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Willow Tree Lodgenear Masham, North Yorkshire, EnglandSorry not currently available Willow Tree Lodge is situated amidst the rolling countryside, mature woodland and the babbling streams of a working farm near Masham. Whether you’re poolside, beachside, or iced-chocolate-mocha-frappe-side, having multiple reading options available can be a welcoming escape. With the Cornucopia of Books event, you’re invited to retreat into your story of choice. The best part is, you can interact with the authors during this Saturday’s online meet-and-greet event through Facebook as well.
If you’re like me and decided to self-publish, you might come across some promo pitfalls. Whether you chose to self-publish a book or go through a publishing house, promoting your work falls into your hands. For Twitter, you can also pay to have certain posts promoted, or have your entire account promoted. When it comes to self publishing a book, it’s natural to invest in more pricier promotion tactics. Depending on how many writing contests you want to submit your book to, you’ll have to budget accordingly. Lastly, an expense that may be overlooked, is purchasing your own book to give away for free. Preparing a press release isn’t too pricey, especially when using the aforementioned site Fiverr to help. When organizing your event, giveaway, or promotion, make sure to factor press release creation and distribution into your budget. Purchasing ad space is also significant and important to increase exposure of your book, heighten brand awareness, and drive sales. Last but not least, having your book displayed at large national expos or conferences can be crucial to get your work in front of industry professionals. Fiction writing contests or writing contests in general are incredible ways to get your book in front of industry professionals with little to no financial commitment.
Baby Girl is a quick-paced short story following the adventures of one brave and street-savvy adolescent. Descriptive, raw, and captivating, author Elle Klass does a great job of leading you through the mishaps, turmoil, and journey that the main character undergoes over the span of roughly a year.
Shorter structured sentences keeps the reader on the edge of their seat, as the pace is heightened and drops you like a rollercoaster into the harried, disjointed life of Cleo. I hungered for the author to include more vivid details and reference the other senses such as taste and touch, but otherwise, I could see exactly what the author had wanted me to.
I recommend this short story to anyone looking to escape into the adventure-packed landscape of one rough-around-edges teenager. Baby Girl was spawned from an image in my mind of a breathtakingly gorgeous woman walking up the steps to her New York brownstone.
7) Is Cleo’s story going to completed as a series of short stories or will you merge all of her life events into a full-length novel? There are a few things to consider before you publish, and I’m going to break down the top 5 pieces of the puzzle you may have overlooked or potentially undervalued. A beta reader on the other hand will read your work and make sure plot points succinctly fall in line and that there are no inconsistencies in your story.
Third on the list of to-dos before publishing your book is to map out how you want your cover design to look.
Ebook formatting is just as cumbersome and involves additional formatting that your paperback layout won’t be able to help you with. When you’re in a time crunch, consider using Fiverr to help with some of the above tips like ebook formatting and book cover design.
Though my book launch date is behind me, advertising for my novel The Willow Tree will always be an ongoing project. The first plan of attack is to launch multiple campaigns at least 2-3 months before your release. Start with major networking sites. Using a combination of the above tactics can help set the wheels in motion for a successful book campaign and ultimately more book sells! Going through the process of writing your first book and ultimately publishing it is admittedly one of the scariest and most exhilarating for first time authors. This is of course the first hurdle all published authors must surpass, no matter how grueling it may seem. As a soon-to-be first time author with my book launch quickly approaching, I would love to share with you some tips I’ve learned in these past few months when it comes to advertising, networking, and gaining traction for your book as I have with mine. Once you’ve established your profile, start researching which groups you want to join.
There are two ways to participate in LinekdIn groups: 1) Comment on various posts, respectfully of course and 2) Start your own discussions.
One of my first contributions to various author groups was an honest question: Createspace Vs. Even posting tips in writing groups can be a plus, showing members that you’re willing to share knowledge freely for the benefit of others. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This well appointed North Yorkshire holiday lodge is a haven of peace and tranquillity. One of only 14 set on the owners’ small and beautifully landscaped site, it offers lovely walking from the doorstep – 100 acres of shared grounds boast a waterfall, ponds and dells along with a variety of wildlfe.
Self publishing a book requires marketing savviness and putting together a strategic plan beforehand, which may seem daunting. You will inevitably incur multiple costs setting up your website, though they’re nominal at best.

Similar to costs for having a website, purchasing business cards shouldn’t break the bank. A great cover design can set your book a part, which should be a feat most authors strive for. Yet when it comes to increased engagement and driving brand awareness, paid options are available.
Once again, set a spending allowance and gage accordingly to how many followers and post engagements you’re receiving. Not only are there entry fees, you also have to account for purchasing your own book to submit (unless you have an ebook), and the shipping costs. If you can’t afford to attend these expos in person (a trip to Book Expo of America can run around $3K-5k for airfare, hotels, booth arrangement, having books on hand for a giveaway, etc), you can opt to have your book displayed without you being there. From constant self-promotion to setting a financially solid budget to market your latest work, being an indie author requires savviness on all fronts. Concise but beautiful descriptions, like “a stream of shrapnel flowed out of the barrel” or “rubber ducky yellow” made the story a visual treat. I have been writing for a long time, although I hadn’t put a novel together until somewhere around eight years ago. Star and Peewee follow suit as Star was the only girl in the group until Cleo, Peewee is just that the baby of the pack.
Andrews Heaven series, My Seet Audrina, and Flower’s in the Attic series made an impression on me as a young adult. Both provide their own strengths when it comes to reviewing and helping you shape your manuscript. I had to learn the hard way when I started reaching out to bloggers after I had published The Willow Tree, and they projected time frames of completing reviews within a 6-8 week window.
