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What would it be like to know that you have an expert with a proven track record of success with every athlete he has ever coached, right beside you, every step of the way? An Exclusive 6 month In-Season coaching program that will guarantee you have your BEST sporting year ever! Provide you with the Insider Training Information to Guarantee you have the Most Successful Season Ever! Show you the Exact Step by Step Guide of what you need to do to in order become an Elite Athlete and Dominate for the Entire Season.
Identify your sabotaging thought patterns and mental blocks that hold you back from playing your best games!
Develop a Precise Plan of attack to maximise your Strongman training gains so you Continue to Improve physically during the season.
Outline The Secrets of How to train in-season, during competition without getting injured, sick or tired. Showcase the Vital Components to scheduling and organising your training in-season so you don’t burn out!
You will Discover your physical limitations that are currently holding you back from achieving your sporting goals (We’ll work to turn these limitations into strengths)! Allow you to recognize your dietary and nutrition flaws and learn HOW to Correct them to become Bigger, Leaner, Stronger and Recover Faster! The Vital aspects of where to place your recovery sessions and what to do for recovery (so you can train more often to get better!). Teach you to HOW to rehabilitate any injury and learn the precise guidelines to follow when you are you are returning to play to ensure the injury doesn’t occur again.
Being an Elite Athlete in South America-it is challenging to find world class, experienced coaches with a proven track record of success and it’s extremely frustrating when you can’t access the information required to take your performance to the next level! I am so sure you’re going to love the Elite Distance Coaching Program, I am willing to completely guarantee it! Normally, athletes pay upwards of $500 per month for the privilege of working with me in my Elite program. To be honest I wanted to make this program affordable to any and everyone who is serious about becoming the BEST they can possibly be! If you are not completely happy or if you do not get the results I speak of or the product does not live up to your expectations, I will totally refund your money within 30 days. A: No, the program is designed to be able to be performed anywhere anytime with no equipment necessary. A: The program runs for 6 months or the duration of the football season until strongman camp starts up again! A: By clicking the Add to Cart Button you will be taken to Paypal where you input your personal payment details. As your personal coach he will take the time to get a detailed picture of where you are currently and where you'd like to be.
This "Experience" is advantageous for runners of all abilities, from the beginner to the seasoned racer who wants to set a new personal record.
What to Bring: Comfortable exercise clothes and running shoes that you've broken in thoroughly. Author of the best seller Train Hard Win Easy and The Essential Guide to Running the New York City Marathon, Toby has run the New York City Marathon both as an elite in 2000 and 2001 (when he won the PHS elite comeback award), and as a fun runner in 2003 and 2004. Your recipient will receive an attractive "Experience Gift" Pack via FedEx 2nd Day Air, including a full description of the consultation and a Gift Card with simple instructions for booking the experience.

