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Easter 2013 brought new beginnings from good and bad circumstances for the Hispanic Southern Baptist churches in Garden City, Kan. A fire on Sunday afternoon, March 24, caused major damage to the building of Primera Iglesia Bautista Hispana. Meanwhile, the new Hispanic congregation in Garden City, Iglesia Bautista del Sur, dedicated its new building during a 5 p.m.
Iglesia Bautista del Sur held its Easter morning service at its original location— a spacious room in the back of Red Line Motors, 804 E. The building dedication was the first service in the new building, a former Masonic lodge at 1107 W.
Both church members and well-wishers from other Hispanic churches in the region gathered for the building dedication.
A team of 40 people from Juarez, Mexico, came back again this year to help share the gospel with Hispanics in southwest Kansas and the Panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas.
It has been said that numbers are like people: if you squeeze them, you can make them say whatever you want. As president of Midwestern Seminary, I have little desire to sustain a denomination’s machinery. In Paul’s correspondence, we repeatedly see churches praying for, financially supporting and ministering to other churches, individuals and missionary endeavors. Approaching nearly 90 years of existence, the Cooperative Program has advanced Kingdom causes unlike any human instrument in the history of the Christian church. The aforementioned financial challenges notwithstanding, we are witnessing the Cooperative Program’s impact on a scale as never before.
Southern Baptists tend to be Jacksonian at heart—both individualistic and opinionated.
A sluggish economy, shrinking offering-plate dollar, apathy among God’s people, and other factors are forcing almost every church to evaluate, and often trim, their budgets. The Cooperative Program should not be a sacred cow, for there is nothing sacrosanct about a funding mechanism. As a denomination, we should be proud of the accomplishments of the Cooperative Program, and we must redouble our efforts to strengthen it.
Add an appropriate Scripture on a metal nameplate for each sculpture or piece of art in the church.
If you have spectacular Scripture banners in storage, consider hanging one high on a large foyer wall.
Youth could paint an artsy rendition of their theme Scripture on a focal wall of their classroom. Festival of Marriage 2014 will feature a number of renowned marriage experts, including Drs.
God led Westside church in Omaha in the direction of satellite churches in Fremont, and Elkhorn, Nebraska through a process of prayer and logical analysis. When the congregation was presented with the alternative of satellite churches, they responded favorably. Wenig likes being in a smaller church and is getting to know people on a more intimate level.
In Elkhorn, Pastor Jonathan Dodd also had meetings leading up to practicing to be ready for Easter Sunday, 2012. The Dodge Road Campus has also been impacted, because it has expanded their influence into other locations. The 21st annual Southeast Kansas mission trip to Fort Worth, Texas, is now history —and we mean HIS –STORY! God used the 91 team members to be His hands and feet at the Beautiful Feet homeless ministry. The mission team worked together so well and represented people from Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Georgia.
With a group this large and team leaders who knew how to motivate, many, many hours of work were done in a short time.
Jeff Street added, “The support in prayer is priceless as you sent the team off on Friday and prayed faithfully throughout the weekend. The funeral was held Wednesday, March 27, at Northern Heights Baptist Church in Norfolk, where he was pastor for 26 years.
Along with serving KNCSB, he was very active in the Norfolk Ministerial Association and was president of the Norfolk Rotary Club. Memorials may be sent to Northern Heights Baptist Church, 708 Georgia Ave., Norfolk, NE 68701. Quentin Lockwood, an early-day leader in Southern Baptist work in Nebraska, died Wednesday, March 20, at his home in Chillicothe, Ohio, where he had moved in 2008 to be near family. In 1940 he entered Ashland Junior College where he met Mary Alene Boggs who became his wife in 1943 just before he was shipped overseas as a navigator in the Army Air Corps. He was ordained to the ministry in 1946 and served as pastor of three churches in Kentucky and one in Georgia. In 1961, Lockwood was appointed by the Southern Baptist Home Mission Board to be the first director of missions for the state of Nebraska.
Lockwood joined the Home Mission Board staff in Atlanta, Ga., in 1968 and remained there until his first retirement in 1988.
He retired a second time in 2000 and remained in Ashland until his and Mary Alene’s health required a move to Traditions of Chillicothe, Ohio. In addition to his role at Epiphany Fellowship, he serves as the president of Thriving, a ministry dedicated to aiding ethnic minorities to be resourced and trained for ministry in the urban context. PlantKC is a collection of churches, church plants and people who seek to create a climate that encourages and equips gospel-centered, reproducing churches. As a close affiliate of the Blue River-Kansas City Baptist Association, our calling is to actively recruit, equip, coach and deploy church planters in the Kansas City area.
