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On 8 April, Perseverance Records will release a limited edition 2-disc set of Nick Glennie-Smith's music from the 2000 steampunk television show The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne. I teach film music history and theory in Budapest, Hungary, but I've always wanted to do more than just to wait around and see CDs released. I first got to hear about The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne in early January when another project came to a temporary dead end.
The CD is based on Nick Glennie-Smith's own tapes and after these were digitalized, Robin went through the entire collection to find and select the best cues for inclusion. For those who don't know about the show, what is The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne about? Secret Adventures was a steampunk show created by Gavin Scott, who wrote episodes of The Young Indiana Jones plus movies like The Borrowers and Small Soldiers.
The music is pretty big for a decade-old television show and has that old school Media Ventures sound that you really don't hear anymore today. Television scores usually feature very short cues and when I first got to listen to the music, it was okay, but nothing spectacular. Most of the suites ARE presented in chronological order as I wanted to retain the narrative structure of each episode's score. As I mentioned, the first suite I edited together was from the Western-themed episode "The Ballad of Steely Joe" and that's the one I heard the most times. We utilized Nick's tapes for the CD and he didn't have a surviving copy of the last episode either. Perseverance Records always has several interesting titles in the pipeline, but I can't talk about them at this stage.
Each comment can be possibly edited or deleted to ensure it is suitable for public presentation. Suivez toutes les actualites, les videos, les photos, les buzzs acteurs de la serie americaine diffusee sur la chaine Cablee CW Network aux Etats-Unis.
Secret CircleSecret Circle est l’histoire de Cassie Blake, une adolescente de 16 ans qui demenage apres la mort mysterieuse de sa mere pour aller vivre avec sa grand-mere a Chance Harbor et tombe amoureuse d'un mysterieux garcon nomme Adam. Blog de series Tele, Le ReseauVous avez une idee de blog pro pour une serie qui n'a pas encore commencee !
My big dream was to write liner notes for CDs and I've been lucky enough to get this chance last year.
This score was actually developed concurrently with the recent release of Gary Chang's Death Warrant that came out at the beginning of March.
Thankfully we could afford two CDs, because it would have been really hard to edit down all this great music into 70-80 minutes in length. It centers on the adventures of a young Jules Verne, whose vivid imagination grabs the attention of a mysterious organization named the League of Darkness.

The first three episodes were recorded at the RCA studios in Montreal and feature a larger orchestra.
However, based on the notes I got, it seemed that he was looking for the most musically interesting cues and also made sure to include cues that contained recurring thematic elements. Basically I took all of Robin's selections and edited them into suites in order to make it a better album. Since Nick is still a very active composer and conductor, we had to work a lot on our own, but we checked every detail with him when he had the time. Robin was about to get started on naming the cues when I suggested to put the episodes into suites. I know this is a touchy subject for collectors and I usually prefer to avoid editing together cues unless really necessary, but this album fell into the 10% where I think this works to the score's advantage.
Of course I was ready to switch around a couple of cues when I though it would make for a more fluid listening experience - after all, this is why we decided by the suite format to begin with.
Nick's tapes actually contained 32(!) bumpers, but they were all essentially variations on the same 10 compositions.
Actually I really dislike when a television score has a bonus section of bumpers because who will wait until the end to listen to 10 or 12 5-second long pieces? However, there were three different takes of the "Closing Titles" - these were 40, 45 and 50 seconds long.
We even tried to contact the Canadian studio where the scores were recorded, but even they couldn't locate any tapes either. Mais, quand elle s'inscrit au lycee, elle s’apercoit rapidement qu’elle est une sorciere et que d'autres eleves aussi, ils font parti du Secret Circle. Profitez bien de ces 2 photos promotionnelles de l’episode de la serie Secret Circle qui sera diffuse le jeudi 3 mai 2012 a 21h sur la chaine cablee CW Network.
Profitez bien des photos promotionnelles de l’episode de la serie Secret Circle qui sera diffuse le jeudi 26 avril 2012 a 21h sur la chaine cablee CW Network. Since then, I worked on a couple of CDs for Perseverance Records, doing liner notes for titles such as Red Sonja, Jason and the Argonauts or Death Warrant, but I've also worked with other labels, such as Kritzerland's release of Casino Royale. It's interesting to note how that CD came out about a month earlier then this - but of course we had a lot more work to bring Secret Adventures into releasable form. Verne teams up with British agents Phileas and Rebecca Fogg to stop the League's machinations, but they also have some other interesting adventures.
The remaining episodes have a more modest ensemble, usually seven strings and a couple of solo instruments, different ones for different episodes.
This way there's more cohesion to the album and overall it becomes a better listening experience. I must also mention the help of Gavin Scott, who was the creator of the show and encouraged this release from the get-go.

The first one I did was "The Ballad of Steely Joe" and even I was surprised how much I liked the music in this format as opposed to the individual cues. Each suite becomes a representation of the episodes' strengths, emphasizing their strong points.
It has a particularly powerful finale (a gang of robbers faces off against a robot cowboy) and all the music for this part is just glorious. Each of the five main bumpers existed in two variations: a 3,5 and a 7 second long version.
Since the show had different story arcs, I thought it would be best to combine these two features and place the bumpers between the various story arcs. We decided to use the shortest of these because the other two were very similar to "Main Titles". I think this is a result of the way the show was produced: each week the composer sent his tapes to Canada for the recording and received back a new batch with the orchestral recordings.
Elle se lie d'amitie de leur chef, Diana, mais decouvre bientot qu’Adam et Diane sont ensembles, ce qui conduit a toute une serie de situations compliquees. It was a very low-key electronic piece that amounted to nothing and put the album in a standing halt too early - plus it was barely audible. He thought the music was a very important part of the show and was very happy to see it released. Although there are only two cues in this track, I wanted to begin with the second cue since it was a more characteristic piece with a slight Baroque flavor.
In fact, the entire 4-episode arc taking place in the US has some of the best music, that's why the entire second half of Disc 1 focuses on that storyline.
We feature all five bumpers on the CD in the longer takes - these are musically more interesting and help to divide up the album programs as well. The shortest one was a bit more concise (it leaves out a bridge), so this one was selected to close the entire program. I guess when the show wrapped after the last episode, nobody bothered to take care of the tape and it got lost in the shuffle.
Apart from this, everything that was originally selected became integrated into the album program.

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