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Immediately below, click through to download PDFs of high-res printable materials; you can print them for your classes, to bring a stack to bead or gift shows or craft fairs, to laminate one and put it on a stand, to frame on your studio, business, or even living room wall, etc. You can copy the images below (as well as, of course, a cover image above) for Web usage on your blog, website, or via social media sites. Poring through the beautiful images in this exquisite gallery of earrings is like stepping inside a jewelry store filled with remarkable pieces from the finest contemporary jewelers. Giveaway of Sherry Serafini’s Sensational Bead Embroidery PLUS free Rock Star Cuff project PDF from the book! Any post will do, but I encourage you to leave a comment about why you first started making jewelry or doing beadwork. After you leave that comment, I have a special treat for you from the book: a free PDF download of the Rock Star Cuff project from Sherry Serafini’s Sensational Bead Embroidery!
I started adding beading to my quilting and embroidery designs and now do much more jewelry work.
I’m not sure when I first started making jewelry, but it was the colors and shine that drew me in. I started making jewelry to have something unique that I made myself, to have something that coordinates with a garment I made, and because those darn beads jump in my car and follow me home!
Sherry Serafini continues to amaze and excite the beading community with her breathtaking designs. I started beading because I figured I could make stuff I liked better for cheaper than I could buy it.
I don’t even remember now how or even when I started making jewelry… all I know is that, given how many UFOs and random beads I have in my workroom, it must have been a LONG time ago! I started beading as a way to do something with my hands while taking a sabbatical from oil painting. I purchased The Art of Bead Embroidery, read it for three months, gathered my supplies, and made a gorgeous collar necklace that was invited into a local art gallery. I first learned loom weaving on a cigar box with pony beads when I was an 8 year old Camp Fire Girl.
Moi non plus je ne peux pas attendre le mois de mars pour voir toutes ces merveilles…. I use to CW Line dance, I thought that I could make earrings to go with the outfits that I wore. I started beading because it was something creative I could do in limited blocks of time, and it is relatively portable.

Great looking cuff, I’m sure the whole book is wonderful, would love to have it for my library. You are also welcome to share this page’s URL with local or national media members covering your participation in the book so they can download the cover image. Please link the images to your local bead store or bookstore or to your preferred online bookseller. Juried by award-winning designer Alan Revere, the earrings range from the classic to the avant-garde, and come from an international array of artists, including Cynthia Eid, Rachelle Thiewes, and Jeff and Susan Wise. It’s overnighted to us for approval, and then we cheer (usually) or gasp (rarely but memorably) because the presses continue to roll. The book printed beautifully, and Sherry’s wonderful teaching and projects will be cherished by beaders. And, if you missed it, be sure to read my fascinating recent interview with Sherry Serafini, as well! Then school and other stuff came by and one year ago, on holiday in Scotland I found a beautiful bead magazine and a book.
I’ve gotten more seriously addicted in the past several years and even converted a room in my house to a studio. I started beading in college for a short time (Can you say Short Attention Span Theater?) and took it up again about 10 years years, I guess.
My Grandma had a jewelry box full of Swarovski crystal multi stranded necklaces and earrings that I LOVED to play with when I went to visit her in the city. I did not bead again for many years, but started knitting tiny pendant pouches with perle cotton and seed beads. I remember when my books came out, the thrill of seeing my projects there in print and full color, and seeing them in the store on the shelves-this is an awsome book-congratulations!!!
Be creative in your approach, and thank you for your participation in and enthusiastic support of Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry!
Their materials include not only traditional gold, sterling silver, copper, and wire, but also more unusual items such as glass, plastic, porcelain, and paper. The book is sent in a hurry, so it’s not dehumidified in the normal way our books are, and it arrives a little stiffer than later books do. I have known Sherry for more than 20 years as we graduated from the Art Institute together. I took some time in my 20s and 30s to do some more elaborate designs, like an art deco bugle bead necklace that lies flat across the upper chest area…and lots of fancy design earrings.

When I was over-run with seed beads, I began to experiment how to incorporate them into jewelry. The earrings are forged, soldered, chased, and cast, with surface embellishments that run the gamut from enamel and metal foils to patinas and inlay.
Started out stringing big lampwork beads on leather thongs in the 70s then moved on to crafting then designing. I love to create something with those tiny beads and I really love the colours and finishes on them.
I really want to start beadworking and would love to have this book to help me start making my own awesome works of art!!!
She is a ROCK STAR in my eyes and I have loved watching her beading career become so wildly successful. I had the pleasure of meeting Sherry at the Bead Unique Mountain Bead Retreat at Tahoe in October 2010. I went over to visit and she had her stuff out and was making an ornament and I thought it was beautiful that the hands created such a piece..
She is not only a wonderful artist and excellent teacher but also one of the sweetest people i have ever known. Expert jewelers, students, artists, and everyone who appreciates fine craftsmanship will enjoy this collection. I have been beading for over 20 years but only 4 years of bead embroidery and it has become my favorite. I have been experimenting with weaving beads and would love to find out more about bead embroidery.
I have always loved artistic gifts and so I asked her if she wouldn’t mind teaching me and you know what? My passion is reviving old techniques like spool knitting and using wire and beads in interesting ways with these techniques. I’d LOVE to lap up the information in this new book, and see how it would spin into my other projects!

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