Kansas City has just been named a SEND city through the North American Mission Board’s SEND North America initiative. It is almost time for registration to start for the 2013 Wonderful Weekend for Women at Webster Conference Center in Salina, Kansas. Promotional and registration materials will be in churches and online around the middle of June. On a recent Saturday morning at a crowded soccer field, a group of five-year-old girls experienced their first–ever soccer game!
And in OUR family, platters of cheesy enchiladas and lots of hot sauce are usually involved! In each of these situations, I knew exactly what I was saying, but for some reason as I opened my mouth the words came out different from what I intended. As Mikayla and I talked about this, I told her that it reminded me of how I can talk to someone about Jesus or a biblical principle and think that I am speaking quite clearly what I am trying to communicate, but there will be times it will not always make sense to the person. Owens said he has watched for years the strength of the CP his father was so pleased to help pass. The leadership baton will be passed at the end of the school year in the Southern Baptist campus ministries at the three largest universities in Nebraska and Kansas. The KNCSB Mission Board on Friday, March 8, affirmed the three men and their wives who will be assuming the new leadership roles after Clock, Anderson and Yohn retire. Robbie Nutter (left) will take over the leadership role at K-State Christian Challenge, where he now serves.
I want to thank you for your responses to my article that Discipleship is not just about a course of study. For so many years, I think we as Southern Baptists have viewed discipleship as completing one study after another hopefully resulting in one being more conformed to the image of Christ. Southern Baptists have done a less than stellar job in developing believers into Christ followers. It is little wonder why we have congregants who know and do little about stewardship, evangelism, missions, church planting and simple Biblical literacy.  Who has taught them?
Perhaps the most effective way to realize discipleship is to provide an intentional mentoring system for all believers. Lighthouse Baptist Church Saint George, Kansas had a fire in it’s kitchen on Sunday March 3.
Pastor Jim whistled and everyone gathered at center court for the usual devotion and prayer.

Quickly several people started to get everyone out and make sure they were all accounted for. Standing just outside the kitchen door the pastor continued to run in every time the fire spiked back up until the firemen arrived.
The fire investigator informed Pastor Jim that the fire was started by a old electric can opener. We would like to invite you to the ACTHA HELP Trail Challenge (CTC) at Clinton Lake in Lawrence, Kansas on April 27th. In addition to the CTC, we are also having contests for Best Dressed Cowgirl, Best Dressed Cowboy, Best Groomed Horse, Best Dressed Dog, Pluggin’ Along Award, Hard Luck Award, and Farthest Traveled Award. If you are interested in volunteering or donating prizes for these events please call us at 785-272-0778. A third campus minister—Rick Clock at the University of Kansas in Lawrence recently announced his plans to retire after 32 years of service. You can help tell the story of how these three men have impacted Kansas, Nebraska and the world by sending your tributes to Eva Wilson at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Please don’t forget to tell about the impact of their wives who have stood beside them through the years, often out of the spotlight. If you were a part of one of these campus ministries, please list the year you graduated or the years you attended.
Gray, rainy weather outside failed to dampen the spirits of participants in the 2013 KNCSB Vacation Bible School Jumpstart Clinc. Life application: I can trust God to help me have self-control and honor Him with my actions. Life application: I can trust God to give me the power to face my fears no matter what comes next. Life application: Because God sent Jesus to be the Savior of the World, I can trust Jesus as my Savior and Lord and tell others about Him. Life application: Because God is Lord of all, I can follow Him and show respect to all people. New construction and other developments are helping to make Weir Baptist Camp even more effective in reaching people for Christ. Southern Baptists in Southeast Kansas joined volunteer groups in constructing the new cabin. Kansas-Nebraska Campers on Mission poured the slab for Bethel Cabin during their April 2012 work project at the camp.
Although the 2012 camp attendance of 290 was the lowest in eight years, it was still a great summer.
Fall 2012 saw return visits from Volunteer Christian Builders and Kansas-Nebraska Campers on Mission.
Kansas-Nebraska Campers on Mission held their fall rally at the camp along with a two-week work project.
Part of the COM group worked on remodeling an older cabin to be used by camp pastors and cooks.
The Campers on Mission ladies painted playground equipment, building trim and the sign at the camp entrance. For more than 50 years, God has been using Weir Baptist Camp to reach people for Christ and disciple them. That night, knowing I needed to write an article for this paper, Romans 10:15b, kept running through my mind. I remember praying for the women who would attend WWW 2011 that they would be so uncomfortable with the info shared that they could not go home and do life as normal.
