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This book is guaranteed to be credited for remarkably transforming lives and broadening horizons for spreading awareness of the effect our mind has on our well-being and general health. A characteristic of healing that Louise Hay reflects on quite a number of times is the significance of practice and practice.
Although a few critics have speculated the healing powers and cures presented in the book, the author largely focuses on her claims and supports them with the help of testimonies and instances. Erica Udeanu { "Crush It" is one of the very first books I ever read on Social Media marketing when we got started. Ann Batten { Isn't it interesting how people going in search of money discover that money will not bring the happiness they expect!
The author’s central message in this powerful book is how limiting ideas and beliefs can frequently be the source of illness, and how an individual can transform his thinking and improve his quality of life in the long run. She also illustrates a table highlighting more than 300 universal ailments, along with the beliefs, emotions and feelings that make way for them.

She believes we must allow ourselves to continue the process of learning as long as we live.
Some may consider her beliefs false claims but the book has been reported to completely revolutionize the lives of hundreds of people who still hold the first edition close to their hearts. By employing the techniques demonstrated in the book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ published in 1984, Louise attempts to create a life dedicated to serving others as we to discover liberate ourselves of negative beliefs for achieving the life of our dreams. Loaded with influential insight, readers are bound to love this gem for the positivity it offers.
Just like babies are encouraged to walk instead of being criticized for every tumble, we should let our learning process continue to flourish without any negativity. Del pa Facebook Send til en venSend til en venYou can heal your life - Louise Hay - DVD DVD film. Denne underholdende og inspirerende film er baseret pa best seller bogen "You can Heal Your Life af Louise L.

Filmen giver en gennemgaende indsigt i Louise L Hayes fascinerende livshistorie og giver ogsa klarhed pa hvordan hendes syn er pa selvfolelse, overflod, og de metafysiske arsager bag fysiske sygdomme.
Denne meget inspirerende film er den forste film nogensinde, der viser essensen af hendes vision, og det er pa samme tid et indblik i hendes fascinerende liv.
Filmen rummer et skatkammer af indsigter og praktiske teknikker, og vi ser hvordan Louise L.

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