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Chances are you think more negative thoughts than positive ones because for some odd reason, it’s just easier to think negatively.  Many people dwell on negative thoughts just about the entire day and then wonder why they feel terrible most of the time.  How many times have you been at work and your co-workers did nothing but complain?  The last time you were waiting for a doctor’s report, did more negative or positive thoughts come to you?
Yes, there are a ton of pessimists out there, but I guarantee you if you could get a grasp on the power of positive thinking, you’d do whatever it took to make some changes to your thought life. I want you to live such an amazing life that you will be astounded and that all begins with harnessing the power of your thoughts and practicing positive thinking the majority of the time. Be willing to do something different.  So what if you’ve been “doing it this way” for umpteen years? So get busy identifying any negative thoughts or areas that you are stuck and replace those thoughts with positive ones.
Positive thinking sounds like it is very easy do to, but at the same time sounds also superficial because everybody of us would prefer to be positive instead of being negative.
But there are researches that reveal the importance of the positive thinking that can change someone’s life. Actually, the positive thoughts can last much longer than a smile and can help you build skills. Let’s imagine this situation: you’re walking in the middle of the forest when suddenly a tiger steps on the path of yours.
In that way, for example, when you are stressed out about all the things that you have to get done today, maybe you’ll find it hard to start anything because you stay disabled on how long has become your to-do list. To research the impact of positive emotions on the brain, Fredrickson made an experiment in which she divided her research subjects in 5 groups and showed to each group a different video clip. After that, all the participants were asked to imagine themselves in a situation that produces similar feeling and to write down what they would do. The conclusion of the experiment is that when you experience positive emotions like love, contentment and joy you can see more possibilities in your life and open your mind to more options. The impact of the positive feelings and their impact don’t stop after five minutes and doesn’t end up with the smile on your face.
For example, a child who runs outside playing with his friends having positive feelings, develop the ability to move athletically – physical skill or the ability to communicate with a team – social skill or the ability to explore the world –creative skill. The skills that can be developed later in life last much longer and can be developed years later after the emotion that initiated them.
Previous: Choose Your Favorite: Beer From All The Participating Countries At The World Cup in Brazil ! The answer to getting a pay rise, or that promotion that you deserve, or just being more content at work lies in the power of positive thinking. It takes just a few minutes each day and perhaps a change in perspective and you’ll be happier at the office or at home.
If negative thinking holds you back, things have to change. When you think of your future, are you chasing things that you truly think you can attain? Instead of always seeing the negative in things, try to focus on the silver lining (it really does exist). Plan for success rather than disaster, and you will be ready when it comes. When you focus on the good and let go of the little things in life, you will be ready to deal with real problems of life when they come up and you will be more productive, happier both at work and at home. When you take the power of positive thinking out into the world, you get a fantastic response. People are naturally attracted to things that are good and inspirational – being positive about yourself will draw people to you because they will want to learn your secret.
Employees with a negative attitude generally miss more work, are less productive, make mistakes, gossip and are not nice to be around.

