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My friend, Career Coach, Joanne Waldman, PCC, in-line with a big smile on her face, just before walking through the front doors of the Peabody Opera House for Oprah's Lifeclass, feeling really relieved to be there on time (and in one piece). Coaching mastery is about helping people (coaching clients) learn the life lessons they need faster and more deeply, so they can create better lives and reach the highest, fullest expression of their beings. I've talked for years about the importance for coaches, of becoming Servant Entrepreneurs and I just had the honor of seeing the Ultimate Servant Entrepreneur.
Join us for a unique opportunity to meet with the graduates and instructors as well as "experience" the LifeWorks approach to the fast-rising field of life coaching. PLEASE NOTE: We are in the process of upgrading our site, and a few links have been disabled. Founder and Lead Facilitator: Farra Allen holds a Masters Degree in Psychology and Counseling from West Georgia University and a Law Degree from the University of Kentucky. Warren coordinates LifeWorks School of Coaching POD training (Personal Ongoing Development), and the school's recruitment program. Prior to operating AHA Today and joining the staff at LifeWorks, Warren has served in business management with such companies as Barnes & Noble Booksellers, and the Shane Co., and in ministry for 17 years as a Senior Minister with The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), a campus minister at the University of Kentucky, and as a Pastoral Counselor. Turn any prospect into your coaching client by applying four powerful techniques to establish empathy immediately.
Henry Brent is a graduate of the first class of the LifeWorks School and is a member of the Georgia Coaches Association (GCA). George Poirier spent the last 20 years exploring varied psycho-spiritual traditions around the world, ultimately developing a dynamic technique which maximizes the experiece for the client. George is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist whose heartfelt approach is unique, gentle and integative.
After her 13-year career with Neill Corporation, the world's largest Aveda distributor, Wendy Watkins brought her passion for personal development to the next level. As "Chief Grower" for PassionFruit Creative People Growers, Wendy believes that in business, as in life, your thoughts and feelings create your reality. It takes a coach who passionately believes it, lives it, and has the business sense to make it real.
Tricia Molloy, author of Divine Wisdom at Work:® 10 Universal Principles for Enlightened Entrepreneurs, is a professional speaker, motivational teacher and business consultant who knows how to work joyfully on purpose. Susan is a 10 year breast cancer survivor and counts her illness as one of God's greatest blessings in her life. Most of his music comes to him during an experience that he or someone close to him is going through. Award-winning entrepreneur, Laura West is the President and Chief Creative Officer of the Center for Joyful Business. As a certified business coach, author and speaker, she specializes in supporting creative lifestyle entrepreneurs in crafting a successful business that is "holistically joyful" - it's meaningful, makes money and allows entrepreneurs to enjoy lives they love! Author and creator of Joyful Business Guide™ system, which combines law of attraction principles with smart business strategies, Laura is a contributing author to The Spirit of Women Entrepreneurs and Emerging Trends Every Entrepreneur Should Know, an Association of Web Entrepreneurs Guide coming out this week!
I first got fired up to become a coach, while watching Oprah do a series with Life Coach, Cheryl Richardson, twelve years ago.
Moments before leaving my house in Washington County, I called my friend, Career Coach, Joanne Waldman, PCC, for some last-minute directions to her house, more than an hour away.
I have a huge collection of cute little bags and I quickly found one just big enough for my wallet and cell phone.

