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Author: admin, 11.09.2013
Scroll down to see the new adds.A simple summertime wedge is sometimes all a girl needs to be happy.
Now what’s shocking is that this simple wedge is by Christian Louboutin – the Liberace of shoemakers! Bringing (and copying) designer heels for less and giving them to the poor (yet oh-so-fab) people! This shoe was first introduced in 1978 by Fiamma Ferragamo, the daughter of Salvatore, and has gained a lot of recognition among celebrities like Princess Diana for example. I’m usually not a fan of ballet flats, but these are so gorgeous and the quality looks absolutely superb, don’t you agree?

The taupe version is so cool and subdued while the black version really pops against bare legs and turns up the sexiness factor by quite a few notches!
Apparently however, they do come back in stock in limited quantities occasionally, so a little cyberstalking migh help here.
Sign up to the Jessica Buurman newsletter and get a 10% off coupon!Another great look for less option are these Weitzman Highland dupes by Jessica Buurman. Scroll down to see the new add.Got a little bit of a rocker-girl inside but don’t know how to express it?
Try wearing these Balenciaga sandals and you’ll exude just enough edge while maintaining a polished look.

If you have long legs, try a black pencil skirt with a slightly longer hem in back and if you’re petite or curvy, wear some black leggings like Rihanna (below) with an off-the-shoulder knit dress. These architectural sandals will look artsy and modern with some red nail polish or go mysterious with a darker one. A paramount example for a perfect evening shoe: sparkly and glamorous yet not too distracting and with a feminine and elegant shape and a heel that is high but not impossibly so.

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