If you battle laziness or procrastination at work or you’re just lazy generally in life, there are very effective ways to overcome it.  You don’t need to worry about it. When professional or personal challenges come up, those people who are good at positive thinking will handle those tricky situations better. If you are more prepared to deal with the unexpected twists and turns that life can throw at you, your job performance will show it, and your boss will notice it.
There is no doubt that you will be more proud of the work that you do if there is the strength of positive thinking attached to it. The effects of being happy at work will increase your positive performance while in the office and can also have benefits at home. People who love their jobs report less stress, less depression and anxiety than their co-workers who just grumble through each day and who can’t wait to ‘get out of here’.
When talking about other people, adopt the positive thinking attitude about them and use kind words. Sharing inappropriate information, or putting someone down does not make you look better, only makes people less trusting of you and they will go out of their way to avoid sharing things about themselves for fear they will be gossiped about.
Since there is virtually no risk by adopting positive thinking, so there should be no reason not to embrace some of these concepts around the office, your home or in your relationships.
By doing and practicing some of the tips you have read about in this article, you will find your workplace, family or personal life will become more enjoyable, more relaxing. Many people never get what they want out of life because they never know what they really want.
You don't have to be like those people because in this incredible FREE report you'll uncover the secrets of the happiest and wealthiest men and women in the world and learn exactly how to work towards creating the "You" you have always dreamed of. This incredible FREE report uncovers the secrets of the happiest, wealthiest men and women in the world and shows you exactly how you can work towards creating the "You" you've always dreamed of. Keep yourself stirred up because we all know that the steam can be lost if we do not continue to stir ourselves up.  Read books, go to seminars, listen to audios, visualize yourself with a kick ass life, get a Life Coach and take life to a new level! The latest researches show that positive thinking is much more than cheerful mood or being happy. Barbara Fredrickson is one of the researchers that study the impact of the positive thinking on your health, your work and your whole life.
At that same moment, maybe you have the possibility to pick up e leaf or climb a tree, but your brain ignores the other options because you’re focused on the tiger that stands in front of you. The participant that were shown clips that produce positive feeling wrote down significant larger number of actions compared to the rest of the groups.
In effect, the biggest benefit from the positive emotions is an improved ability to build skills and cultivate resources that can be used later in life.
The happiness that stimulated the creation and exploration of new skills has long since finished, but the skills themselves live on. Ask yourself this question – what have you got to lose by becoming a happier, more successful person? When faced with challenges, tell yourself that you are the type of person who can accomplish it.
The more effort you put into your job, for example, the more you will get noticed by the boss, the more skill you will acquire, and soon, you will become the ‘go to person’ tat your colleagues will rely on to help them out. If you are confident in being successful, you will look ahead to new opportunities, and you will see a future for you whether that’s in a job, a friendship or a relationship. Letting your thinking turn everything into a problem creates a snowball effect of trying to fix, change or avoid the perceived problem. People are interested in you, and they think you must really have it together to be so happy. If you’re this type of person (and who isn’t at some stage) click here to learn about how to overcome laziness.

When there is tension in the work place it is difficult to co-operate and work as a team. This stress will affect your performance both in and out of the office, and it will be noticed and you will get known as someone negative and to be avoided – (not fun).
I’m sure you have heard of the saying ‘if you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all’ – there is real wisdom in those words. You will become a happier person, your inner glow will shine out and people will flock to you. Well, sign up to our newsletter series and grab your free e-book on how to become your best self.
And they never know what they want because their attention is scattered in too many different directions. I knew I had this problem and it was becoming really difficult for me to stay positive as I use to think negative about everything. So often we focus on the negative, and don’t seem to look for the silver lining, or try to turn the negative into a positive outcome.
Having an optimistic outlook in your professional life helps you build on your success, but also has positive influences in other aspects of your life.
Do you actually have any concrete goals or are you just caught up in the routine of your everyday life?  According to the law of attraction, you get what you put your focus on, so get busy putting your attention on the things you want. You’re wondering why you have to believe before it manifests.  Well, even Jesus had this law down. She is a psychology researcher at the University of North Carolina and has published researches that offer surprising observations about the power of positive thinking and impact on your skills.
It’s useful instinct that helps you save your life, but in the modern society we don’t have to worry about a tiger that shows up on our path. The following tips can be used by anyone to improve their careers, relationships or their sense of well being. You never know when a business opportunity can be steered your way just by looking confident. But the good news is you don’t have to be overpowered by these negative thoughts or emotions. In this case, for example, you start running and you’re focused entirely on the tiger and forget about the rest of the world. But our brain is still set up to respond in the same way to negative emotions, excluding the rest of the world and limiting you on the options that are around you.
And the last two groups were shown clips that produce negative emotions like fear and anger.
Meditation, playing the guitar, writing, drinking coffee with your friends, being with the one you love.
It’s time that you learned how powerful your thoughts are!  Become a person that totally values the power of positive thoughts and be an active agent in your life. Everything that inspires positive feelings can provoke positive thinking that lead to success. It gets the  Universal Power swirling and working its magic, so to speak.  So when you ask for something, know that you will have that when the time is right. Write a goal down concerning it.  Get busy visualizing yourself in that new career and create an action plan to go get it!

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