An estate settlement gift was recently given to WCC for $162,439.47 for the Dining Hall expansion project. The KNCSB Mission Board elected Craig Zachariasen has a new WCC Board Member to represent Eastern Nebraska Association. Please pray that WCC’s greatest numbers for the year will be the number of lives that are transformed by God through events held at the facility in 2013.
In this age when a plethora of information is at our fingertips, why is it so difficult to communicate?
What is it the Kansas Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists does to assist churches and leaders? Yet Cooperative Program statistics need not be squeezed to signal clear and troubling trends. This is exactly what the Cooperative Program does: it facilitates believers with similar convictions to accomplish more together than they could alone, all under a New Testament template. For decades, Southern Baptists have been the envy of the evangelical world with our unified funding program that provides affordable theological education, deploys the largest missionary force in the church today, and supports numerous other ministries. In addition to the work being carried out at the state level, at the national level Southern Baptists are experiencing record enrollment in their six seminaries, all of which are training pastors, ministers, and missionaries for the church in the context of confessional integrity and denominational accountability. Yet, a closer look reveals collectivism and collaboration, not individualism, are the leading markers of Southern Baptists.
Finance committees in churches throughout the denomination are wrestling with urgent budgetary decisions: Can we provide healthcare for our ministers? But, if it is much more than an organizational apparatus, and I believe it is, Southern Baptists of all stripes need to support, defend and promote the Cooperative Program. But it can also create beautiful vinyl wall Scripture, similar to those you can order online. Pastor Curt Dodd, Senior pastor at Westside had utilized the satellite concept when he was in Colorado. Previously, Westside Church had bought land to build on, but the Church reevaluated and decided they needed more land. Pastor Mike Wenig would pastor the Fremont Campus while Pastor Jonathan Dodd would pastor in Elkhorn.
Wenig said the Campus has made it’s presence known by getting involved in activities in the community. It was my sixth year leading the group in sorting clothes and shoes and preparing them for the homeless on Sunday morning. There were four ladies from Jefferson Street Baptist Church, Eureka, Kan., who came and were such a blessing. Based in Italy, he completed 40 missions before he was injured when his B24 Bomber was shot down and he was seriously injured in a crash in the Adriatic. From providing regular training events and hooking planters up with qualified coaching, to identifying funding sources for new works, plantKC seeks to see God’s church grow in Kansas City. In the chill of that morning, while watching my adorable twin granddaughters and their father-coach muddle through the ramifications of directing this excited group of girls, (more like herding cats!), God gave me some spiritual points to ponder. As Mikayla and I were riding along in the car, we were discussing all the crazy things that have come out of my mouth that made complete sense to me, but when my family heard what I said all they could do was laugh. In all three cases, the family was able to figure out what I meant, but more often than not I have to explain to my family what I intended to say.
It was obvious there was great grief over this temptation to sin and that there had been enough condemnation personally and socially that I did not need to add to it. Jeremy Pape (center) will assume leadership of Christian Challenge at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, where he has served since 2005. In too many of our churches we fail to develop and intentional plan for growing followers into Christ likeness.
To encourage every believer to passionately share the truth of Christ in their life context.
To cooperatively ignite a zeal for sharing the Gospel by hearing of where evangelism is impacting local communities.
To catalyze our churches to extend beyond their building and current ministry with involvement in schools, local governments and other community settings. Use varying methods to praise Him for that specific blessing during Sunday worship’s announcements. Create giant numbers, and use them to announce camp enrollment, baptism numbers, cans of food collected, etc. After every baptism, our pastor refers to the wall visual tallying God’s blessing of new believers. Will you be constantly on watch, and use praise announcements during worship to intentionally, joyfully celebrate what He’s doing?

Once the firefighters were on the scene they took great care to put out the fire and protect the building. The fire was contained to the kitchen, however there was a great deal of smoke and soot damage in that building. The CTC is a casual competitive trail ride, and consists of 6-8 miles of trail, with 6 obstacles spaced along the trail. There will be activities back at camp during the ride for kids that don’t go out on the trail. Come and be encouraged by their testimonies of courage and faith, how God is at work in their midst, and what God’s Word says to us about this. Yohn serves at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln while Anderson serves at Kansas State University in Manhattan. It helped VBS leaders and workers prepare for what can be a church’s most effective outreach event.
The new cabins are being constructed on the plain below the hill where the original cabins are located. The directors were Kris and Becky Smilko along with Ricky and Dana Davis, all of Sedan, Kan. These projects included installing knotty-pine paneling and ceramic floor tile and texturing the ceiling and walls. New cabins and other development will help make the camp even more effective in reaching people.
