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As you know by now, we are huge fans of Yggdrasil Gaming and when they released their first progressive jackpot slot, Joker Millions, we were excited to see some slot players who love quality games win some quality cash! Commenting on the big win, Kim states “It has not quite dawned on me yet, and I am certainly a little shaky to hear the bank balance once money is in my account, I’ll buy a new car, and then invest in an apartment eventually. The largest lottery jackpot in the worlda€™s history got even bigger when it leaped to $656million, after officials announced that a staggering 1.5billion tickets were sold across the country.
The estimated jackpot was initially $640million but has now increased by $16million, thanks to ticket sales, meaning the three winning tickets are worth more than $213 million before taxes.
And the winning ticket holders had even more reason to celebrate yesterday as the estimatedA  jackpot rose from $640m to $656m.The Maryland and Kansas Mega Millions winners may claim their prize anonymously but Illinois reveals their lottery winners. Everyone is wanting to know who it is,' said Denise Metzger, manager of the Motomart where Illinois' winning ticket was sold.'All day yesterday I was selling tickets and I was hoping someone from Red Bud would win.
In theory, with such a massive jackpot would be possible to 'invest' $173 million to play every number combination and then rake in $560 million in winnings. WHAT TO DO AFTER YOU HIT THE MEGA MILLIONS JACKPOTWith a half-billion-dollar multistate lottery jackpot up for grabs, plenty of folks are fantasizing about how to spend the money.
The three Mega Millions winners, who all remain anonymous, are in line to receive a lump sum of $105.1 million.
A lot of lottery players are superstitious - buying tickets with birthdays or other significant numbers.

But Matthew Vea, a computer programmer who developed a computer analysis to track Mega Millions winning numbers since 2005, said he has found no pattern - though higher numbers tend to be picked more often. That will stop anyone else from claiming your riches if you happen to drop it while you're jumping up and down.
The Mega Millions lottery is designed to select five balls with numbers 1 through 56 and a sixth ball numbered 1 to 46 at random. That means, at least in theory, no number combination is more likely to be selected than any other.
However, numbers 48 and 36 have appeared more than any others - about 11 percent of the time.
Don't do anything you'll regret for the next 30 years, like calling your best friend or every one of your aunts, uncles and cousins.
It doesn't take long to be overwhelmed by long-lost friends, charities and churches wanting to share your good fortune. First, spreading the payments out protects you from becoming the latest lottery winner who's lost all their money.
Don McNay, author of the book "Son of a Son of a Gambler: Winners, Losers and What to Do When You Win the Lottery," says nine out of 10 winners go through their money in five years or less.
There's more planning that you can use to reduce estate taxes and other financial incentives.

Others, though, say that with annual payments, you are taxed on the money only as it comes in, so that will put you in a lower tax bracket rather than taking a big hit on getting a lump sum. This will protect you from people who want you to invest in their business scheme or those who need cash in an emergency. And a few states require you to show up and receive your oversized check in front of a bunch of cameras, making it impossible to stay anonymous. Thornton set up a corporation in the late 1990s to protect the identity of a client in Kentucky who won $11 million.
Jack Whittaker, a West Virginia contractor who won a nearly $315 million Powerball jackpot in 2002, quickly fell victim to scandals, lawsuits and personal setbacks. His foundation spent $23 million building two churches, and he's been involved in hundreds of legal actions. And once you start giving it away, everybody will label you an easy touch and be right there after you.

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