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Kirtan-Kriya boosts brain power, improves health and has a profound spiritual impact on your life and happiness… not to mention, it costs nothing to practice. Enhanced Brain Blood Flow (also called cerebral blood flow or CBF): Patients with cognitive decline and stressed caregivers had increased CBF in critically important areas of their brain, including those well known to influence attention, concentration, focus, memory (hippocampus), depression, trauma and resiliency.
Increased Healthy Brain Size: Compared to beginners, long-term meditators have a larger and healthier looking brain. Improved Brain Chemistry: It is well known that people who have a decrease in brain energy and function have a reduction in certain brain chemicals called neurotransmitters.
Increased telomerase: Telomerase is the enzyme that controls the length of your telomeres, the cap of your DNA.
Decrease in bad genes: 39 stressed caregivers utilizing KK for 12 weeks had what is known as down regulation of inflammatory genes, which signifies a reduction in the activity of the genes that cause inflammation. Clarity of Purpose: Meditators discover clarity of purpose and other aspects of psychological well-being such as acceptance, personal growth, and positive relationships. Sound of Yin Yoga is an enhanced practice coupled with the penetrating sounds and rich overtones of harmonic Tibetan Sound Massage Bowls. The gentle cellular massage imparted by these resonant bowls invokes an immediate core response, one that evokes a deep-seated sense of peace and well-being. No previous yoga experience necessary, appropriate for all ages and levels of physical fitness. It begins with a Loving Kindness Meditation to amplify the shared mind status of patience, kindness, compassion and acceptance expressed both inwardly and outworldly.
Then, we move the spiritual through the physical in a series of deeply relaxing Yin Asanas that focus on heart-opening yoga enhanced with the soothing sounds and rich overtones of singing bowls.
Intertwined with the healing vibration of Sound Massage Therapy and the restorative powers of a Yin Yoga… we flow into a 30-minute Sound Concert followed by another treat for the senses… wine and chocolate. Karen and I will be offering a sampling of  Sound Massage Therapy after the Sound of Yin class this Saturday. Kundalini Yoga – A dynamic yoga practice which clears energy pathways for greater vitality and inner peace. In this special class we plan to envision our individual and group intentions for the New Year.

This particular session of Yin Yoga will be a soft, still, deep and nurturing seated practice that is intended to move Yin energy more freely throughout the body. Weekly classes in the Sound of Yin Yoga take place on Thursdays at Glas Coffeehouse (2nd floor conference room) in Sturgeon Bay beginning at 5:15 pm. Rejuvenate your body and soul with a gentle meditative yin yoga class intertwined with the healing vibration of sound massage therapy. This class is appropriate for all ages and levels of fitness. Drop-ins are welcome to attend at the single-session rate of $15 or get a 5-class card for $60.
Katrina is a Kripalu Licensed Yoga Therapist, QiGong Therapist, and Licensed Bikram Teacher. Severe Weather?We try to keep this site current, but power outages and time can sometimes prevent that.You may always call 781-243-1235 to confirm a class.
Bikram Yoga South Shore invites licensed Bikram teachers to call and discuss opportunities at our new location. This is a therapeutic hatha yoga practiced in a hot room and designed to balance and strengthen all the systems in your body, creating optimal health and preventing the limiting effects of aging.
In our study of stressed caregivers, the KK practitioners had a better memory after KK meditation training. Meditation reduces stress and lowers cortisol levels and, as seen above, can help reverse memory loss. Moreover, the first area that goes down in function when a person loses their memory increases with the practice of KK. This is important because inflammation is a hallmark of many illnesses, including Alzheimer’s. This Tuesday evening, 4-class series is a way of learning how to clear out toxins in the body and build energy, allowing you to manifest yourself more creatively and completely. More information here on What is Kundalini Yoga. The practice of Loving Kindness reduces certain negative chemicals (cortisol) in our brain tissue and increase the positive ones (oxytocin), which directly improves our capacity to love and be loved. The gentle sound massage of these tuned, resonant bowls invokes response at a cellular level, one that evokes a deep-seated sense of peace and well-being. The practices are based on the teachings of Swami Satyananda Saraswati of the Bihar School of Yoga in Bihar, India, and Yogi Bhajan of the 3HO Foundation in Espanola, New Mexico.

Gift yourself the time and space to cultivate, feel and experience the NOW with a group of like-minded individuals. In addition, sound has a profound effect on the way a person feels, functions and reacts by inducing waves of calm, restorative, relaxation and a deep sense of well-being.
You must pre-register and pre-pay (below) as this class will be limited to no more than 24 participants from 4-6 pm on New Year’s Day.
Please, bring your own yoga mat, blanket, blocks and a strap if you have them otherwise, some props are available. I have been to 6 different studios in 4 states over the last several years and my South Shore experience was top of the list. Shorter telomeres equal Alzheimer’s disease and accelerated aging and a shortened life. Students will learn the tools to achieve internal and external harmony as well as practice the ancient Kundalini techniques that promote personal evolution. It is clean, FRIENDLY!, well ventilated (poorly ventilated studios seem sadly common and make for a terrible practice) and I still learned how to improve or change pregnancy postures! KK, however, can help increase neurotransmitters in a more natural way and improve communication between brain cells, thus enhancing brain and memory function. An increase of 44 percent in telomerase was shown in our study on highly stressed caregivers doing KK for 12 minutes a day for eight weeks. This class can be taken by everyone seeking deeper internal practices and by anyone looking to build a foundation of balance, integration and change. This thorough, deeply relaxing, meditative practice is intertwined with the healing vibration of Sound Massage Therapy.
Sadhana is a practice performed during the Amrit Vela  ( 2? hours before dawn), which resets your cycles and patterns to the rhythm of your ultimate aims, your Soul and the heartbeat of the Universe. It will include exercise, meditation, and mantra.

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