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Holy shazbot, this makes three days in a row, and this time I’m back with an old favorite. Darry and Trish (Justin Long and Gina Phillips) star as a brother and sister on their way home for spring break.
JB: I actually had more fun on Jeepers 2 because, as I’m sure you know, it’s all the same crew and it was like getting together with family and making a film.
Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. TWINKle TWINKle little star, I am staring in your car.Sean: For the first 30 minutes were you like, Um I thought this was a monster movie? Sean: In fact, the second two-thirds are so ridiculous it undercuts the first third… Right? Sean: I wish she’d been like, “I drove down here to tell you, you’re gonna die and I’m happy about it. Sean: What about the sheriff being like, ‘Fat Mammy, get out.’ Like he’s yelling at a disobedient pickaninny?
Kristine: I asked you this via text and I’ll ask again, Do men have rosebud tattoos on their midriffs? Sean: I want you to run up to some couple leaving a gay bar and scream “Take me!” at the older one. Kristine: The creature scooping Justin up and taking him up, up, up and awaaaaay was beyond dumb. So the truck lets us know that this is a BUTCH gay monster.Kristine: Can he just not help his compulsion? Sean: I like a good “mouthy bitch” character but… I think in the hands of another actress, the role could have worked.
Sean: But the worst part is the sister gets a line about “In horror movies…” That made it worse. Kristine: I agree, and I thought the dead couple that were sewn together was a hateful mockery of heterosexuality. Kristine: I want Justin Long to do an interview and say whether or not he felt molested by Salva. Sometimes with all the new flicks I want to talk about, I neglect to go back and really talk about old favorites that deserve a place on your shelf, your queue, and definitely on the Lair.

Trish, in no hurry to get home and face her mother’s endless questions about her boyfriend, asks Darry to take the long way down two-lane country roads to delay their arrival. For me, Jeepers is one of those films where it's best I turn my brain off, sit back, and start yelling at people for being stupid.
Before then Salva had stuck to genre type features, but after he took one more stab at family friendly fare with Rites of Passage in 1999. That truck was really scary and harkened back to Mick stalking people in his truck in Wolf Creek. I am dying.There needs to be a new black movement of ladies dressed in their best church-going duds saying things like that. It’s success (or lack thereof) is probably best illustrated by the fact that two years later he returned to horror with Jeepers and has kept on the path of terror ever since.
The kills are grotesque enough, the killer interesting enough, and the characters completely enjoyable to yell at when they do stupid things. They told me, “Well you don’t have any lines in the whole film.” I knew then what they intended for me to do and that I had to be scary. At first I was nervous to work with him on ‘W’ because I had heard he’s always running people off the set. I can’t ever remember anyone dressing in a Creeper costume for Halloween, you probably would be safe from running into anyone with the same costume. Some say that United Artists was all for the connection as they were the original rights owners of the song, but little known are the other Johnny Mercer themed slashers they intended to make after Jeepers Creepers made big box office. Derry (being softhearted as well as softheaded) wants to go back and see if anyone needs help.
Jeepers Creepers, while lacking some in the story and sense department, is a gorgeously filmed movie. I woke up at 3 am the morning of my audition and thought to myself, “I am going to shave my head.” So I woke up my room mate and told him we had to shave my head and he responded immediately.
If I had to choose between this Jeepers Creepers mask or a werewolf mask it would be a tough choice. The Girlfriend of the Whirling Dervish, The Lady on the Two Cent Stamp, and Hooray for Spinach all went into pre-production, but none of them ended up making it to the big screen.
The only downside of this costume is that it will cost a bit more than what the budget probably allows but would definitely be worth it ($104). If you add the hat as one of your accessories to your order of the Creeper mask there will be around a $40 difference.

The world will never know what randomly thrown together plots and loose collection of powers those song-powered sadists might have contained. These two really are a supernatural serial killer’s dream, bratty, brash, dumb, and always ready to stop for help and provide a few more bodies.
FauntLeRoy, and they did a great job both setting the movie’s tone and working out great shots for their killer. Drew, what do you see in that dimwit?) Jeepers Creepers is the perfect type of film to put on and have fun watching. The website says they produce and are selling masks under license from MGM so the quality of the mask must be super awesome, a great Hollywood type mask for sure! Hence look for deaths from the great Eileen Brennan (Clue, The Sting, Private Benjamin), Brandon Smith (Robocop 2, No Country for Old Men), and Patricia Belcher (Bones, Flatliners, every sitcom in the last 15 years). Trying to make Jeepers Creepers make sense (don’t even get me started on actual on screen continuity), is a fools errand, and I know while fools are off doing such things I could be gleefully watching the Mac guy get it. With such a high concept design, demon head, silver spiked axe, frizzy hair, duster, wings, and so forth, Salva did an excellent job slowly revealing portions of the killer, slowly building the whole picture in the audience’s mind.
Who cares where you got them eyes as long as they’re watching something that you enjoy.
This would be great if you had an adult Halloween party to attend and you really wanted to make an impression..But! They didn't teach us that distant relations, of which you say you are one, would be so incredibly rude. I enjoyed your commentary on the origins of Jeepers Creepers, something that doesn't matter to the review of the film, which I assume you did not read, but it is interesting none the less. After all, I bet I could ask 100 people on the street age 20-45 who Johnny Mercer was, and I'm guessing 99 of them would have no clue.

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