuing careers in the field of pastoral counseling. The core values of the Ashland Theological Seminary center around scripture, spiritual formation, community, and academic excellence. The Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling prepares graduates for the primary or supporting responsibility of ministry in churches, chaplaincy, elementary, high school, colleges or secular settings.
The Graduate Programs prepare graduates to become pastors, leaders, missionaries and other Christian workers. Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary offers numerous Masters and Doctoral degrees including four different counseling degrees, a standard Masters and a standard Doctoral in addition to the Master of Divinity with a concentration in Counseling and the Doctor of Ministry with a concentration in Care and Counseling. The Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling (34 semester hours) prepares graduates to provide Biblical Counsel. Also available is a Master of Divinity (96 semester hours) with a specialization in several areas including Biblical Counseling. Two of the degrees are Master of Divinity degrees with specializations in counseling (one licensure and one non-licensure track). Students will receive training and supervision in evidence based counseling methods to become prepared for licensure as professional counselors.
A strong value is placed on supporting people in finding biblical solutions and healing from God.

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