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My question for all of you is this – are you living your dream?  If not, what the heck are you waiting for??? The secret to living your dream is to simply understand that your mind is the only thing that really stands in your way.
This is a call to all of you this week to act on your dreams!  If you don’t have any, take some time to think about it; for most of you, this step won’t be necessary.
I made the decision last week that I was far from living my dream, so I signed up for a business-related weekend seminar, and I already feel more empowered! For you, it may be making a phone call, making a connection, eating healthier, reading a book, making an investment, going for a run, signing up for a course, or simply deciding that you are going to make an effort. Each step will get you closer, and no step is too small.  Your dreams are worth it, and so are you!!
If you know anyone else that is not living their dreams, please pass on this “secret” by posting this article on Facebook or Linkedin, or Tweet and Pin away!  You never know, you just might help someone get closer to living the dream! Christie’s career began in the field of Nursing, after completing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
In between travelling, seeking “foodie experiences”, and enjoying her friends and family, she is currently working on launching Modern Wellbeing™, a coaching and consulting company devoted to encouraging the wellbeing of people everywhere and inspiring a more benevolent world.
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Everyone won’t always be on your side, understand your dreams, share your passion, or agree with your path. Please understand that you will never be able to plan everything out. There will never be a perfect time. You will fall and you will fail, but you will also get up and you will succeed! Many of you may have started off 2014 with the eye of the tiger, mentally committing to your dreams. Live Your Dream Pinterest Pictures, Live Your Dream Facebook Images, Live Your Dream Photos for Tumblr. In an interview on Dawn News some time back & during various talks I have shared 10 Things To Create Your Dream Life which is usually liked by a lot of people.
Since putting it all in one post would have been very lengthy, I have decided to divide them in several posts.
Dont forget, you will have to practice most of these things every day to get the full benefit.

I am sure we all have a list of stuff that we dont have and would definitely want for ourselves. Or being able to wish for something to eat and being able to eat it the same day or at least the same week! Most of us are blessed with all the limbs and the rest of the parts in a human body, which some people are not blessed with – unfortunately.
I dont think we can even begin to count the blessings that we all have been bestowed upon, yet we curse our qismat (luck) most of the times, even at the slightest pretext. Do this for the next 45 days and share your experience with all of us in the comments section below. This article has great reference value, thank you very much for sharing, I would like to reproduced your article, so that more people would see it. I was extremely pleased to find this website.I wanted to thank you for this good understand I definitely enjoying every single small bit of it. Here I love to talk about stuff like happiness, forgiveness, how not to worry, dreams, gratitude, success, motivation, attitude - or simply how to live. If you like them, please subscribe to the blog through email or RSS to get an email every time I post, which is a couple of times a month.
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If you know what they are, take one small step that will get you closer to living your dream. With a deep passion for helping individuals heal, she began to sense that there was much more to health and wellbeing than what was being practiced in the traditional medical settings. I think everyone, successful or not, has experienced moments when chasing the dream became tough and others misunderstood your dreams.
Sometimes when we are protecting our dreams, we get very defensive when someone disagrees with us or doesn’t share our vision. Think of these 45 days as the equivalent of years of practice a world-class champion puts into his game to win the Gold Medal. And it is assumed that the place we are at the moment is clean, decently temperature controlled, with comfortable furniture, lighting and having something to eat or drink when feel like it.
It will always boil down to how you THINK, in fact that is what matters the most, in most cases.

You wonder why people can’t see what you see and why they aren’t on the same page with you.
If you are genuinely a good person, you also desire to satisfy everyone else’s wants and needs. Oh, and don’t forget about the 25 family members who may not support you just because they’re indirectly competing with you. I shared these 5 things with you to encourage you to keep going, and in the words of the Harlem Renaissance poet, Langston Hughes: hold fast to dreams. Similarly, if you were to excel in every sphere of your life, these 45 days you will have to put a little more effort in your life than you would otherwise.
However, since I travel frequently, please allow at least a couple of weeks to schedule the talk. She is a Chopra Center certified Vedic Master, specialized in teaching Ayurveda, meditation, and yoga. The reality is, there only 24 hours in a day, and you don’t have unlimited energy or emotional outlets. Know that someone feels your pain and understands your fears, but I know that if you keep pressing you, will reach success. Troy started a blog called XKLUSIVE THOUGHTS as a way to invite the world to share in the many interesting thoughts and conversations he had about life.
You’re not sure whether you should  be happy  they actually paid attention, or sad because of their reaction. Quite frankly, even with your best effort, everyone won’t be satisfied with what you do or how you do it. Later, I realized that we all have limited frames of reference rooted in our own experiences. Being humble enough to understand that you don’t know it all and being open to learning from others  is essential.
Humility and listening to others’ views will only enhance your vision and add substance to your life, as long as you have a discerning spirit!

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