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Birthlight offers original adaptations of classic yoga practices for women from pre-conception through to nine months after childbirth. Part 1 and 2 Perinatal yoga (yoga for pregnancy and birth) and Postnatal yoga together create a comprehensive training of 8 days intensive, in 6+2 days plus home study hours that satisfy the contact requirements for Yoga Alliance. Birthlight certified teachers who have fully completed the Perinatal Yoga Diploma and the Postnatal Yoga short course become qualified as Birthlight Practitioners in Perinatal Yoga.
As further training and CPD, Perinatal Yoga teachers may be interested in the Birth Preparation course and the PBAC (Postive Birth after Cesarean) course.
The Birthlight Perinatal Yoga Diploma has been approved for teachers’ registration with CNHC (Complementary and Natural Health Council). Yoga for Maternity Health Professionals programme has been specifically designed for Midwives, Doctors, Childbirth Educators, Obstetric Physiotherapists, Maternity Support Workers and Doulas who have an experience of Yoga. Birthlight Yoga for Maternity Health Professionals Level 2 has been allocated 15 elective educational points from the New Zealand Midwifery Council. I teach yoga because I know from many years experience that it can make everyone's life better, regardless of age or condition. Study, refine and deepen your own yoga practice along with other highly motivated yoga teacher training participants.
Learn the tools and skills needed for effectively and clearly teaching yoga to all levels of students and various student intentions and conditions. Learn how to plan classes based on clear principles of sequencing within and between each family of asanas.
Learn the art and science of giving hands–on adjustments and other forms of assistance, one of the essential tools in guiding students in their yoga practices.
Develop an appreciation for different styles of yoga and different yoga teaching methodologies.
Learn to work with injuries, pregnancy and other specific or unique student needs in your yoga classes. Explore the received wisdom from ancient yoga traditions and develop a well-rounded knowledge of yoga philosophy, ethics, history and lifestyle practices. Learn about teaching in a variety of settings - yoga studios, gyms, businesses, schools, community centers, retreat centers and more - as well as the basics of opening a yoga studio. Gain extensive teaching experience through practice teaching, apprenticeships and mentoring. While yoga practice is the key to developing as a teacher, the Yoga Teacher Training & Certification Program methodically prepares you to teach with creativity, confidence, and competence.

Over 1,300 yoga teachers have participated in my yoga teacher training workshops over the past 18 years.
Fulfilled by completing the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification plus 300 hours of advanced yoga studies. Prevents Injuries: When someone endures a sports injury for instance, their muscle is being overexerted.
Yoga class will incorporate multiple postures and poses; all which target specific areas of the body. Our Montreal Yoga classes not only focus on poses, they include breathing exercises, meditation and sometimes inspirational readings.
This entry was posted in Blog, Yoga and tagged best yoga in montreal, montreal best yoga, montreal yoga classes, yoga class montreal, yoga classes in montreal, yoga montreal by MultiGym MTL. On this training, we work primarily with two sequences, the Mula Krama (foundation series) and the Vikasa Krama (expanding series). Develop your asana practice and your understanding of your body through anatomy and alignment studies.
Create deeper understanding of the spiritual aspects of your practice in a way that is life connecting and non-dogmatic. Develop your relationship with your true self, your individual teaching voice and your style.
You can also expect to work hard with the support of a group that wishes to evolve through the path of yoga like yourself. We strive to enable women to give birth with minimal intervention but we acknowledge that this may not be possible for all women. Birthlight has been a pioneer course provider in Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth in the UK and internationally since the 1990s. Within the WellWoman course area there is also the Fertility Yoga and Pelvic Tone Yoga courses. It has also been awarded 18 MidPLUS points from the Australian College of Midwives Professional Development Committee. With nealrly a quarter century of steady practice and a strong background in education, I choose to write books on teaching yoga and to train yoga teachers because I believe in intelligently and passionately sharing the practice.
It helps us to expand our awareness and transform our lives in ways that make us happier, healthier and feeling more whole within ourselves and in our relationships with others in the world.
The primary source of this transformative learning is one's personal practice, and it is in the practice of yoga that we gain the most insight into how best to share the practice with others.

Rather than focusing narrowly on a single style or lineage, it is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to continuously evolve as a teacher based on your own evolution, interests, and intentions. You are welcome to apply based on prior completion of another Yoga Alliance 200-Hour program. By practicing the poses and postures, your own posture will improve with in a matter of weeks. Although stretching is a component, there is so much more that Yoga at Multigym MTL offers. In addition, we work creatively with vinyasa sequencing and threads that are grounded in anatomical and alignment intelligence.
You will be challenged to journey deeper within, to move beyond your self-limiting beliefs and stories that hold you back from moving forward with your intentions and dreams. It consists of 9 weekends  and a one week intensive in the Suryalila retreat centre in Spain.
What we value most is the physical and emotional nurturing of pregnant women so that they can approach labour and birth with calm confidence, energised from a vibrant core strength and with full use of their breathing capacity. Because yoga is a process for self-transformation, there is nothing to master, no end to what we can learn and no limit to how much we can grow and share. If you are not aware of yoga class in Montreal and the benefits they can bring, we’ll explore this in further detail. This union represents the connection between an individuals consciousness and the Universal consciousness (or personal soul and the spirit).
Modern yoga classes take key components and provide a relaxing environment, that promotes your health. There are many different yoga traditions; one tradition may be very slow-paced focusing on poses, while the next may focus on movement and breathing. It is physically challenging and yet does not loose touch with its holistic and spiritual base. Expect also to move deeper into relationship with the core nature of who you are,  to connect with your authentic self and to learn how to spread the teachings of yoga from that place.

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