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Coaching, as we know it today, was kind of born in the early nineties when Thomas Leonard founded Coach University (now, CoachU).
Compared to many professions and industries, coaching is young by anyone’s standards. The Clean Sweep is a 100 point checklist that examines all categories of life offering you a score you can take concrete action on! I know this transformation is painful, but you're not falling apart; you're just falling into something different with a greater capacity to be beautiful.
Most coaches offer a free introductory session to alleviate the fear of taking the next step and working with them. To schedule a free coaching call to see if coaching might be the help you need, simply call 760-930-9604. Greg Clowminzer offers advice and personal coaching for CEO’s, small business owners, and professionals who are stressed out and overwhelmed by the challenges of business, relationships and life.
Question #1: Do you ever struggle to come up with fresh new ideas for growing your business?
Question #2: Have you ever been frustrated by the disappointing results of growing your business where you have invested a lot of time and money?
Question #3: Have you ever wished there were shortcuts for quickly growing your business and attracting new customers and prospects? If you are not sure where to start HLC's staff recommends starting with The HuMan Handbook because for $14.95 it is an abbreviation of the entire HuMethod healing modality. E-BooksEvery E-book lesson comes from the careful analysis of the life work of over 50 nationally known Self-help authors, teachers and gurus who have achieved unusual success in their respective fields. MP3sChoose lessons from our underground success Self-Mastery?a Journey Home To Yourself textbook, or pick a Self-Programming Affirmation based on what it is you want to create in your life. TextbooksAlong with Life Coaching support textbooks for practitioners, our showcased textbook and underground success is Self-Mastery?a Journey Home to Yourself. Life Coach CertificationHLC's Life Coaching program uses the HuMethod? curriculum which has clinically proven exercises that create permanent behavioral change for anyone who uses them as prescribed. Hire A Life CoachYour HLC Certified Life Coach was taught how to use a professional training system that will help you to quickly achieve your self-help goals. Self-Help CoursesSelf-Help courses cover specific subjects like Parenting, Relationships, Money, Self-Parenting and Weight Mastery.
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Determine a coach’s approachLife Coaches study all different types of programs and systems. Its time for you to have a life champion in your life to mentor you to better finances, better community, and better life. If I didn’t need therapy how and where was I going to find the answers I was searching for?!
And despite its massive growth over the last couple decades there are still tons of people who aren’t sure what it is or how it can help them. And before you click away because that sounds too good to be true, rest assured that its going to take some work on your part.

Let’s say you want to make partner as part of your 5 year goal or maybe you want to become an olympian or possibly desire to raise llamas on an organic hobby farm in Argentina, whatever you dream, a coach can help you get there likely more efficiently than you can on your own.
Coaches have inexplicable abilities that allow individuals to experience increased self confidence and esteem.
Let’s say that Mary has been married to Bob for 35 years and their relationship is suffering. John has been with his company for 8 years and was recently laid off due to the down economy.
Many people see increases in performance and goal achievement when they need to report their activity to a vested partner. There really are an infinite amount of benefits that can be gained by working in a collaborative partnership with a life coach.
But if you are picking a coach to work with you, you can’t afford to make the wrong decision and start all over again with someone else. If it works, coaching could be one of the best investments you can make – for you personally and for your business. If you need a business coach, you need a business coach – not a life coach who happens to do some business coaching. It is perfectly acceptable to ask a coach about their professional background, including asking for details of what they did or achieved for the companies they worked for. If you already know there is one particular skill or competency you want coaching on, such as influencing skills or time management, make sure this is an area the coach has experience of. Beware of consultants or trainers who say they are coaches but actually spend a very small part of their time coaching people. This may sound obvious, but if you manage a large team of people in your business you need someone who can understand the dynamics and challenges that brings. Absolutely not – coaching is a unique relationship and you’ll never know until you give it a try.
Take advantage of the offer and seize the opportunity to see if you are ready to be coached to reaching your ultimate goals. Each E-Book has Self-Mastery Assignments (SMAs) at the end to help you learn more about yourself. Your coach will study your unique case history so that he or she can cocreate a mastery formula designed specifically for you, to help you achieve your self-help objectives as quickly as humanly possible. I did need a coach and thankfully coaching worked so well that my life was completely recreated.
In school we’re taught to identify our favorite animal or favorite color yet we never take the time to study our personal values. A common one I see is an employee who is trying to break out of one industry and into another or move up the corporate ladder. So how do you separate the sales spin from the reality and be confident that the coach you chose is right for you? But despite this, people often rush into a decision or jump for the first coach they speak to.
Many coaches will offer a range of services, but find out what their real specialism is – or at least the type of coaching they have the most passion for.

You can be coached by someone who has only operated several layers lower in organizations, but to get real success you need to know they have experience at your level. Similarly if you work in a specific sector and want someone who understands the specific challenges you face, check their background includes this. There is a huge difference between a full-time trainer who occasionally adds coaching onto a specific package and a professional coach! There are many coaches out there who will have managed only a handful of people or none at all.
Life coach motivates to accept challenges and also tell us, how to manage or handle that challenges?
It doesn?t matter what you choose, all of HLC?s materials stem from the HuMethod? a clinically proven healing modality. It has been documented in several case studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) why doing written exercises helps people to quickly improve. You can study your Self-Mastery Lessons anywhere, even when your body is busy doing other things?washing dishes, driving a car, on the beach, anywhere your CD player can go. A huge piece of a successful Life coaching relationship boils down to personal chemistry and to your own willingness to participate. The coach can help you identify what you want to do but you’ll be expected to do the heavy lifting.
She dreams of moving to the Canary Islands but she thinks that desire or acting on that desire makes her a bad person.
He’s considering not immediately networking for another position and possibly taking a sabbatical to the US Virgin islands.
You need to make sure you work with someone who you personally feel comfortable with – this is not about expecting to be best friends (which is not what you need), but knowing that you can relax enough in their company. Look for chemistryChemistry is everything when hiring a consultant or professional of any type. Might there be some wisdom is being assigned to tasks that are in line with your unique strengths?
Ok, smarty pants, now that you’ve thrown that crap answer out there, what do you really want? Look for a good value In this strained and weak economy, it is vital that you look for a good coaching value.
Companies that offer coaching studies vary in regards to their methodology and mission;how do they want to help others? Trust your hunches when hiring your new guide; look beyond price and a coach’s backgrounds.

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