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Before you can decide whether you think UK prices are too high, you need to have some notion of where they’ve come from.
We can use the Bank of England’s cute inflation calculator to work out roughly1 what the price rises cited by Halifax represent in real terms.
The Nationwide produces a house price index too, and it helpfully offers inflation-adjusted prices from the get-go. We might also compare house price inflation to the historical return from other assets, such as shares.
The FTSE 100 was introduced on the January 3rd 1984 at a base level of 1,000 – very close to when Halifax began tracking house prices. On a 1984-ish to 2011 snapshot, then, it looks like a draw between residential property and shares. But remember that those houses would have required money to be spent on their upkeep, and many home owners would also have splashed out on price-boosting enhancements like loft conversions and extensions. In contrast, the equivalent costs to companies should be reflected in their share prices in the long term. Are you also thinking that shares pay a dividend, which isn’t caught by the index’s return? Finally, the day-to-day level of the stock market is much more volatile than house prices, making point-to-point comparisons with housing a little dangerous.
In historical terms, UK houses have clearly been a decent long-term investment for the past 40 years. Arguably, the falls are not as much as we might have expected, given how unemployment has risen, and how difficult it is to get a mortgage. Cash buyers (oligarchs, bankers, wealthy Greek and Italian refuges, and football stars) can bid up prices without any such piffling restrictions, as we’ve seen in Mayfair and Knightsbridge.
Many economists would have predicted a much bigger house price crash, if they were told a few years ago that the UK would undergo its deepest recession since before World War 2, or that so few first-time buyers would be able to get a mortgage. I think it’s too soon to say whether house prices having finished falling, given the economic uncertainty. For now though, the failure of house prices to drop as much as many predicted before the crash (including me) makes me wonder if I underestimated a structural shift to higher UK house prices in real terms. It’s claimed that Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. While the increase in the FTSE 100 and UK house prices is similar in real terms since 1984, the impact of gearing through buying a house with a mortgage means that the return on equity from a house purchase would have been much much greater than the return on an investment in the stockmarket over the period.
Given the relative valuation of UK house prices versus the stockmarket today, perhaps the clever trade is to borrow as much money as you can to invest in the FTSE 100 over the next 25 years? Possibly buying an investment trust with a lot of debt on a discount is another option for limited gearing, but you have other risks there. I’ll be looking more at the FTSE vs House Price conundrum in a later post, so watch this space!
Don’t forget to consider increases in population, average lifetime (increasing demand) as well as land, material and labour cost over the long term (restricting supply) ! On the subject of historical house prices, the recently published book “Safe As Houses?
This may be a daft question but is it possible to but an index tracker, or similar product, pegged to the average housing prices?
Some spreadbetters offer the ability to take a view on house prices, but I wouldn’t personally recommend it and have never done it. Inflation geek alert: deflating nominal house prices by RPI is actually a very strange thing to do. I doubt we could have afforded our first house if my wife hadn’t been working back then.
Thanks for publishing this: I have been on a mission for sometime to convince people around me that buying houses is fine but they are homes not investments. The fundamental reason why house prices have not collapsed in the UK as they have in the US, Ireland and Spain must be that we have not built enough houses for the demand.
Compared to all those, we are a small island with quite a large population density, strong NIMBY controls on property development and little public housing. When 2008 occurred I never though that house prices would collapse by much more than they have already. I remember the late ’80s when mortgages climbed to 15% because of the stupidity of trying to shadow the DM. Interestingly, constrained supply didn’t save the housebuilders from having to do massive fund-raisings to survive, or their businesses from radically shrinking. Anyway, the net result is real house prices (and prices to incomes) probably do warrant having trended higher.

