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Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande will release her much anticipated debut album, Yours Truly, on September 3. Ariana Grande Yours Truly Pinterest Pictures, Ariana Grande Yours Truly Facebook Images, Ariana Grande Yours Truly Photos for Tumblr.
I appreciate you giving me the time I needed to grow, experiment, and find the direction for my 2nd album.. I decided to review Truly Yours because this project is truly a gift from an evolving and maturing artist.
I love the utilization of the "To Zion" instrumental from Lauryn Hill's first album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Rise Above - "Rise Above" is another track that allows Cole to showcase his story telling prowess.
Truly Yours is a presentation of five songs that showcase the Cole that we love and respect.
ARTISTS: Submit an exclusive song for consideration for Sunset's biggest mixtape of the year!
The first track I ever heard from Seattle emcee, Sol, was “This Shit.” I thoroughly enjoyed that track, but to me, that wasn’t enough to fully convert me to a fan. Yours Truly has about 15 plays on my computer, so I think I’ve listened to it plenty to formulate my thoughts about it.

Sol touches on relationships and love multiple times, and I think it’s safe to say that’s his favorite topic to rap about. Cole to be more active on Social Media platforms (Cole is known to disappear from Social Media for extensive periods).
The recent graduate seems frustrated with the current mindset of the youth and the parents that raise the children. Eventually, “Stage Dive” reached my computer, and I’m thinking, okay, Sol is starting to catch on. Truly Yours simply suggests that Jermaine presented five songs to remind us that he is still relevant and working on new material. I believe that Cole wrote this song from a struggling rapper perspective as evidenced by the stellar second verse. Cole cleverly suggests that the woman drinks to cope with the pain associated with attending school. Cole presents a project that is void of studio tricks, a project that is dedicated to us the fans.
During these walks, I’ve been keeping mental notes about what I thought in hopes I would have enough material to write a convincing review on why you should support this guy on iTunes. Two days ago, I was walking back from class late in the day and no one was around, so I had some bonding time with Sol, rapping along with him, singing those choruses, and thinking like, damn, this guy seems chill and cool.

Cole addresses some industry ills suggesting that people aren't downloading and record labels aren't hollaring.
Towards the end of the verse we also learn that the woman will confront the boyfriend and the daughter will witness it. I believe that Born Sinner will exceed our expectations (production will sound better, rhyming will be more passionate, songwriting will be excellent). Just a heads up, I didn’t even talk about my favorite track “2020” in this review, and he should take that as a compliment.
The charismatic emcee states that he "won't be satisfied until we throw hands," in reference to disgust over the way his step father treated his mother. The third verse appears to be directed towards a former friend that could not escape his past.

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