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July 29, 2015 • It's the NPR Books Summer of Love, so to celebrate, we asked our readers to nominate their favorite romances. August 8, 2014 • Twenty years ago, Diana Gabaldon's time-travel epic Outlander shot to the top of the best-seller lists a€” and stayed there. So—these questions are from a wattpad interview done with Molly Rogers, about five years ago.
Since I generally have no particular idea what’s in a scene until I finish writing it… Well, let’s see. I may realize that I need to know quite a bit about, say, the Battle of Saratoga, because I know that takes place during the story.
But coming back to AN ECHO IN THE BONE… I walked the battlefield at Saratoga three times over the years before I wrote the book, and during one conversation with a park ranger, learned that while General Fraser had told his men he wanted to be buried in the Great Redoubt, and many accounts that I’ve seen say that he was— when the Park Service excavated the Great Redoubt, there was no sign of a body.
I asked where it was, as I’d like to see it, and the ranger said that in fact, they didn’t know.
Later, I was in Scotland, and decided to see if I could find a suitable spot where Simon Fraser might have been buried. Anyway—this all started because I could see William and Jamie kneeling on opposite sides of Simon Fraser’s deathbed, Jamie knowing, and William not knowing. Anyway, yes; I write just about everything piecemeal, including nonfiction articles, book reviews and essays. Mushrooms are the characters who simply pop up out of nowhere and walk off with any scene they’re in. If you’re not in New York, some can be viewed live (via web streaming) from anywhere, or you can participate using Twitter or Facebook! Cast and crew image above, left to right: Tobias Menzies, Caitriona Balfe, Terry Dresbach, Ron D. I won’t, alas, be with the Starz gang in New York this week for the premiere of Season Two (of the Outlander TV series) and the Tartan Week festivities. My Webmistress has compiled a list for you of events from April 4th through the 9th to celebrate the broadcast premiere of Season 2 of Outlander, including red carpet events and panel discussions (featuring the cast and crew of Outlander), Tartan Week, and finally the broadcast premiere of Season 2 on April 9! New York’s Tartan Week will run from April 2nd to the 10th in New York City and includes a diverse range of events, from the Scotland Run through Central Park, to lunch-time concerts, business seminars, a Pre-Parade Ceilidh and much more. Scottish actor Sam Heughan, star of the Starz Outlander TV series (and plays main character Jamie Fraser) will be the Grand Marshal of the New York Tartan Day parade on Saturday, April 9. Heughan joins the illustrious alumni who have led the Parade, including Sir Sean Connery, Alan Cumming, Cliff Robertson, Brian Cox, Kevin McKidd, and most recently in 2015, fellow Outlander star Graham McTavish. The sounds of the camp were still audible, but muted by the rhythm of the surf at their feet, the passage of the silent clouds above their heads. The trouble with silence was that it allowed the thoughts in his head to take on a tiresome insistence, like the ticking of a clock in an empty room. He hadn’t actually been intending to ask that just yet, and was surprised to hear the words emerge from his mouth. William glared down at his uncle, who was still looking imperturbably out to sea, the wind pulling strands of his dark hair from his queue. He actually had supposed his uncle to be speaking rhetorically, and was taken aback when the once and present Duke furrowed his brow in the effort of recall. Outlander: EW goes inside the wild, sexy world of the Starz hit, by Lynette Rice for Entertainment Weekly.
Outlander author Breaks Silence on EW’s Sexy Cover, by James Hibbard for Entertainment Weekly. He shook the wood shavings into the fire, where they caught at once, curling into brightness and sending up a clean, sweet smoke.
We changed German publishers last year, which caused a slight lag in the publication of some books, with the previous publisher no longer publishing one title and the new publisher not yet having released it again. He nodded toward the stable-yard, where Jem was playing with a boy who had a hoop, the two of them trying to drive it with sticks over the bumpy ground, with a marked lack of success. On the far side of the yard, Mandy had picked up the hoop and put it about her solid little waist.
