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POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY THE NEW BUSINESS MINDSETFOR SUCCESS!GIVING YOU THE "OPTIMISM EDGE"The Federal Government believes that Positive Psychology is so important, that they employ Dr. How many business owners go into business with an objective of working 70 hours plus per week? Leverage our specialist experience & wealth of expertiseA pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties. How to create uncontested market space and make ALL your competition irrelevant.Creating Innovative Value StrategiesJoin us in this fascinating and proven process to find your unique "Value Innovations" that set you apart from your competition. OPTIMISM PROFILING & BENCHMARKINGUnlike any other profile tool or aptitude test, Signature Strengths Profiles determine levels of OPTIMISM! STRATEGIC SALES PLANNING5 STEP SALES PROCESSSETTING UP AND COMPLETING THE SALE!Sales People can be great in client relationships, but may not necessarily know how to ask for or close a sale. Personal StrengthsUp-skill to Peak PerformanceIdentify and focus onyour KEY STRENGTHS which will allow you to PERFORM at the HIGHEST LEVELOnce people have been de-briefed on the findings in their PPP Profile, we identify key strengths important to performing at the highest levels in their particular role.If people have average strengths in important areas, we will coach them in the Positive Psychology processes of increasing skills and optimism. CDP offers 2- and 3-day workshops that focus on specific empirically-supported treatments to address various critical psychological health issues facing Service members today. If your civilian agency is interested in one of these topics, please review our Speakers Bureau page for more information.

Martin Seligman and his team on a million dollar contract to train 300 Public Servants twice a year. Most people have a dream and a vision of where their business will take them; lots of time with family, regular holidays, high quality lifestyle, an ability to contribute.
Recently, when we analysed our client team profile results, we established that the CEO’s strengths included Relationship Management, great Presentation skills, with an impressive ability to win business. Team exercises that focus on individual strengths allow team members to delegate their challenges  to other team members with strengths in these areas.
They typically map a person’s personality, characteristics, conscious and learned behaviour, often putting people into colours or quadrants. Our analysis showed that over 40% of his time was focused on daily administration which became stressful, because his strengths and passions were elsewhere. It requires listening to find out what the client really wants and providing this to them.Our 5 step sales process methodology will show how to communicate with clients, entering into their model of the world to communicate in their language. Once all Team members have mastered this model, we can apply it to Team challenges and the energisation and success of resolving all challenges increases dramatically. Some of us may have a more pessimistic explanatory style, so that we blame ourselves when things don't go right (e.g.

Our vision is to educate, create solutions and our structured systems deliver permanent change. Our Business Coaching Programs can up-skill team members to move them into Optimism, breaking through all challenges. Some of us may have a more optimistic explanatory style so that we do not blame ourselves totally when things go wrong.To minimize stress in the Business environment, Synergy Success Strategies combine Dr. Seligman’s 30 years of research in behavioral psychology and his ABCDE (Adversity through to Energization) proven coaching methods, with Dr.
Thomas Stanley (MD & Neurologist) successful mindset, to CREATE A UNIQUE ON-LINE PROFILING SYSTEM AND COACHING METHODOLOGY.

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