Move Strong Gymnasium is currently the home-base for the North-West Coast Tasmanian Institute of Sport (TIS) athletes and the North-West Cricket Tasmania athletes. In addition, Move Strong Gymnasium offers an athlete development pathway program for aspiring athletes who are working towards a TIS scholarship or who would like to compete in their given sport at an elite level. World-Class Fitness in 100 Words:"Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Five or six days per week mix these elements in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow.
Team Dillon Coaching » Felicity Abram joins forces with Michelle Dillon ahead of 2014!
Please consider downloading a newer version or, better still, a standards compliant browser like Chrome or Firefox. Michelle Dillon has announced today she will be working with Australian Elite Triathlete Felicity Abram over the winter in preparation for the 2014 season. Felicity is a World Class athlete who has had her fair share or injuries over the years, however still posted one of her best seasons to date last year with a podium in the opening leg of the WCS race in Auckland. Michelle has known Felicity for many years having raced with her in the past, and  knows how talented and determined she can be. Thetis Lake Open Water Swim Has Begun Simple IRONMAN 70.3 Nutrition StrategiesCoacha€™s Note By Lance Watson Specialized Bicycle Components and LifeSport Coaching Team Up! Thetis Lake Open Water Swim Has Begun Simple IRONMAN 70.3 Nutrition StrategiesCoacha€™s Note By Lance Watson Specialized Bicycle Components and LifeSport Coaching Team Up!
Along with several other organizations across the country, we are running the first pilot programs of the ACA Coastal Kayak Trip Leader certifications in 2016. Information on the new ACA Trip Leader certifications, standard ACA Instructor certifications, Instructor Updates & Upgrades and details on these courses (dates, prices, logistic) can be found on the Instruction page of our website  HERE. Bonnie has been paddling for over 19 years and coaching for 14 of them.  Her explosive growth as a coach and sea kayaker is formidable and has taken  her to tidal nooks and crannies around the planet to play with and learn  from the best. DALE WILLIAMS                                                                                                                                                                                                        When it comes to fluid movement on water, Dale redefines ‘groovin’.
Between a coach that postures from “the blazing sanctuary of Awe” and one who states “I look and feel like the anti-Trump and I like that about myself” – we’re in good hands! Following Joey’s advice and recommendations I was able to return back to a higher level of playing ability than before the original injury.
Elite runner Toby Tanser takes a challenging and highly personalized approach to helping you reach your running goals. Whether you have lost motivation, need help starting a running program, or need guidance on moving to the next level, Toby can help.
A former professional runner in the mile (just a touch over four minutes) and the marathon distance (sub2:20), he now coaches the city's largest running team, the New York Flyers, as well as the Urban Athletics team. Our Head Coach Chris Bellette is the TIS and Cricket Tas satellite trainer for these athletes. We will provide you with an Individualised Programme that will ensure that you will excel in your given sport at an elite level, while also providing you with personalised and expert Private Coaching. Similarly, master the basics of gymnastics: pull-ups, dips, rope climb, push-ups, sit-ups, presses to handstand, pirouettes, flips, splits, and holds.
For a better experience and to be able to place orders in our shop, please enable JavaScript. She continued great form until mid season when she was unfortunate to have a foot injury that saw her sidelined in a boot for the Grand Final in London.

For this reason and to assure excellence in training and assessment for our participants, we are proud to bring in longtime friends and top flight coaches Dale Williams and Bonnie Perry.
She is one of an elite group of women in North America to  earn the 5 Star Leader Award in the British Canoe Union and she has achieved the Level 4 Instructor Trainer award in the American Canoe Association as well. He pioneered sea kayak surfing in the early 90’s in the southeast US and around that time founded Sea Kayak Georgia on Tybee Island, GA. With a serious combination of charisma, skill and passion for the student’s learning experience, Bonnie and Dale elevate the atmosphere of an ACA course into something quite beyond. Since undertaking the program in 2010 I have seen significant improvements in my life as a person and on the track as a professional athlete. The Elite Distance Coaching Program kept me motivated, accountable and on track and allowed me to hit personal bests in all areas of physical performance. You will then receive tasks and or training that needs to be done as part of the teleclass.
He'll meet with you in a coffee bar on Manhattan's Upper East Side, where he'll assess your fitness, understand your goals, and identify your strengths as well as your limitations. Toby gives lectures on running, motivation, and training, throughout the year, and he writes for Runner's World, New York Runner, and Metrosports magazine.
Both Dale and Bonnie have paddled, trained and coached worldwide with the best BCU and ACA coaches. Nor can a piece of stained glass ever equal the sun setting over the islands of the West Coast of Scotland. His background of certifications in sports including skiing, sport parachuting and paragliding as well as aviation in the USAF plays forward into his versatility and excellence as a sea kayaking coach.
With Joeys understanding of all training variables he was able to guide, prescribe and oversee my training which allowed me to stay injury free and ultimately run faster! His clients include recreational runners who want to build endurance as well as elite runners who set national master's records. Their collective wisdom and experience brings the most up to date methodology and technical information to our courses, PLUS, they are both charismatic and fun to be around!
Dale is an ACA L-5 Coastal Instructor Trainer Educator and former British Canoe Union L-5T Sea. I would definitely recommend Joeys Elite Distance Coaching Program for any athlete that is serious about taking their training to the next level! The result is a highly individualised training program and weekly schedule detailing all components of training such as strength, speed, power, core stability, flexibility, endurance, agility, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, nutrition and recovery!
From there he'll take you into Central Park, teach you the best stretches, then accompany you on an "African hill" workout. That’s right if you follow my advice and guidance to the letter and DO NOT receive any of the benefits discussed above I will personally pay you double your money back. The program takes into account your unique training schedule, demands and level of ability which makes it ground breaking and revolutionary throughout the world.
Be warned if you’re a scammer looking for a quick buck, I will let you know that in more than a decade of coaching and offering this guarantee, no one has ever received their money back!

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