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Considering most Americans haven't socked away $2,000 for when disaster strikes, such a financial product is badly needed. But before you max out the credit card for the final time celebrating your good fortune, let's have a moment of silence for the eight states that don't participate in the drawing. You're missing out, Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming! Alabama: You could have built a 100-foot-tall statue of Nick Saban that would have been the envy of your trailer park!
Florida: You miss out on access to the South Beach VIP rooms to rub elbows with the Miami Heat when they win the NBA Finals! Nevada: You would have been able to build a replica of a casino that builds replicas of other famous places.
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Moreover, more than 16,000 stations are selling gas for less than $1.75 per gallon, it added. Prices could fall another 10 cents per gallon over the next few weeks, based on typical seasonal trends, AAA said. Prices on Thursday average $2 a gallon, making it the lowest price for New Year’s Eve since 2008, AAA said.
In less than 24 hours, Megaupload has gone from the world's largest broadcaster of pirated material to the most interesting criminal case in US digital law.

Almost immediately after Megaupload was shut down, Anonymous responded by crashing the websites of the FBI, MPAA, RIAA and Universal Music Group.
Ultimately, what we can learn from this whole Megupload fiasco is that, yes, Mega was completely aware they were running a criminal operation. A new law in Florida requires all public schools to notify students that they do not have to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. The existing law states that students can opt out of reciting the pledge by bringing a note from their parents. Just remember, you have to split it with the 100 million people on Twitter who've already announced that they've definitely bought the winning ticket. Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Your California Privacy Rights, Children's Online Privacy Policy and Interest-Based Ads are applicable to you. But that won’t last long: The national average could rise 50 cents by late winter because of seasonal maintenance at refineries ahead of the busy summer driving season. If a user uploaded something like, say, The Hangover, Megaupload would search its servers for a matching file. They made a gigantic amount of money and it will certainly go down as one of the most insane digital operations ever. Existing law states that students can opt not to participate in the morning ritual if they so choose.
The new law was pushed by the Central Florida Freethought Community on behalf of atheists and non-believers.

Look how much money he spent to get the Oklahoma State Cowboys on the good side of the BCS computers. What with Megaupload down, we had nothing better to do so we read the whole thing cover to cover. It would delete the link submitted despite knowing about tens or hundreds or even thousands of other links to the same file.
Unfortunately, its timing around the SOPA controversy will probably function as a severe detriment to the freedom of the internet, but only time will tell.
Under the new law, all public school districts must now advise parents and students of the constitutional right via their student handbook. A separate atheist group called American Atheists warned that they will be monitoring each of the state’s 67 school districts to make sure they comply.
For now we can only marvel at the legacy of a man who built a multi-million dollar fortune off of DVD rips.

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