I called my sister, Becky, and asked her to bring my big bag with the tix and meet us halfway.
I had the option to enter the lottery for 4 different Lifeclass tapings, each with a different guest. At the end of the show, as we were about to leave our seats, Oprah came back out, not for the television cameras, but just for us.
Here is the biggest star in the world (according to one poll), a profoundly spiritual being who just happens to be a billionaire in kickass diamond earrings.
Oprah's Lifeclass made me realize that I'd lost track of my purpose, so I can't use School of Coaching Mastery to reach it. Not because she's about being a star, it's because she's about revealing the star in you and asking you to use it to serve.
We're pleased to announce that the DCI has a new home at the Center for Transformational Coaching. Warren Jones has been successfully assisting people since 1980 in manifesting authenticity and realizing dreams that are in line with their passion. Jones holds a Doctor of Divinity degree from the American Institute of Holistic Theology, a Master of Arts degree from Ashland Theological Seminary (a division of Ashland University) with a concentration in Pastoral Care, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Baldwin-Wallace College. He coaches individuals and groups on a wide variety of life and business concerns, including personal development, business marketing, interpersonal relationships, Law of Attraction, Flowdreaming and intuitive learning.
Extensive training in Jungian and Reichian practices, as well as the intense study of spiritual psychology, have allowed George to develop a method which guides people in a sensitive, safe and sacred manner.
She received her professional certification as a Life Coach with the The Coaches Training Institute; she is also graduate of The Co-Active Leadership program and has completed specialized training as a Certified Strategic Attraction Coach.
Wendy perfectly partners this powerful philosophy with coaching and training, helping scores of creative entrepreneurs like you shift your way of thinking, tap into your passions, and create the life you want to live. Through Working with Wisdom® talks, workshops, retreat programs, teleseminars and coaching, Tricia inspires business people to use universal principles—like the Law of Attraction, Visualization, Affirmations and Gratitude—to achieve their goals.
Some of these include the Shadow Process workshop by Debbie Ford, the BEST Life Intensive seminar by the Morter Health Systems and Brain Gym and Brain Respiration training.
Jill is an electrifying catalyst for healing who has devoted her life to helping people rise out of deprivation into overflowing abundance. Jill passionately threw herself into her work as a chiropractor 20 years ago, but realized quickly that the "subluxations of life" stretch out far beyond the physical and uses her evolving intuitive gifts to reconnect people with their spirit, purpose and the truth of who they are and what their bodies are telling them, so they can make their true healthy connection once again.
Originally inspired by James Taylor back in the 70's when he was in his young teens, Danny started to play the guitar, write and sing songs unknowingly copying that style of music.
Whether illness, birth of a child or watching two people fall in love, there is always something that can be said and perhaps learned. West has been published in Motto, Simply Home, Choice, Connections (published by the Association of Image Consultants) magazines and is frequently a guest expert speaker for teleclass programs, Internet tv, radio and blog programs. All I can say is, I won the ticket lottery for the world premiere of her Lifeclass Tour here in St.
Joanne, who was accompanying me to Lifeclass, mentioned that the rules said we were supposed to bring small handbags, not gigant-o bags, like the one I was planning to bring (Oprah likes her audience to look great on camera, so wear bright colors and keep your little bag under your seat). I got to Joanne's house right on time, despite some crazy road construction and it was an absolutely gorgeous day.
I handed them to Joanne for good keeping and took off to make the hour-and-a-half drive with only an hour and ten minutes left 'til doors closed.

I started the school to help carry out Thomas Leonard's purpose to improve coaching worldwide with IAC coach certification. Henry has over 20 years experience in Corporate America, having worked for CBS, BBDO, BellSouth, Nortel Networks, and FirstData. George challenges his clients to break out of self-imposed limitaions and step into their power. Always growing, Wendy accrued even more accreditations from the International Coaching Federation, is a board member of the Georgia Coach Association, and has created her own powerful company. Wendy brings her passion for learning and growing to her clients through a plethora of fun, interactive experiences: classes, workshops, exercises, tools, processes .
As the founder of the Working with Wisdom® Council, Tricia brings enlightened business people together to share ideas, discuss challenges and opportunities, celebrate successes, and support each other while putting these principles into practice. She is a certified healer through the Dahn Healer School which incorporates the healing tools of movement, relaxation and awareness of the body's energy. She has spoken at standing-room-only workshops for organizations such as the International Coach Federation, Georgia Coach Association, and the Association of Image Consultants. There was no way we'd get there before the theater closed its doors for the taping, but we went for it. Like good coaches, Joanne and I visualized walking through those theater doors with big smiles on our faces and handing our tickets to the ushers.
And if you screw up (which you will), set strong intentions and act on them like your hair's on fire. He infected me with his vision ten years ago, but then he passed away, the IAC changed, its certification has changed, the ICF has also changed in some good ways. Through compassion, empathy and tough love, George encourages and stimulates personal growth and spiritual evolution. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and the International Center for Spirit at Work, a worldwide, non-profit member organization for people who are integrating spiritual values, such as kindness, compassion and integrity, in the workplace. And she had focused on how to use the Oprah show to serve her purpose, not have the show use her. As she encourages others to find their life purpose and make it their life’s work, Tricia is fulfilling hers, which is: Through support and by example, I inspire others to follow their dreams and live joyfully on purpose. He quickly found that writing was a great way to express yourself whether it was to tell someone you love them, helping someone else get through a tough time, use as a way of getting something off your chest, or just to have fun with. I am highly driven to write when there is something going on around me that hits me in the heart. In fact, Jakes' metaphor for purpose and adversity is an archer: If you're the arrow, and your life is the bow, then the farther the archer (adversity) pulls the arrow (you) back, the farther and stronger you'll go to reach your purpose (Joanne and I had just proven that on the way to the show). That she has made mistakes with the network and was digging out of a hole (the papers say she just laid off 20% of her staff). I really just wanted to see Oprah, so I took a chance on the new guy and he was absolutely awesome. She asked for our help to spread the word, so our culture has at least one television channel that uplifts, instead of just pandering to our lowest common interests.

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