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John Borghetti, "Virgin Australia's first-ever CEO", wants to welcome you aboard his new planes. The "Coast-to-Coast" A330 seats are, we understand, a revamped version of the older seats on the plane when it flew for Emirates rather than completely new seats. The A330 seats do have a wider range of movement and reclining positions, controlled from a small panel on the armrest. For more on the comfy seats at the pointy end of the plane, head over to our Virgin Australia A330 Business Class seat guide.
We'd estimate that Virgin Australia could have squeezed an inch or so more legroom out of the seats if they were the slimline style used on the 737. Of course, there's no better entertainment flying within Australia, but we're really interested to see what Virgin Australia does with the factory-fresh A330s it has on order. When it comes to mealtimes, it looks like a tray service is planned rather than a plate-by-plate meal, although the tray is an exciting purple. The stem-less glassware gives a modern touch that will also prove more stable in turbulence. After lunch -- or, frankly, before and during lunch as well -- the espresso machine in the galley kitchen is a welcome addition. Aviation journalist and travel columnist John took his first long-haul flight when he was eight weeks old and hasn't looked back since. It's a little unfair to paint Virgin Australia as though they're offering revolutionary features, when Qantas offers the same.
For the record, I don't have any particular beef with Qantas, so I'm happy to assure you that the article wasn't written to take hits at the Roo. In terms of espresso, I'm pretty sure that Qantas isn't putting the A380s on SYD-PER, so this really is a nice step up. Virgin Australia to replace Virgin Blue, V Australia, Pacific Blue names -- Polynesian Blue too? IntroductionWhile many Australian travellers look to Malaysia Airlines for flights straight to Kuala Lumpur and then onwards to London, Malaysia's flag carrier also has an impressive network of destinations across Asia – many of which it serves using its smaller Boeing 737 aircraft.
Priority check-in: Although this line was shorter than economy, once we reached the desk it took the staff nearly 20 minutes to complete our standard check-in of two passengers with just one bag each, which most other airlines can manage in two minutes or less.
Priority boarding: Business class was called to board first but the process was shambolic with no dedicated priority lane and other travellers crowding around the gate door before their turn to board, blocking the entrance.

Carry-on baggage allowance: 2x115cm bags, each weighing up to 7kg, plus one additional item such as briefcase, handbag or overcoat.
Airport fast track lanes: No in Singapore, yes on arrival in Malaysia via the red carpet 'business and first class' lane. LoungeWith Malaysia Airlines' Singapore lounge now having closed its doors, business class passengers can instead visit the Premier Lounge in Changi Airport's Terminal 2 before their flight.
Crew on today's flight were personable and did well to feed and water 16 business class passengers during the 30-or-so minutes spent cruising, but which obviously meant there was no time for them to customise the service or make chit-chat. All up, paired with a pre-flight visit to the Qantas Singapore Lounge, Malaysia Airlines' Boeing 737 business class makes for a comfortable way to jet from the Lion City to Kuala Lumpur. Chris lives by the motto that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, a great latte, an opera ticket and a glass of wine!
Hi TRB, it booked into I class but Qantas didn't award any points after submitting a claim (original fare was a non-earner).
Malaysia also now has a recently established strict Muslim domestic airline (name escapes me right now) that does not serve alcohol on any of their flights for religious reasons. Perhaps with the resizing and cost-sutting at MH to right-size the airline, allied with the short flight time, maybe MH is taking a cue from their competitor ? Wow Chris, you must have moved fast to fit all that in a flight that starts decending the moment it finishes ascending. Finalmente iria experimentar uma das mais recentes cias que ingressaram na Star Alliance, a Ethiopian Airlines. O aviao que fez esta rota foi um Boeing 737-800 New Generation com Sky Interior, portanto ele estava super novo. No console que separa as duas poltronas ficam as tomadas, alias, santas tomadas para quem vive dependendo do iPhone, assim como eu.
Foram distribuidos otimos fone de ouvidos noise-cancelling, so que a aeronave nao tinha entretenimento de bordo, somente radio com musica.
Vejam que a unica opcao de diversao eram 6 canais de audio, controlados na lateral da poltrona.
O controle de posicoes ficava na lateral direita, onde voce poderia escolher inclinacao do descanso dos pes e encosto da poltrona. Penso que ele poderia inclinar um pouco mais pra cima, oferecendo assim um conforto maior ao passageiro.

Logo comecaram o servico de bordo (sem cardapio), pois acredito que voo curto nao precise mesmo. Um ponto positivo e que eles distribuiram amenity kit mesmo para um voo tao curto, e eu lembrei de tirar foto! Digite seu endereco de email para assinar o feed do Passageiro de Primeira e receber notificacoes de novas publicacoes por email.
Amazon Gold Box – AKG K-495NC Premium Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones $120 shipped (Orig.
European airlines have used Nespresso pod-type machines for some years, and it's well past time Australian airlines raised their coffee game too.
The Q On Demand touch screen systems in the Qantas A330's (Domestic) are clearly superior to Emirates dated system. The Sky interior is well above the current offering of the 'older' Virgin Blue 737's and there was a real calm and enjoyable nature to the flight. Australians can also choose to earn points and status credits via Qantas Frequent Flyer and other Oneworld programs on eligible fares. On the 30 minute sector between SIN and KUL a glass of wine is a pleasant option especially if you are paying the usual J class fare. Yes, it is an 'international' OneWorld flight, but really, a drink or two at the lounge pre-flight should suffice, provided you know in advance. As poltronas ja nao eram tao recentes, mas para um voo de aproximadamente 4 horas deram conta do recado. Achei que faltou um entretenimento de bordo, pois acredito que seja essencial para ajudar a passar o tempo, concordam?
I dont think Virgin Australia want to overtake QF, more so to give people out there more options! In Chris' case, a bit jolting when this policy is sprung on you once you're onboard and only explained once you've requested a drink.

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