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The processes involved in communication are very complex.  Many of us take communication for granted – we shouldn’t.  We need communication to access so many areas of life – education, work, friendships, family life…in fact… life in general! Social communication, or pragmatic language, is facilitated by speech and language therapists through expansion of play skills, establishing a system of choice, providing visual support, alternative communication, as well as supporting the development of the subtleties of language and inference skills. Speech and language therapists also identify the way a child produces singular sounds and sounds in words. Communication is: hearing and understanding what is being said to you and expressing what you want to say and how to say it.
Consider a conversation you’ve had with someone recently – and take a look at the processes involved in communication (called the Communication Chain) – it is complex and sometimes children need help to ensure that each link in the chain is as strong as possible. The processes involved in communication are very complex which many of us take for granted.

Communication is the act of sending and receiving information between two or more individuals. Children can focus on an activity of their choosing for a short time.  They do not like to be interrupted. Children can still only focus on one thing at a time, but they are becoming more able to switch their focus from one thing to another without help. Children can complete an activity and listen to an instruction at the same time, without necessarily needing to look at the speaker.  Their attention spans may still be quite short, but they are able to join in a group activity. Children are able to listen in a group or class for a long period of time.  They can listen to information and instructions while they are doing something else, even if there is a lot going on around them.
Therapists work with children who demonstrate phonological processes or articulation delays and disorders to enhance their ability to communicate intelligibly.

We need communication to access so many areas of life – education, work, friendships, family life…in fact… life in general! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
In other words, if a child has difficulty communicating nonverbally, he is likely to also have difficulty with verbal communication.
It is a means of expressing language much like writing is the means to express the language content and structure of this website.

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