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Hey guys, I was wondering about placement when it comes getting my ears pierced and enlarging it. So I was wondering, should I ask the piercer to make sure my ear piercing is more inward so I can make room for another, or will it be fine being in the middle? It'd be a good idea to coordinate just how much you could safely stretch your first holes while leaving a sufficient amount of room for the second. Oh and I went to a couple of shops today, and found out that I can get my ear pierced up to 8g (or was it 6? I have two koi on my calf that are a cover up of a small anklet that I had done over a decade ago. After living with it for so long, I took the time to research tattoo artists more the second time around. My husband and I got married at a conservatory that has a koi pond with floating Chihuly sculptures in the pond, which was the idea behind my tattoo. For two years Jem Finer left a camera in a tree, a passive observer, recording all that passed before its lens. In the rain, drips collect on the lip of the horn and the leaves above, falling onto the steel cover and adding a metallic percussive accompaniment to the sounds rising from below, from inside the hole. POISON TONGUES: Lambgoat Streaming New EP From Detroit Hardcore Quintet; Record NOW On Fast Break!
DESTROYING THE DEVOID Featuring Craig Peters Of Deeds Of Flesh To Release Debut Full-Length Via Unique Leader Records – DESTROYING THE DEVOID, the progressive death metal project helmed by Craig Peters (Deeds Of Flesh, ex-Arkaik), will release their Paramnesia debut next year via Unique Leader Records.

See, I want to have the option of being able to have a second piercing above it (not directly, more above and to the side), and most likely enlarge it to a smaller size compared to the main, bigger one. I'd probably wait until stretching the first a bit before getting the second holes pierced to get a better idea of how much space you'll need between them. It's free and takes 30 seconds of your time.We look forward having you as part of our PurseForum community.
The anklet was something I just drew a rough sketch of, thinking the tattoo artist would improve on the design since I am certainly no artist. I found an amazing artist who did a cover up that you would never even know was a cover up. Distilled from the 18,000 photographs captured, Still lies somewhere between a film and a photograph – a still image in a state of constant flux.
Neither its duration nor structure are fixed; it has not been edited into a final form, burned onto a DVD or left to play in a loop. The band’s latest stretch of onstage debauchery will level twenty-four venues from October 27th through November 22nd.
Records – Long-running online community, Lambgoat, is now playing the entire new self-titled EP from Detroit hardcore powerhouse, POISON TONGUES, as the record hits the streets this week via Fast Break! And by the way, feel free to object or add a comment to my main idea, like maybe for some reason having two enlarged ear piercings that close to each other isn't a good idea. One of the shops (called Zebra) I THINK said the biggest is 8g, but the other one I went to (called Industrial Strength) probably will go up to 2g, there I forgot to ask, when I quickly and accidentally asked specifically for the price of 8g piercings.

Unfortunately, he basically just took my drawing that wasn't even drawn to scale, and slapped it on my ankle.
The final design was MUCH larger than my original small anklet, but I truly feel like I have a piece of art on my leg now. No two viewings of the work are ever the same, as Still, composed in real time by a generative sequencing system, is continually finding new and different paths through the days, weeks and months. I personally don't see anything related to a blowout, but you know yourself better than any of us. Out of the many piercings I've had, the least familiar I'm with is the ear, so I'd appreciate any tips. So I'll probably start out with that, and have the piercer consult my lobes for further placement issues.
I said yes, and he free-handed a squiggly line to connect the two parts rather than continuing the design.

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