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Author: admin, 18.08.2014
For a pair of cans just under P20,000, does the K495 NC's performance justify the price even in 2014? The K495 NC by itself is quite heavy and delicate at that, since one bad move will rip through its soft black leather rather immediately. The noise-cancellation knob is ingeniously integrated with the left can, with the knob looking like an ordinary bezel holding the textured black leather with the AKG logo in place. The K495 NC comes with a 2 3.5mm audio cables (one for actual use and one for recharging the internal battery), a charging adapter, a flight adapter, and a cool-looking carrying case. As mentioned previously, I found the K495 NC generally comfortable with its padded cups and bands, preventing discomfort from setting in pretty early. Outside the realm of your ears, the AKG K495 NC is notorious in sound leakage, noise-cancellation or not. Unlike other noise-cancelling headphones which are rendered useless once their NC batteries run out, the AKG K495 NC can switch from noise-cancellation mode to standard with just a turn of the knob. Performance-wise, among the K495 NC's is its noise-cancellation feature, which is very effective in neutralizing outside noise. The AKG K495 NC is availble for PHP 19,990 (SRP) at Acoustical Space (4F SM Megamall Cyberzone Bldg. For att underlatta for dig som koper och saljer pa Blocket far du snart en samlad oversikt over dina kop- och saljmeddelanden.
Om du just lagt in eller andrat den har annonsen, kom ihag att det kan droja en halvtimme innan den visas.

It features noise-cancellation which can be turned on and off, is rechargeable via USB, and can be continually used even if the internal battery dies.
It's definitely an attractive pair of cans, especially with its black and powdered silver color scheme going for it.
Turning the knob will enable or disable the noise-cancellation feature, and - given that there's an LED indicator in there - will light up to green for usage and red for charging and low battery. As with my past experiences with other headphones, their bands and cups tend to be too snug and fit it literally hurts my head.
I played different music genres on it - from classical to modern EDM - and found my listening experience wonderful. The sound directed towards your ears are already pretty isolated even without the noise cancellation enabled, though noise that leaks in tend to sound like low, inaudible, muffled sounds.
For the uninformed, sound leakage is where the sounds of your headphones "leaks" towards unintended subjects. It's something that you want to show of because it both looks and sounds beautiful at the same time. While we mentioned that the bass could've done better because it sounded a little light, the battery life it brings is commendable, assuring users hours upon hours of audio fun.
B), Sound Gallery (B3, Bonifacio High Street), and at Digital Dreams (4F SM North Annex Cyberzone). The cups are very gentle to the ears and are well-ventilated, preventing that sweaty feeling after long periods of use, though they aren't removable.

The knob is quite difficult to turn; oftentimes I had to remove the headphones from my head just to activate noise-cancellation because it just won't turn or is very difficult to turn while wearing.
So that guy you're sitting next to in the train whose music you can hear through his loud headphones, that's sound leakage, and that's not a good trait in cans. As per my trial, I charged the headphones for a few hours, and 4 office hours a day of use later for 3 consecutive days, the battery on the noise-cancellation still hasn't run out.
The overall build and the comfort of the headphones exhibits the quality and time AKG puts on its products. The leather band is also padded, with the adjustable cup stems snug to the fit, making it quite difficult to adjust. This said, you'd be limited in enjoying the maximum offering of the K495 NC in public, particularly because you might annoy the people around you. The cup joints on the other hand swivel with good freedom and will follow the contour of the sides of your head well. The previously mentioned considered, this pair is - among others - the definition sound quality.
The headphones also sounded better with noise cancellation on, with the bass sounding a tad heavier than when noise cancellation is disabled.

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