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No noise Pistion air compressor SD 24, View oil-less air compressor, DELI Product Details from Taizhou City Guangda Electromechanical Co., Ltd. Those exposed to both air and noise pollution run a higher risk of developing a cardiovascular disease, several German researchers now argue. The scientists point out that, prior to their looking into how the combined effect of air and noise pollution affects public health, most studies have only focused on each of these two types of pollution at a time. Wishing to determine how air and noise pollution harms the individual and makes them more prone to developing a cardiovascular disease, the researchers assessed the overall health condition of 4238 individuals inhabiting Germany's Ruhr region. The average age of the people taken into consideration for this research was one of 60 years, and 49.9% of them were males, Newswise explains. Apart from their looking at just how healthy these people were, the German scientists analyzed information concerning their exposure to fine particulate matter and traffic noise. When compiling all the information they had collected in this manner, the researchers reached the conclusion that air and noise pollution triggers thoracic aortic calcification (TAC), which is an indicator of atherosclerosis. Thus, air pollution alone upped TAC burden by 19.9%, whereas noise pollution caused it to increase by 8%.

Sound moves thru air by compressing and rarefying (lowering the ambient pressure) of air molecules. We describe the amplitude of sound by how loud it is, and use the decibel as a unit of measurement to measure volume. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. The waves move thru air like it is a fluid, and it is the pressure waves moving, like waves in water when you throw a rock in a pool. They have positive and negative periods, and are typically periodic, having some rate of the changes. The vertical axis could be pressure if we were looking at air, OR it can be voltage if we are looking at the signal after it has been recorded into a device.
Our ears are extremely sensitive, and have a huge range from quiet to loud that we can perceive. This decibel scale represents a ratio of amplitude of over a billion to one in terms of absolute pressure and is logarithmic.

Originally abbreviated as cps (cycles per second) we now use hertz (hz), in memory of Heinrich Hertz, a famous German scientist of the 1800s who worked with electromagnetic waves. Low frequencies are on the left, mid frequencies in the center, and high frequencies on the right.
The decibel is used to measure sound pressure level (DBSPL) as well as electrical levels (DBV). These same graphs can represent the electrical equivalent of the sound waves once they are converted by a microphone into a signal we can record.
The bands in the above plot show 20-40hz, 40-80hz, etc, dividing up the spectrum into 10 octaves.

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