If you’re transferring from a Word document to Kindle or Smashwords, hidden characters may cause your book to upload incorrectly.
Once you come up with a solid budget, create a pay-per-click ad on Google and set up smaller ventures on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads (I would forgo LinkedIn). For me, this blog is more of a way to help you streamline your process and hopefully learn from my errors. Make sure your headline is also appropriately optimized with key words so other authors can easily find you in the LinkedIn database.
Each group will have a range of skilled pros who’ve published numerous books and newbies who are learning just as you are. After you’ve sent your requests to join and are accepted, make sure to contribute at least once weekly (though the more the better) to each group. Ripon Cathedral, Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden are all close to Willow Tree Lodge. With the purchase of As Snow Falls by Elle Klass or Horse Tales for the Funny Bone by Bonnie Marlewski-Probert, you’ll receive four other digital books, and multiple excerpts from other beloved authors. And even then, after you seemingly have all of your ducks in a row, you have to also be financially prepared to deal with unexpected costs you’ll incur. There’s a small fee for reserving your domain name, usually under $20, especially if you go through Go Daddy or Sustainable Domains. With sites like Vistaprint or Moo, you can order 100s of cards for around $50 or less and that should last for months. This may be the best route to go for a few months, especially if you’re a new author. Things to consider are entering writing contests, running a promotional giveaway, and giving books away for free. However, if you want to submit your book under different genres or if you have multiple titles, there are additional fees. However, promoting the giveaway through ad placements, purchasing the prizes and having them shipped can all add up quickly.
Think about how many copies you will need for a certain period of time, including books you’ll send to book writing contests. To submit one press release with a link (and of course you want to have the option to link back to your site), comes in at around $250.
With the guide above, map out a blueprint of what and when to spend money on for additional publicity. With my research thus far, contests seem to take place during three parts of the year December-March, January-April, and then May-December.
Originally Peewee’s name was Baby but my editor thought that may be confusing to readers. Cleo’s character is most like me as she is a fighter who is always skeptical, yet able to have fun in life. She’s all grown up, living in her paradise, with more family twists hanging in the balance as well as some nearly forgotten, characters from the first set of 4 short stories.
An editor will of course catch grammatical errors, commonly confused words, punctuation trip-ups, etc. You may have back-and-forth with your designer which could take considerably longer than you had initally planned. You have to consider the title page, copyright page, dedication page, as well as things like headers and page numbers. Use tools like Calibre, Atlantis, or KindleGen to make sure your manuscript looks spot on before submitting.
Blog Ads is a traditional site where you scout web pages relevant to a topic of choice, check ad space availability, and pay an upfront fee in exchange for a certain period of time in which your ad is visible. This could be a study abroad program, university, prestigious academic clubs, or Greek organizations.

This will ultimately help lead people back to your LinkedIn profile and then to your website. Little did I know that this simple inquiry would lead to hundreds of responses where other group members would contribute questions of their own. This sets up great one-on-one networking, in addition to group networking, a win-win-win for everyone! The delightful spa town of Harrogate is just a 40 minute drive and the ancient city of York is only an hour away. Golf, fishing and riding are available locally and the charming town of Masham (4 miles) boasts a good selection of shops, pubs, tea rooms and restaurants.
First there’s building a website for your book and next you might turn to social media or online media marketing. I put book design (or visual design for that matter) under basic expenses, because with tools like Fiverr you can get amazing graphics for your book promo campaign for under $20. Costs for promoting or boosting a certain post on Facebook ranges anywhere from $5 upwards, whereas if you want to promote your page or create a targeted ad, costs can vary. Make sure to have an idea of which websites you want to promote your giveaway on and how much it will cost before running a promo. Are you going to send books to certain media influencers, previous professors, book store owners, candidates interested in doing a review, etc? Now it’s time to consider other strategies to promote your book, namely fiction writing contests.
All I knew was that eventually she would find out what happened to her mom, and it would be something compelling. I wrote the first set of short stories as a full length novel, but separated them as each was its own story almost, and it’s been better for editing to do in smaller doses. The protagonist Sunshine lives in an unrealistic fantasy world until she learns of Eilida who under mysterious circumstances was found at the base of Mt.Wilde.
Having your final cover design prepared months before your book is published can ultimately aid with promo materials.
And remember to give yourself 24-48 hours before your book appears in Amazon’s store. Use your book cover image on the front of business cards and pass them out at various networking events.
Even reach out to your employer and ask for a small promo in the companywide newsletter or landlord to see if you can post fliers around your apartment complex. I’ve come across many people, from university students to business owners, who have not learned how to harness the full power of LinkedIn.
Invest in Amazon Prime for free shipping if you’re going to continuously purchase your book throughout the year. Or more importantly, if you’re hosting events or a newsworthy promotion on a frequent basis, you can easily end up spending more. Cleo’s beginning is nothing less than spectacular, although readers will have to wait until book 4 to learn the details, tidbits given along the way.
I wouldn’t say that my writing style is much like hers, it is uniquely my own, but the twisted family plot in Baby Girl could be compared somewhat. In case you’re wondering what the difference is, Createspace if for paperbacks, KDP Amazon is for Kindle ebooks, and Smashwords covers other ebook platforms like the Nook or iPad. I have ditched the ongoing Facebook campaign, though you do have the option to boost select posts via Facebook, which may be a more practical alternative.
You find a person who has a blog or book promotion site and dish out anywhere between $5-$40 (making this the most affordable option), and let them go to work.
I also hope to release Just Another Day in 2015, a crazy teacher story created from my decade long teaching experience.
What’s great is that you can easily weed out crummy sites from credible ones by browsing reviews.
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