When I was finally born, just at dark, my father was so unnerved by the entire experience that he went out to a nearby restaurant and ordered ham and eggs for dinner—forgetting that it was Friday. At the age of two days, I too made the perilous trip through the dark pines of the frozen landscape, to become a third-generation native of Flagstaff. Great-grandmother Beatrice Belle Switzer came from Kentucky, along with her seven brothers and sisters, when the family farm was flooded out. The air in Flagstaff may not have been hot, but apparently it was dry enough, since Stanley lived to be 92, finally dying on a vacation to San Diego (that fog will get you every time). We (and the fourth generation) live in Scottsdale, but I still keep the family house in Flagstaff, and escape there regularly to write; to me, the ideal weather for writing involves a gleaming portcullis of icicles to keep out all intruders, soft white drifts on the pines and the sidewalks, and the muffled grind of cars in the distance, crushing cinders into the slippery packed snow as they labor uphill.

Top image: Arriving on the Red Carpet at Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills on January 10, 2016.
The Starz network received six Golden Globe nominations in total, with Outlander garnering half of them.
If you live in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, or San Francisco and subscribe to Playstation Vue, you may be able to legally stream NBC online.
A couple of buttons, but no imprint or other sign that a body had lain there— and the map of the field showed Gen.
You’ve said before that your writing style is to write all the scenes and then piece them together in order when you’ve gotten them all done. How do you approach the crafting of your characters and manage to get them to a point where they seem like real people? Them I just hammer on until they break open and reveal something of their inner selves to me. What is the underlying geometric principle that you use when you are writing your books and how do you apply that to your writing? I once had a woman sitting on a panel on writing processes with me inform me that I couldn’t possibly do this, because "you have to have a logical foundation! The surgery (for a family member this week) looks to have been very successful, and we’re all completely exhausted, but doing well!
You may submit questions for me (for the Live Chat) in advance at the USA Today link above.
I hear the advance Red Carpet premiere in New York City was wonderful, and I totally believe it. Please note that all comments are read and approved by me; depending on how crazy my schedule is, it may be a few days before your comment appears. Cinnamon’s company, disturbing as it occasionally was, had allowed him to escape them when he needed to. What you’re looking at are the cover of a free giveaway edition of OUTLANDER, at left, and the cover of a recent edition of Entertainment Weekly,  further down on the right, featuring a shot of Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan as Claire and Jamie Fraser. What I’m seeing in the comments from folks about this on (my Facebook page) is a pretty sharp divide over the EW cover, at right, with a lot of people charmed or excited by it, and a lot of people disconcerted or displeased by it. All of this notwithstanding, I have seen my books sold as Romance fairly frequently over the years.
Let me say upfront that everybody sees things through the lens of his or her own experience, background, prejudices, and expectations. To assume on the basis of this that the whole world will gasp in horror and make a note circled in red to Avoid Watching Outlander, at all costs, is… perhaps a trifle over-reactive. Note that ALL comments are subject to my review for suitable content and approval, which may take several days or longer, depending on my schedule.
After a few moments, Jamie’s hands resumed their work, slowly, and a few moments later, he glanced at me. I came to stand behind him, watching them burn, and put my hands on his shoulders, warm and solid under my fingers. Mandy was throwing pebbles at something in the dry grass—probably some hapless toad trying its best to hibernate against the odds. If not literally true, it was family legend, and everyone knows that myth is much stronger than meteorology, even in the north country, where the snow lies deep on the mountaintops, and houses are built to keep the heat in, not out. My family lived in Flagstaff, but the family doctor had been having a difference of opinion with the hospital board, and had moved his practice to the Williams Hospital.
Stanley Sykes was born in Yorkshire, England, but at the age of fifteen, was diagnosed with consumption.
In search of desert, Godfrey went south… but Stanley stayed, seduced by the rush of wind through the pines and the clear dark skies of the mountain nights, thick with stars. Tony was smart, handsome, athletic, hardworking—and a Mexican-American, born in Belen, New Mexico.
