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Ipak, mozemo reci da je life coaching put do srece – ako malo redefinisemo ciljeve i ideje o tome sta je sreca.
Potom bismo presli na naredni korak koji se tice postavljanja realisticnih ciljeva za postizanje zadovoljstva, odnosno – srece. Life coaching put do srece je dostizan i realan, medutim, kako je i napisano, on predstavlja put.
Sreca se ne kupuje, niti je drugi donose, sreca se ne ostvaruje tako sto bivamo dobri klijenti i iskreno razgovaramo s lajf coach-em o tome sta nas muci, srecu ne donosi life coach, srecu pravi sam klijent. Life coaching put do srece podrazumeva zajednicko putovanje life coach-a i klijenta u saradnickom odnosu koji se tice postavljanja ciljeva, prevazilazenja prepreka i ulaganja truda da bi se do srece doslo. Life coaching put do srece je put prihvatanja odgovornosti za svoj zivot i ucenja zahvalnosti prema sebi samom. If you’re going to enrich the lives of the people around you, you have to be ready to put in some work. I challenge you to be more like the honeybee and spread joy to others throughout the week this week. It sums up nicely why I myself practice living a creative life and why it’s been my passion for the past eight years to coach and encourage others to do the same. If you happen to agree with me and Liz, then perhaps the reason you crave a creative life is because you want an amplified, bigger, happier, expanded and more interesting existence. That’s exactly why I created my new Big Magic Better-Than-A-Book-Club Coaching Group ~  to combine the inspiring wit and wisdom of Gilbert with the support and guidance of personalized coaching group to help you move forward on your personal creative journey with joy and ease. I invite you to take two minutes right now (a delightfully doable amount of time) to consider how your life will look and feel if it’s amplified, made bigger, happier, expanded and more interesting by saying yes to the creative life you dream of.
You can write your thoughts in a journal, use the pretty printable dream sheet I created for you below or simply daydream on it a moment or two.

Awareness is one of the most important first small steps you can take when bringing change to your life.
Why not set a time for two-minutes right now and use these Big Magic-inspired prompts to inspire yourself?
If you’d like to share what you dream up in the comments below I’d love to hear it! And, if you want to take the next small steps from awareness toward truly living the creative life you dream of I invite you to join me for my Big Magic Better-Than-A-Book-Club Coaching Group.
Do procrastination, perfectionism or pesky inner critic voices keep you from the creative experiences you crave? Could you use some support and gentle accountability to make your creative dreams come true? Creativity coaching totally transformed my life and now it's my passion to help other people enjoy more time and space in their busy lives for creative fun and fulfillment. So, if you are in a rut, have an area of life that needs change or feel as though your direction is faltering, coaching will be a beneficial intervention.
When discussing your life ambitions with a Coach, the great thing is that the sessions are completely confidential and non-judgmental. Iako je jasno da bismo svi voleli da nam zivot prode u sreci i veselju, vecini je jasno da to nije moguce. Ideja da je sreca nesto sto se desava je neodrziva, isto kao i ideja da cemo dobiti nesto za dzabe. These little pests fly around at dusk and dawn to find animals that they can extract blood from. A coach will empower and motivate, provide that focus you need and help you strive for those elusive life goals. I clarified my aims and strategies to achieve the things we identified as being immediate as opposed to mid to longer term. Oni koji potraze life coaching pomoc s tim ciljem, susretnu se, za njih pomalo obeshrabrujucim, odgovorom – da konstantna sreca nije moguca. Izmedu ostalih, to i jeste jedan od razloga iz kojih osecaju stres, nezadovoljstvo i potraze pomoc strucnjaka. Kada za sebe ucinimo nesto korisno i lepo, sreca i zadovoljstvo su nagrade koje sami sebi dodeljujemo.
Is it good to be like a mosquito and suck the blood out of life, or is it better to be a honeybee? Once they find a target, they move in and get to work extracting blood and then leaving its victim behind, itching.
It’s about keeping you on track and getting from A to B as soon as possible.  Through differing exercises, listening and questioning techniques, a Coach will act as a catalyst for change and help you move from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Different pressures from family, work, relationships, with finances, weight and fitness issues. Through the ongoing sessions, the Coach will share in your success, motivate you where you have fears or challenge you where you have stalled. If you consider the cost of coaching to the benefits derived from your sessions, it’s a no brainer.
Matthew was professional at all times and showed integrity and empathy throughout our sessions.
Zadatak life coach-a je da im pomogne da razmisljaju realno, logicno i da postavljaju korisne i ostvarive ciljeve.
Zar ne dolazim na seanse, zar ih ne placam i zar ne pricam o tome sta me muci?” Slazem se da je motivacija oko trazenja pomoci veoma vazan korak, prvi korak ka promeni, licnom rastu i razvoju i prvi korak na putu ka sreci.
Life coaching put do srece jeste zajednicki put coach-a i klijenta, medutim, coach je vodic, ali, svaki uspeh koji klijent ostvari, sve sto o sebi nauci, na svemu sto klijent prozivi na tom putu, ima da zahvali sebi. We look to assess how to progress these affected areas and empower you to take action and control. Dakle, vodimo se idejom iznalazenja onoga sto pojedinac smatra srecom i njegove ideje modifikujemo tako da postaju dostizne i ostvarive. On je taj koji se upustio u life coaching put do srece, te je on i taj koji je zasluzan za srecu koju je, naposletku ostvario. But there is a major difference – honeybees play a vital role in allowing flowers to reproduce.
A goal has to stretch you enough to challenge you, but not too much so that it sends you into a blind panic. It’s one of the reasons why we coach and for us it is a tremendous privilege being part of your life journey. U tom kontekstu, zahvalnost prema samom sebi predstavlja ultimativno zadovoljstvo samim sobom i lepim stvarima koje smo bili spremni za sebe da ucinimo. Those little stepping stones you are walking over are getting you nearer to where you want to be.
You see, they aren’t just taking what they need for themselves, they’re giving back new life as they do it.
Everyone has a level of ambition but it is channelling this in the correct format that will achieve results.

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