Anyway, at least you got into UK Commercial Property (UKCM) at a decent price – BestInvest keep failing with both real-time and limit orders, and blame liquidity, but my other online accounts are happy to buy take orders. I am a hypnotherapist, but obviously that isn’t something that helps me in negotiation !
I recently wondered about the real lifetime cost of UK property purchase – in relation to lifetime net earnings. I assumed an 85% 25 year Repayment Mortgage at 8% pa interest (long term net average after stripping out MIRAS) – for a 40 year working life at national average wage. I need to find out the value of my present property as it was at the end of March 1982; where would I go to get that info please?
We need at about 230,000 houses a year just to replace broken houses (23 million units typically lasting 100 years), let alone population increase that will require at least another 50,000 houses a year just to stabilise the market. Google Analytics now contains a series of real-time reports that measure what’s happening on your site in real time.
But here I am, with my tail between my legs, to admit that some businesses really do need real time data.
If you are a publisher, you often need real time data to understand what content is popular right now, so you can optimize the placement of that content, or publicize that content, to optimize ad revenue.
If you are a retailer, you might want to understand, in real time, the launch of a new campaign. If you are holding a physical event, you might want to understand, in real time, how people in that location are using your website. To fill this analysis hole Google Analytics now has a Real Time section of reports, creatively named Real Time. The top of the report also shows the total number of unique visitors on the site (it counts the cookies). Moving deeper into this report we get information about what’s the most popular content right now, where visitors came from (both traffic source and keywords) and a geographic breakdown of where the visitors are located.
This is especially handy when you launch a new campaign and want to see how it’s working. Filed Under: Analysis, Reporting, Web Analytics Tagged With: Analysis, Campaign Tracking, publishers, reporting, social mediaLike this post? Or, watch for spikes and see if you can identify the influencer who moved the dial; put together a special offer for that influencer.
I wouldn’t do this regularly, but it would be quite useful as an occasional social media audit. David Ginsburg has served over 20 years as a math teacher, instructional leader, and PD provider. That's my associate Erin Rooney in the above photo, circulating as students work on math problems.
Real-time data-driven instruction involves a paradigm shift for many teachers, because we need to refrain from assisting students before we assess them. To free yourself up to assess students before assisting them, it's important to select activities that students can work on productively (think productive struggle) without your help.
With these measures in place, you're ready to fulfill an essential role of every teacher: collecting data. Join my mailing list for announcements about the work I do to improve teaching and learning. The opinions expressed in Coach G's Teaching Tips are strictly those of the author(s) and do not reflect the opinions or endorsement of Editorial Projects in Education, or any of its publications. What Other People Bought: When you see this icon, click on it to expand a list of products that other people have bought when they purchased this model. Looks like they might be, albeit with a jerkier graph that hints at market dislocations such as emergency interest rates and the restricted supply of mortgages.
Good spot – and true – but remember that houses also deliver an equivalent, in the form of giving someone somewhere to live (or imputed rent, in economic terms). Over shorter spans, though, the data shows that the property market undergoes booms and busts just like any other asset class.
Prices have accordingly come down a fair bit in the past few years, especially in real terms, though less so in London.2. Gearing is the main reason why property investment has been so good for the UK public, leaving aside the odd bout of negative e.quity blow ups. And that rushing to pay the mortgage off feels psychologically right but is not a financially sound decision. I thought they looked like attractive investments in late November, and still feel the same. I am looking at properties and trying to see how the asking price compares to the price that it was when last sold so I am finding this information of great use to me.

Many investors are looking to buy property in this city as it’s seen as a safe place to invest, which ensures property prices are kept buoyant.
I makes no representations as to the accuracy, completeness, suitability or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any errors or omissions or any damages arising from its display or use. They provide some pretty awesome data that helps business make important decisions WHEN those decisions need to be made.
This is especially useful if you are using a channel, like social media, that has a very immediate impact.
This series of repots offers a subset of data that is processed in real time, literally every second.
This is mission control for Real Time data and gives you a general overview of what’s happeneing. Google Analytics then segments this number to show you the amount of new visitors and returning visitors. Again, not too different than the data on the Overview, the tabular data shows the Medium and Source dimensions. Think about when that big tweet goes out and you want to see what’s happening on the site. This report will help you understand if there is some referring site that is driving a lot of traffic. Green indicates a row of data that has increased while a row of data that is red indicates a row of data that has decreased. He leads a Philadelphia-based team of consultants that specializes in instructional coaching, leadership coaching, and common-core implementation. We need to resist our inclination to jump in as soon as we see students raise their hands (a sign of learned helplessness for many students), make mistakes, or use inefficient approaches. Also be sure to establish protocols for students that cultivate self-reliance and collaboration, as per my Hierarchy of Help, where students must exhaust all resources including each other in order to "earn" the teacher's help. Please do check out some of the best articles or follow our posts via Facebook, Twitter, email or RSS.Inflation data for 2011 is not yet available, so I have approximated by using 2010 as my base year. It is true that someone on the same wage but without a family has a lot more room for manoeuvre.
The situation wasn’t *that* different in the early 1990s, and we had a price crash then, too. It’s a great place to invest – buy the best you can in your first choice area is the rule of thumb!
You can see who’s on your site, how they got there and what they’re looking at in real time.
We still can’t see if there is a lot of conversions (grrrrrr) but at least we can see traffic. You can view how many active users are viewing a specific page or get an agregate view of pageviews over the last 30 minutes. We need to bite our tongues as we circulate among students, and take notes on what we see and what students say. I am minded to think restricted supply is a bigger issue than I used to in the UK, though, and probably does support gradually increasing real prices to SOME extent. However events (including incredibly cheap debt for those that can get it) have proven that constrained supply does seem to have underpinned prices more so than, say, the US or Ireland, where massive over-supply clearly egged things over cliff.
Splunk made it easy to show the lawyers that network operations was targeting IP addresses that were generating inordinately large numbers of requests in a given amount of time. Much of the excitement about big data is centered on the potential for big gains in science, finance, healthcare and business intelligence.Splunk started out as a log analyzer for IT, and its core market is still IT. The ultimate goal is to allow users to create Splunk dashboards for Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) data.
The update includes capabilities that make software more appealing for non-IT uses like business intelligence.
The company replaced Flash with HTML 5 for its visualizations, which makes Splunk usable on a wider range of mobile devices, notably the iPad. The new version also includes a backfill feature that automatically grabs recent historical data to provide context for real-time data.
It also adds live sparklinesa€”those small in-line-with-text line chartsa€”to search results tables and dashboards.A simplified free version of Splunk supports up to 500 megabytes of data.
Splunk Enterprise pricing starts at $6,000 for a 500 megabyte-per-day perpetual license including first year support, or $2,000 for a one-year subscription including support.One of the unadvertised benefits of Splunk is controlling the cost of the tool itself.

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