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Effective youth basketball tips for new coaches.One of the most important aspects of becoming a successful basketball coach is your ability to teach your players the various skills and fundamentals of the game. To help you acquire this knowledge and improve your understanding of the game, I have compiled a list of tips for coaching basketball.
Help your players improve their ball handling skills and become a more effective offensive player.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Youth Basketball Coaching Tips: Motivation Coaching youth basketball is both rewarding and challenging. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Discover 10 important youth basketball coaching tips that will ensure a successful and memorable season for every member of the team!Coaches, basketball for kids should be a positive learning experience for players.
Let kids be kids.It's not the goal when coaching youth basketball to create well-honed little all-stars. When I play with my daughter, I make a conscious effort to just be "Mom" sometimes, not "Coach."That's an important distinction. Don't be intimated if you are new to the game yourself.It makes me sad to see parents who won't play with their kids because they don't have confidence in their own skills.
Though it's certainly important to help players develop proper mechanics, I challenge you at first to focus on the few, small things they do well.
Welcome to Coaching Youth Basketball. Our goal is to provide players, parents, and coaches detailed fundamental skill instruction on how to play and coach the game of basketball. Coaching Youth Basketball - teaching the Triple Threat Position - establish a position square to the basket where the player is a threat to Shoot, Pass, or Dribble the BasketballCoaching Youth Basketball - Pivoting - How to teach a youth basketball player. Pivoting - all basketball players use this skill, but how many coaches really TEACH the players HOW to pivot? Learn the Eight BASIC Basketball Fundamentals required to play great Basketball!Youth Basketball Tips for Coaching, Playing, and Watching the game.
Learn to teach and coach the Basketball Give and Go and make it a primary Team Offensive Play for youth basketball.Basketball Positions - Are they important at the Youth Level?

Learn the Basketball Basics of Coaching a Youth Basketball TeamBasketball Camps - What is the Role of a Basketball Camp? The Coaching Youth Basketball Blog will keep you up to date on the latest coaching and teaching methods for youth basketball. Introducing a breakthrough approach for How to Shoot a Basketball - The Swish Method for ALL ages.Air Jordan Shoes - The SHOE and PLAYER that started it all! A collection of Youth Basketball Videos and DVDs developed by leading Coaches for players, parents, and coaches to learn how to play, teach, and coach the game of basketball.
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Get the Youth Basketball Newsletter for coaching advice and tips, youth basketball coaching resources reviews, and information on teaching kids the game of basketball!Youth Basketball Forum - Share your experience and knowledge to help others! GABL Basketball - Great American Basketball League reference page for Coaching Youth Basketball.Basketball Trends - How new trends effect the youth game.
The High School Basketball Effect - a discussion of High School Basketball coaching styles. Your Basketball Game with This Proven Step-by-Step SystemFollow this plan to become a dominating, unstoppable basketball player. This site is full of beneficial information on basketball zone offense, basketball motion offense, basketball plays, basketball triangle offense, basketball shooting drills, youth basketball drills, basketball dribbling drills, press break offense, coaching basketball drills and much more! Also on your right hand side we have sign up form for our new and free skills and drills training guide (e-book) for both players and coaches.
Teaching skills and drills is one thing; teaching your team how to stay motivated and focused is another altogether. In addition, Kowalewski is thePresident of the South Carolina GatorsBasketball Club, where he also works as avolunteer coach. It's up to you as the team leader to create the type of practice and game environment that's good for your kids. When the game of basketball stops being fun, kids will want to stop playing.More than anything, especially when they are young and just starting out, kids want to have fun.
Second, many of them may not yet have the motor skill development they need to do everything you ask.

As much as I'm tempted to demand a little more from her than she wants to give at times, I have to remember that she's a kid. Whether it's players competing against each other, against another team, against the clock, or trying to beat their own personal bests, you'll find that practice intensity and individual motivation increases when kids feel like they are playing a game.Don't be afraid to use your imagination and create simple games, relays, etc. And third, if you bore them with too much talking, they'll tune you out, and they won't have much fun. Even though I think she has the potential to be a really good player one day, it's not time for me to push her hard.Sometimes she just wants to play and goof off with her Mom, not have every action critiqued by a Coach. And you as their coach have a huge influence on whether they have a good basketball experience or not. There's a fine line between providing enough information so your child can have some success and sending them into mental overload! We are always updating the site with new drills; basketball motion offense, basketball shooting drills, basketball zone offense, basketball plays, press break offense and youth basketball drills. The last thing you want to do is over-teach and over-analyze skills for young players.Keep it simple!
So, as you teach them how to play basketball, please don't forget to make it enjoyable!You've probably noticed there are tons of basketball practice drills out there to choose from. All you need for coaching youth basketball are a few good coaching points, and you'll be amazed how much you will be able to teach these kids. And as a coach and player, I can tell you there are some drills that players love and others that players dread.I recommend you try out some fun basketball drills and see which ones your players like. People respond well to compliments, so make sure you praise your players when you see them working hard or improving. Try offering verbal rewards to players in front of other players; public praise further boosts motivation. Before each game or practice, spend a few minutes teaching your players how to focus and how to imagine themselves performing their goals.

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