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The Toronto Maple Leafs finished with the worst record in the NHL and the Leaguea€™s lowest point total. It was a tank, and the majority of Maple Leafs fans were behind it, even with the acknowledgement that literally nothing ever goes right for the franchise and neither would the draft lottery.
So the NHL Draft Lottery commenced on Saturday night before the Washington Capitalsa€™ Game 2 against the Pittsburgh Penguins. And then we finally reached the moment Shanahan, the Leafsa€™ proxy at the live lottery event, was waiting for: Pick No.
So the Leafs will likely draft Auston Matthews, the dynamic American center, even though Patrik Laine, the dynamic Finnish winger, is the top selection on many draft boards.

And strip-mining your team for a season in the hopes of securing that pick certainly helps.
As for the lottery itself, it may come as no surprise that Shanahan is a fan of the current format. Kevin Cheveldayoff, general manager of Winnipeg Jets, speaks to members of the media after winning the second selection of the NHL hockey draft lottery in Toronto, Saturday, April 30, 2016. Latest Sports Slideshows Photos View 2016 Preakness post positions and odds 2016 NBA Western Conference Finals - Golden State Warriors vs. In fact, the new NHL Draft Lottery rules made it more difficult than ever for the worst team in the draft to secure the first overall pick.

4, with the Leafs, Jets, Columbus Blue Jackets and Edmonton Oilers -- owners of four of the last six first overall picks and winner of last season's Connor McDavid draw -- still alive. So we asked Shanahan: Does drafting first overall validate all the loses, all the frustration? Oklahoma City Thunder Sponsored Getty Images  Photos View 2016 NBA Eastern Conference Finals - Cleveland Cavaliers vs.

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