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Yet I can’t help looking at the models and wondering how it is even possible to look like that?! Christie Brinkley, widely known for making guys salivate with her iconic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit covers, has maintained a successful career for over 40 years. At a recent launch for her new Hair2Wear collection in New York City, the blonde bombshell revealed that she wears 16-inch clip-in hair extensions almost every day. Now Brinkley is making it possible for every woman to achieve supermodel hair with a line that includes 10 wigs and nine hairpieces. After spending the day with the Michigan-born beauty, we were shocked by the quality of her synthetic extensions.
The brand's president, Michael Napolitano, also made sure the packaging features a window so that you can actually feel the texture and see the color tonality. First, blow-dry hair upside down, then sit straight up and smooth the edges of your hair with a round perforated brush. Next, lift up the section of hair where you'd like to place the clip-in extensions underneath. Starting from the middle section of the hair extension, clip it onto your hair and then work your way around. Gently finger-comb the hair extensions to blend them in, and use a curling iron on a few pieces of your natural hair to recreate that loose, tousled look.
We've been inundated with calls from all over the world as a media storm has erupted over the revelation that in her Elvive shampoo advertising campaign, Cheryl Cole's hair is not just extensions - but fibre extensions. The TV and press campaign illustrates Cheryl's gorgeous, glossy, thick hair with the inference that by using the product, purchasers could also achieve similar results. This is why the media is in such a frenzy, alleging customers are being "cheated" because they'd never get Cheryl's hair without cosmetic help.

However, with extensions at least, in our experience it's impossible to achieve this kind of "perfect" look with the second-hand hair used in human hair extensions, which is why Cheryl's opted for fibre. STYLING: It's much easier to style our fibre hair because it acts like your own hair should.
AFTERCARE: The hair is non-porous so any shampoo you buy is for the benefit of your own hair, rather than the fibre. SAFETY: Our hair is attached and taken out without the use of any glues, bonding solutions or harsh chemicals - that's because we use a specialist braiding technique that needs two people working at once to achieve, rather than one. COMFORT: At around half the weight, our fibre is lighter than human hair, so it doesn't feel "heavy".
IT'S NEW, NOT SECOND-HAND: For the same reason you probably wouldn't want to wear someone else's teeth, our clients don't want to wear someone else's hair - particularly when they don't know exactly where it's come from and under what circumstances it was taken from their head in the first place.
ETHICS: Human hair is a valuable and scarce commodity and, as is increasingly becoming known through various campaigns and investigations, has spawned an unregulated industry that typically takes hair from the poor in developing countries. And, in our case at least, we're just glad our clients share the same values and appreciation for the fibre alternative as we do. Celebrity hairstyles gallery, haircuts, pictures of long, medium and short trendy hair styles. Get a load of this uber sleek and straight causal hairstyle worn by the fabulous victoria's secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio. Alessandra Ambrosio recently stepped out with this fabulously casual loose fitting hairstyle, which consists of cute side bangs and a lovely partially braided ponytail. Nothing better than a little behind the scenes look, into what it takes to glamorize your favorite super models, right.Just checkout the adorable Adriana Lima, as she rocks a set of extra large hair curlers, before hitting the runway. Here we see Brazilian bombshell model, Adriana Lima, looking extra feisty while donning a sexy slicked back hairstyle with long straight ponytail.And we see you flashing that wink at us, Adriana!

Here we have the stunningly beautiful ageless Italian actress and fashion model, Monica Bellucci . You really gotta admire a woman like Jessica Alba , with such amazing natural beauty mixed with impeccable style choices. Here we have a few photos of the lovely actress Sarah Jessica Parker with an interesting short blonde curly hairstyle . Brinkley uses the hair pieces to add body and highlights to her thinning locks, which instantly reverses the signs of aging hair.
No more buying extensions from the beauty supply store only to go home and realize it's a bad match.
To provide grip for the clip, backcomb with a small brush and spritz the section with a medium hold hairspray.
If you have fine or thin hair, Brinkley recommends placing the extension behind your ears to eliminate bulk. A cute color combination which combines a mixture of sandy blonde highlights and naturally dark roots.A lovely down to earth hairstyle which is nothing short of sensational! Love the smattering of blonde highlights as well.Its also worth noting, Alessandra Ambrosio looks exceptional with minimal makeup, like we see in this striking photo.
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They are almost like the sun, don’t look directly at them or you will melt, spontaneously combust or in my case, vow to live in the gym until you look like that and then end up eating a whole box of chocolates to drown your sorrow as you realise that it is never going to happen.

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