Many of the church members gathered to watch as firefighters battled the blaze in the 40-year-old building at 309 W. Perhaps it is because we have so much information bombarding our minds we fail to focus on what might be important. Since the 1980s, the average percentage that churches allocate to the Cooperative Program has steadily declined. The North American Mission Board is demonstrating renewed effectiveness in church planting, and the International Mission Board is making great progress toward getting the Gospel to the world’s remaining unreached people groups. As a convention with some 45,000 autonomous churches, the Cooperative Program is a constant reminder that we are not alone in the great spiritual struggle before us.
Neither guilt nor nostalgia should be our mode of promotion; rather, we should love the Cooperative Program because we love the church and the Great Commission.
You may discover it near the water fountain, the clock, the exit, the church bulletin, the foyer, the mirror in the restroom. If your pastor selects a Scripture of the Year, be certain it’s displayed prominently. A week later he started working in pastoral care at The Meadows and the Norfolk Veteran’s Home. In addition to travelling the state, he and his wife Mary Alene began the Omaha Baptist Center in inner-city Omaha. Since we arrived early, Matt sat the girls down in a line, and they watched the end of a game that was being played.
In these moments, it is laughable, but when it comes to spiritual matters, it isn’t always so funny. Yohn leads the ministry at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln while Anderson serves at Kansas State University, Manhattan.
Whereas, I think one part of discipleship is cognitive we must not ignore the experiential. After the first 10 minute game finished and the second was starting one of the teenagers headed to the kitchen to get a case of water and a case of Gatorade. They even went to the extent of putting down kitty litter to keep water from getting onto the gym floor.
The HELP program provides Equine Assisted Psychotherapy to children and adults suffering from a variety of mental health issues like, PTSD, Anxiety, Addiction and Depression stemming from traumatic life events, such as Domestic Violence or Military Service.
Kevin Fitzgerald of Oklahoma was camp pastor and the Travis Lee Band from Missouri led worship.
The new addition will include a complete clean-up station, a bathroom and a storage closet. Where else can you find a large population of teens and adults in a confined area for a week! I believe some of us intuitively are just good listeners while others need to develop listening skills. Of course I am speaking with hyperbole, but over the last 15 years my appreciation for this denominational staple has grown by the day. I do, however, desire to propel forward the Kingdom of Christ by training pastors, ministers and missionaries to strengthen His church and advance His Great Commission.
As never before, we need the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission speaking with a prophetic voice.
Rather, we stand with millions of Southern Baptists from thousands of Southern Baptist churches, praying and partnering together for the advancement of the Gospel of Christ. Jen Hatmaker was the featured speaker for the KNCSB Wonderful Weekend for Women in September 2011. The economy dictated that building on the land now was not good stewardship of their money. He earned degrees from Wayland Baptist College in Plainview, Texas, in 1957 and from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1963. He excelled in school, and was named valedictorian of his graduating class at Louisa High School. The girls were ready to jump out of that car and play on any of those fields!  Follow your Father.
He coached the girls on what to do, and what not to do, as they watched the example of this other team.
Our primary value is to provide a client-focused, Christ-centered philosophy of care regardless of a person’s ability to pay.
The Summies and their leaders had been working since October on the lessons, team building and worship. One of the week’s highlights was a luau on Wednesday night complete with roasted pig and all of the Hawaiian side dishes.
Children rotated among five different stations including Bible story, crafts, missions, recreation and music.
In concert with my deepening affection for the Cooperative Program has arisen a parallel, and increasingly urgent, concern for its future.
This is exactly what the Cooperative Program is about and precisely what I am about as well.
Though the Executive Committee receives a decreasing portion of Cooperative Program funding, and Guidestone and LifeWay receive no CP support, Southern Baptists are well served by and can be well pleased with their respective ministries as well. In either case, I need to pause and take time to understand why I am not communicating what I want. After a short silent prayer, I felt led to focus on how to counter temptation rather than focusing on homosexuality. For example if we fail to listen, how can we adequately meet the needs around us?  Ministry demands a focused listening heart. All of these considerations may be urgently important, but too often these conversations occur without a Cooperative Program advocate seated at the table. That gave them a chance to get the sermon video from the Dodge Road campus to Fremont in time. Both of us have temptations and both of us needed to guard our hearts against that which we are tempted. As obedient servants, we shared with the “least of these” and came away blessed! This kept me from being the ruler and judge and allowed us to walk through God-given solutions for clarity.
The personal stories are precious and the love of Jesus was shared with so many people over the weekend.

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