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Brand New Includes One Year Warranty The Future Call FC-108WDB 1-line integrated telephone system is a perfect corded phone for the everyday office environment which has all the basic features one could ask for. The CEZAi2998DB provides power failure protection, which retains vital information and allows you to make calls during a power outage. Uses the latest Lithium Ion battery technology giving you the best performance possible compared to other battery technologies.
The phone's base includes speakerphone functions with electronic volume control and houses an integrated data port.

Features an amplified base handset (up to 40dB max) and cordless handset (up to 35dB max) . With sophisticated big button design, the phone also has large fonts, visual ringers, audio boost, caller ID announce on base and handset and adjustable playback speed. The 14 minute digital answering system features message alert, call screening, and time day stamp. With up to 40 decibels of amplification, the FC-108WDB is ideal for those with a severe hearing loss.

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