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As a part of tradition or fashion, earlobe piercing has always been sported by most young women as well as some men.
Wear captive bead rings, circular rings, or studs that come in several unique designs and shapes in different combinations to make a trendy statement. What is high nostril piercing Nostril piercing can never go out of fashion for its umpteen variations and availability of a plethora of stylish nose jewelry. What is third eye piercing One of the variations of bridge piercing, third eye piercing is the perforation of the bridge of the nose done vertically between the eyebrows.
What are spider bites piercings Nowadays several styles of lip piercings are being sported by the young fashion-enthusiastic crowd.

We can use a surgical steel barbell, like the picture on the left, or a surgical steel captive bead ring. Double ear piercing is one of its variations where two perforations are made on the earlobe.
In any professional piercing parlor, you can expect it to cost anywhere between $10 and $60.
Earlobe piercing generally takes less time to heal with a lower possibility of a jewelry rejection. However, lack of intensive care or use of unsterile jewelry may increase the chances of infection.

Therefore, you have to follow the same precautionary measures to facilitate faster healing.

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