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New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. Lottery officials hit the jackpot as their year-long plan results in Tuesday's historic Powerball grand prize worth a whopping $500 million Jackpot!
The historic Powerball jackpot boosted to $500 million on Tuesday was all part of a plan lottery officials put in place early this year to build jackpots faster, drive sales and generate more money for states that run the game. Powerball tickets doubled in price in January to $2, and while the number of tickets sold initially dropped, sales revenue has increased by about 35 percent over 2011.
Sales for Powerball reached a record $3.96 billion in fiscal 2012 and are expected to reach $5 billion this year, said Chuck Strutt, executive director of the Des Moines, Iowa-based Multi-State Lottery Association, the group that runs the Powerball game. It took nine weeks for the Mega Millions jackpot to get that high, before three winners - from Kansas, Illinois and Maryland - hit the right numbers, each collecting $218.6 million for their share of the split.
With soaring jackpots come soaring sales, and for the states playing the game, that means higher revenue. Of the $2 cost of a Powerball ticket, $1 goes to the prizes and the other dollar is kept by the state lottery organization, said Lingle, who also is executive director of the South Dakota Lottery. Some states designate specific expenditures such as education, while others deposit the money in their general fund to help supplement tax revenue.

Powerball and Mega Millions games are seeing jackpots grow faster and higher in part because the states that play both games agreed in 2010 to sell to one another.
Still, just seven of the top 25 jackpots occurred after January 2010 when the cross-selling began.
The Quick Shop in Ottumwa, Iowa, is one of the state's highest-volume lottery ticket sellers due to its location across the street from a John Deere farm implement factory. Between $20 and $30 million in tickets were sold between Wednesday and Saturday drawings for most of October. Small doesn't usually play the lottery herself but said she may buy a chance at the record jackpot. Powerball has posted sales exceeding $714 million in the current jackpot run since early October and it's possible more than $1 billion in tickets will have been sold by the end of Wednesday when the next drawing is held. A single winner choosing the cash option would take home more than $327 million before taxes. After administrative overhead is paid, the remaining amount goes to that state's beneficiary programs. There's no withholding in states without a state income tax such as Delaware, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and Texas.

The larger pool of players means jackpots roll over to higher numbers faster, which tends to increase the buzz about the jackpots which increases sales. The lottery also notices a significant increase in workers and other groups joining together in pools to combine resources to buy numbers, he said. She's just trying to decide if her chances are better buying it elsewhere since a jackpot ticket was sold at her store just two months ago - the old adage about lightning striking twice. It was first posted at $425 million but revised upward to $500 million when brisk sales increased the payout.
It's the second highest jackpot in lottery history, behind only the $656 million Mega Millions prize in March.

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