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Mr Dickinson told North Wales Pioneer: 'Ruby is well aware she is getting the kit, she cannot wait. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The great celebrity house price slump: Suddenly, stars can't shift their mansions - no matter how many millions they lop off the price. Truth behind this picture: A defiant ANNE ROBINSON insists this startling photo of her was plain unfair. This Korean super-genius was born in 1962 and might just be the smartest guy alive today (he’s recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as having the highest IQ of anyone on the planet). Akrit Jaswal is a young Indian who has been called “the world’s smartest boy” and it’s easy to see why. Clepotra was born October 6, 2002 in Chisinau , Moldova and is the daughter of Moldovan-Romanian singer, Pavel Stratan. The abstract paintings of emerging artist Aelita Andre have people in Australia ’s art world talking.
24 year-old Michael Kearney became known as the world’s youngest college graduate at the age of 10. Fabulous Fabiano is a 16-year-old chess Grandmaster and chess prodigy with dual citizenship of Italy and the United States .On 2007 Caruana became a Grandmaster at the age of 14 years, 11 months, 20 days – the youngest Grandmaster in the history of both Italy and the United States . Her local radio station gave her the job after she rang and offered advice to a woman caller who had been dumped.
Ayan developed interest in computers and high tech gadgets in the very early age to the point that today he claimed the title of being world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional. Ayan achieved the land mark of being the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional on the 27th September 2014.
His IQ is 146 and is considered the smartest person his age in India —a country of more than a billion people.Akrit came to public attention when in 2000 he performed his first medical procedure at his family home.
She is the youngest person ever to score commercial success as a singer, with her 2006 album La varsta de trei ani (”At the age of 3?).
Aelita is two (the works were painted when she was even younger).Aelita got an opportunity to show her paintings when Mark Jamieson, the director of Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne ’s Fitzroy, was asked by a photographer whose work he represented to consider the work of another artist.
Michael Kevin Kearney: earned his first degree at age 10 and became a reality show Millionaire.

In 2008, Kearney earned $1,000,000 on the television game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire?Kearny was born in 1984 and is was known for setting several world records and teaching college at the age of 17.He spoke his first words at four months.
In the April 2009 FIDE list, he has an Elo rating of 2649, making him the world’s highest ranked player under the age of 18. Pocket Billiards” was a American professional pocket billiards (pool) player from Philadelphia , Pennsylvania .
Elaina’s tip — go bowling with pals and drink a mug of milk — was so good she got a weekly slot and now advises thousands of adult listeners. When not voraciously learning, this young man travels the globe as a peace and children’s rights activist.He is the founder of International Youth Advocates, an organization that promotes principles of peace and understanding among young people throughout the world. She holds the record for being the youngest artist that performed live for two hours in front of a large audience, the highest paid young artist, the youngest artist to receive an MTV award and the youngest artist to score a #1 hit in a country (”Ghita” in Romanian Singles Chart). Jamieson liked what he saw and agreed to include it in a group show.Jamieson then started to promote the show, printing glossy invitations and placing ads in the magazines Art Almanac and Art Collector, featuring the abstract work. In the fourth grade he discovered algebra, and by the end of grammar school he had mastered geometry and calculus and taken up philosophy. At the age of six months, he said to his pediatrician “I have a left ear infection” and learned to read at the age of ten months.
Willie’s father owned a pool hall where he wasn’t allowed to play, but Willie improvised by practicing with small potatoes from his mother’s kitchen and an old broomstick. After returning to Pakistan from a visit to Microsoft headquarters, Arfa gave numerous television and newspaper interviews. S. Later, on Japanese television, he demonstrated his proficiency in Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, German, English, Japanese, and Korean. Only then did he discover a crucial fact about the new artist: Aelita Andre is Kalashnikova’s daughter, and was just 22 months old. While still a teenager he wrote a series of papers that eventually transformed the study of modal logic.
When Michael was four, he was given diagnostic tests for the Johns Hopkins precocious math program and achieved a perfect score. His father soon realized that his son was a child prodigy began advertising challenge matches, and though Willie had to stand on a box in order to reach the table, he beat experienced players many years his senior.In 1919, an exhibition match was arranged between six-year old Willie and the reigning World Champion, Ralph Greenleaf.
Another caller asked how to get her man back, Elaina told her: “He’s not worth the heartache.

For these and other humanitarian and advocacy efforts, Smith has been nominated four times for a Nobel Peace Prize. Her hand had been burnt in a fire, causing her fingers to close into a tight fist that wouldn’t open. One of them earned a letter from the math department at Harvard, which hoped he would apply for a job until he wrote back and declined, explaining, “My mother said that I should finish high school and go to college first”.
He finished high school at age 6, enrolled at Santa Rosa Junior College graduating at 10 with an Associate of Science in Geology. The hall was packed, and though Greenleaf won that match, Willie played very well launching his career in professional billiards. Akrit had no formal medical training and no experience of surgery, yet he managed to free her fingers and she was able to use her hand again.He focused his phenomenal intelligence on medicine and at the age of twelve he claimed to be on the verge of discovering a cure for cancer. After finishing high school, the college he eventually chose was Harvard.Kripke was awarded the Schock Prize, philosophy’s equivalent of the Nobel.
He is listed in the Guinness Book as the world’s youngest university graduate at the age of 10, receiving a bachelor’s degree in anthropology.
In 1924, at the tender age of eleven, Willie was the juvenile straight pool champion and was regularly holding trick shot exhibitions.Between the years of 1941 and 1957, he won the BCA World Championship of pool an unmatched fifteen times. He is now studying for a science degree at Chandigarh College and is the youngest student ever accepted by an Indian University .
Mosconi pioneered and employed numerous trick shots, set many records, and helped to popularize the game of billiards.
He still holds the officially recognized straight pool high run record of 526 consecutive balls. In 1974, during his university studies, he began his research work at NASA and continued this work until his return to Korea in 1978 where he decided to switch from physics to civil engineering and eventually received a doctorate in that field. Kim was offered the chance to study at the most prestigious universities in Korea , but instead chose to attend a provincial university.

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