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These are some of the basic things I’ve learned to double check when at work or writing something in general – blog or not blog.
If you want to feel really smart and research-based about it, read this academic article on importance of proper pencil grip.
If that wet your whistle for more of that type of writing, follow up with this academic article on handwriting readiness that discusses why proper grip is crucial. Want to know why kids still need to know how to write in a world of keyboards and smooth screens? Visual or fine motor skill delay can affect legibility and writing speed as well, which is why an occupational therapy evaluation is important if you have a question about it.
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In my work as a PR writing instructor, I strive to help clients write effectively—not just correctly. Planning: Before you start writing, know your objectives, who your target audience is and what types of outlets you’ll be pitching. Empathy: Put yourself in the readers’ shoes and focus on their interests and needs rather than yours or your client’s.
Context: Help journalists—and their readers—understand the broader significance of your story and how it fits into the larger context of your industry, your community or the world.
Structure: The way you organize a story—which ideas you present and in what order—can have a major impact on whether a reader hits delete halfway through the first paragraph or reads it all the way till the end. Andrew Hindes is president of Los Angeles-based PR and marketing copywriting firm The In-House Writer as well as a sought-after PR writing coach and corporate trainer.
We talk about craft as anything you make, bake or create and how it goes way beyond what your glue gun can do for you. The first WGA Teen Writing Group session will explore the craft of letter writing, taking a look at famous writers and their letters, and pairing up with other teen writing groups in the province, setting you up with your own pen pal for the year (and we will indeed be using pens!).
Spell check – Sometimes in the heat of passion (not that kind of passion), we forget to chck our gramar and speling. Edit – “When you edit, edit brutally.” My teacher used to say this and it does apply to news writing, not necessarily blog writing. Credit – This is self-explanatory – credit where credit is due whether it is links, photos, ideas etc.
Be professional – When writing something that needs to be professional, sound professional.

To swear or not to swear – Your blog is your space and if swearing is part of your tone, then swearing is part of your blog.
If you want to know more about what that means, please read about it here and go ahead and share! Sure, it’s important, and failing to do so can be a deal-breaker, but just showing up in a suit and tie is not going to land you the job. To increase the chances of your press release or email pitch getting picked up, tell your story well, in language that is engaging and easy to understand. Honing your storytelling chops will make whatever you’re writing—whether it’s a corporate profile, a press release or a Facebook update—more engaging. Pay attention to the way you transition between ideas, where you put your paragraph breaks and even the sounds of the individual words and sentences. He'll be co-leading a clinic on press release writing at PR News' Writing Workshop in San Francisco on Feb.
The whole thing just gives such a sense of peace, and at the same time a a sense of expectancy and opportunity.
They wrote their souls on paper, which they then folded, placed in an envelope, and sent in the mail.
Similarly, poor grammar can be a turn-off for journalists, but merely demonstrating your ability to use a semicolon properly isn’t going to generate press coverage for your company or clients.
The envelope passed through many hands before finding itself torn open by the fingers of a partner, friend, or even stranger. Just make sure you tick the English UK version and not the American version (all my Aussie workplaces are very particular about this).
Break it DownWith a problem or challenge that you want to solve for readers identified now is the time to break down the process for solving that issue.With a problem in mind I generally take a little time before I start writing to come up with a list of steps to overcome the problem. While we can all agree on the value of weeding out typos and adhering to stylistic conventions, in today’s crowded media environment, simply avoiding grammatical mistakes isn’t enough to make your PR content stand out. Writing TipsWith bullet points jotted down and an idea of how the post is going to shape up I then begin writing. Add a FAQ section to answer these questions (you might add to this if readers ask more questions in comments)!Adding depth to a post takes time and effort – but it really can lift a good post to make it great!6.
Format Your PostMy style of writing is one where I tend to be thinking a little about formatting the post as I’m writing. Tightening Up the Top and TailFirst and Last impressions count for so much!Your title needs to grab attention and draw people to read your first line.

I am thinking about adding something like this to my blog, but try to use images as the basic instructions since people’s attention spans tend not to be long enough to actually read. After reading your post I am sure I would be able to write great how to articles on my blog too. This kind of stuff makes up the bulk of my blog, so it’s good to have a standard to measure it by.
Now I’ll have to think of something else :(Kidding, I already have another awesome idea!
Thanks for this easy-to-understand guide for putting a similar post together on your own site. You’re suggestions are always helpful and I was so glad to see this one shared on the BizSugar community. Then, I just rework the headline till it’s perfect (or at least until it makes the most sense for optimization and share-ability because hey, headlines matter).I often find, that at least for me, finding that darn image takes the longest time.
Many times Guest Author asks me the type of content I want in my blog to publish and I tell them to write something that my readers like and similar to the format we have in our previously published articles. I think this post would be a easy-to-show my blog’s writer that this is what I want in my blog.
I really like the in depth section really made me think how i can make my blog posts more awesome.
One thing that I try to do is keep everything open to allow people to be creative on their own.
I have a tendency to agonize over my writing and am never really happy with what I have written. Like most small business owners I dont have huge amounts of time for blogging so put it off because it takes too long. I have been struggling to write decent content on my sites and hopefully now i should have a better insight thanks!
Most important thing need to understand here is to know your audience who is always looking for some solutions or trendy news. Then when I come back to it, I will re-read it and make sure I still have a solid basis for a high-quality article that my readers will enjoy.

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