Or, if you use an HD antenna to access free TV broadcasts, look for the broadcast NBC affiliate in your area. That’s why I go on answering those six or seven questions with a reasonably convincing appearance of gracious enthusiasm (I’ve seen myself do it several times on video, that’s how I know…). How did you do that in the beginning when you were just starting out and how is it different now that you are a full-time writer?
Ketchum’s excellent book, SARATOGA, and in that, learn that Brigadier General Simon Fraser was killed by a sharp-shooter during one of the battles. But while doing this, I realized that we were near an ancient tomb called Corriemony, and told my husband I wanted to see it. Do you only do this for novels or does it apply to your short stories and novellas as well?

The order of the happening has a logic to it (often, more than one), and that will become clear to me as I work. The second is the plane of reflection that concerns the characters—who they are, their motivations, their personal histories. I can make the roof and just leave it hanging there until I have time to build walls under it. Besides being roughly four times the size of the usual romance novel, my books are not (with the exception of OUTLANDER itself) courtship stories, and romance novels are.
Is it OK to enjoy male-directed sexual innuendo (and grope kilt-wearing men), while it’s All Wrong to see female-directed sexual references in print?
By objecting and writing blog posts and heated comments, you’ve done more to stimulate interest in the show (and by extension, the books) than the EW piece could ever have achieved had it been received with universal approbation by fans. He leaned his head back against me and sighed, closing his eyes as he relaxed in the warmth. He shook it free of its wrappings and it landed silently but solidly in the hollow of his hand.
So, when my mother went into labor early in the morning, my twenty-one-year-old parents were obliged to drive thirty miles over a two-lane ice-slick road, through the teeth of a driving blizzard, in order to get to the doctor. Coverage of stars, producers, and authors in their glamourous gear walking by on the Red Carpet! Some cable networks are streaming shows covering just the red carpet before the show, though. Still, once in awhile you get an interesting interviewer, who makes you think—and that’s a great thing, both for me and the people who read the interview.
Do you plan out what research you will need to do for a scene you are writing or do you just write until you need to look something up and then stop and hit the books? Plainly, General Fraser must be a relative of Jamie Fraser’s, and this death would be important to him. I knew further from SARATOGA that the negotiations between General Burgoyne and General Gates after the final battle were prolonged and complicated. Why is this method so effective for you and do you ever try writing in a straight line just for the fun of it?
And the third is my own plane of reflection—the background, experiences, perceptions, and personality that make me unique.
And if I rotate the tube (so to speak), this causes the pieces inside to fall into a different relationship to each other, and I see different patterns. I do, however, Just Possibly have a little more experience in this arena than do most of y’all (who commented on Facebook). Stanley heeded this advice, and with his elder brother Godfrey, set sail for the New World and the healing balm of the desert air. I suppose we were meant to sit on the divans, but they looked so much like beds (and were so low) that no one did, so we stood up all evening).
I learned also the circumstances of the death—that the General died slowly, over the course of a night. Some patterns are naturally more pleasing than others, and I use the ones that seem most aesthetically logical. However, watching the show won’t be available in the United Kingdom, even though the event host, Ricky Gervais, is from there. But there are quite a few good print journalists, as well, and I thought I might post a few excerpts from some of those interviews here.
So… what is more reasonable than that General Burgoyne would ask, during these negotiations, that General Gates send Jamie (and his wife, of course) to return Simon Fraser’s body to Scotland? Her parents said so—and at last she was persuaded, and reluctantly broke the engagement.
To be sure, wherever you live, CHECK with your local provider to see if and when the awards show will be shown in your area. Or that General Gates, tired of the hassle, would want to do this small courtesy for Burgoyne in hopes of easing the negotiations? So I go back to other references, and trace the major events of the life of Simon Fraser—and find a place where William might have become his aide.

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